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Another Capt'n By the Name of the Ship

Book 1

The Beginning of the End

"All that glitters is not gold." - English Prverb

Chapter 2 – Harry's Story

"A guilty conscience needs no accuser." - English Proverb


There has to be a way to get him back. There just has to. Harry thought, looking miserably through his books. Nothing seemed to hold his attention since Sirius died by passing through the veil. He glanced at the books again before his eyes landed on the book Hermione had given him last time she'd seen him, before he got off the train. The book was bound in dark colours, making it depressing, like he felt. He grabbed it, thinking that the colours suited his needs at the moment. He flipped through the beginning before landing on a random page.

'Necromancy, for those who do not know, is a dark magic which has been said to bring people back to life. According to what little is known, this ability has a time limit, beginning when the person dies. There is currently only one Necromancer in existence. She is currently on the run from every country's Ministry of Magic. If you see a woman that goes by the name of Serenity Antoinette Marie Reynolds, report her to the nearest Ministry. She is believed to be armed and dangerous.

The sign of a necromancer is a pendant with a star and a small skull in the very centre. Most are decorated simply from what magical anthropologists have found. Others tend to be extravagant. The anthropologists have theorized that this difference is due to how Necromancers are preceived in that time period. Based on that theory, Serenity Reynolds should be wearing a simple symbol around her neck.

The symbol was developed in the 16th century to warn others that the person was a necromancer, who have a tendancy to have large tempers.

Examples of things that have happened to people who are necromancers are found in Appendix 2...'

A necromancer? Would she help Sirius? Only one way to find out. Find her, ask her, and hope that she lost a tendency to kill on the spot.

August 16th (Article 2- BOY WHO LIVED MISSING) 'It has been more than two weeks since the young Chosen One disappeared without a trace in this lonely muggle neighbour hood. The whole of England is looking for the young boy, who has a trademark lightning bolt (or Sowilo for the rune majors), black hair and emerald green eyes hidden behind wide rimmed glasses. If you have seen this boy, please contact the Ministry officials...'

August 31st (Article 5 – WILL HE BE BACK?) 'More than a month since Harry James Potter was last seen and everyone has been asking if he will be at Kings Cross Station tomorrow to board the train for Hogwarts. The Chosen One's friends, one Miss Hermione Granger (past love interest) and Mr Ronald Weasley have this to say: "We hope Harry comes back soon, we miss him terribly." Lovely friends looking out for the famous teen...'

November 30th (Article 16 – POTTER SPOTTING IN AMERICA) 'Reports say that there was a sighting of Harry Potter (Boy-who-Lived, Chosen One, Destroyer of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, etc.), who disappeared at the end of July, in America. What could our great hero be doing there? Aurors spent the past weekend searching for him but haven't spotted him again. No word on how his friends and teachers are taking it. If you want to read more in the spotting see page 8.'

January 31st, 1997 (Article 45 – SIX MONTHS AND NO SIGHTINGS) 'It has been six months since Harry Potter went missing, and he still has not been found. The ministry has been using various resources to find him and a slowly running out of leads. If you are reading this Harry, we miss you. Please come home.'

June 30th (Article 124 – MINISTRY DECLARES POTTER DEAD) 'The ministry has pronounced our boy wonder dead. They have given up the search after seven fruitless months. No word on what is happening out there. This is a sad say for us all. '

"Hermione, where are you?" Ron called in the library. He had run after his girlfriend, chasing her after she had seen the front page of the Daily Prophet. She ran to the library. He could hear the sniffles from behind the bookcase nearest him. If she was crying, there was no good news in the paper. He peaked around the corner. There was Hermione with the day's paper crushed in her hand. She was curled up into a ball, sobbing softly. Ron came and wrapped his arms around her. "What did the paper say today?" he asked the sobbing girl softly.

"The incompetent morons-" She cried harder. "They-they've d-decl-clared him d-d-d-dead!" Hermione sad, bursting into another fresh round of tears. It felt like speaking the words aloud made them real. Made them true. Her best and first friend was dead to England.

"What?" Ron called softly. Hermione turned into Ron's chest. He looked to the ceiling, wondering what had happened. Hermione gripped his shirt in a vice grip and started crying harder. He held her, letting a few tears fall. They stayed like that for a while until an unenthusiastic Ravenclaw found them two hours later.


"Oy, blondie!" A voice called. A boy turned, who's hair was not blonde, but messy black. He had bright green eyes and a small smile on his face.

"Andy, can you at least stop calling me that, for once?" The boy asked.

"Lemme think this through." The original voice called. The voice came from a teen with dark brown hair and blue eyes. The hair was short. "Harry, why are we here anyway?"

"You tell me boss." Harry, the boys said.

"Not funny, you asked me. And why would I know this, you may be my apprentice but you're still Harry." The teen said.

"Right, I forgot. We're here cuz I want to see my friends for a couple minutes. Is that alright?" Harry asked.

"Sure, where are we meeting them?"

"Um... actually we're gonna see them come off the train."

"Oh. Do you know anyone of the parents?"

"Yeah, there's Mrs Weasley."

"Well then, I want to meet her."

"Sure, let's go." Harry said, walking up to the woman with bright red hair. "Mrs Weasley?"

"Harold James Potter! You, you're dead!" She shrieked.

"Actually, I think my first name really is just Harry." He replied to the gaping woman.

"Harry James Potter, did you contact anyone when I told you to?" The dark haired teen asked, voice getting edgy. Harry became nervous, not of the attention the small group was receiving, but because Andy was starting to get angry with him.

"Ah... He he... about that... I kind of forgot." Andy's eyes flickered shut, and squeased together, attempting to not snap at the younger teen. Mrs Weasley had finished her imitation of a fish and turned to Andy.

"Who are you?"

"Mrs. Weasley, don't talk to her for a few seconds, she's trying not to yell at me. That's Andy. Where is everyone?" Harry took Mrs Weasley away from his travelling companion and walked toward the other side of the station.

"They're coming through in a moment. It can't be you." She said, turning back into her fish impression.

At that point, a group of three kids came through the wall. Both girls looked like the had been crying for hours and the boy was between them, seemingly holding the two up. He looked worse for wear. The boy had bright red hair, same as one of the girls. The other girl was a brunette. They looked towards Mrs Weasley. They did not seem to notice Harry. They began walking towards the elderly woman.

Andy seemed to be doing better, Harry noted, as she came walking beside him. Spreading out his magic, he noticed that she had attacked one of the broken phone booths bad enough that it did not seem to be there anymore.

The approaching trio seemed to glance towards Harry before stopping cold in their tracks. They groups face turned a mixture of half furious, the other half a mixture of confused and denial. The brunette ran and slapped Harry across the face. Harry turned to Andy and whispered, "I definitely deserved that."

She whispered back "Don't let the author make you steal lines from movies that aren't even out yet."

"If you are who I think you are, what's your patronus?" The girl asked quietly.

"Easy. It's a stag, my father's animagus form. Any other questions?" Harry spoke smiling at his old friend.

"Blondie, come here." Andy spoke. Harry leaned in and Andy smacked him on his forehead. "That was for not telling people you were okay!" She said.

"Where were you?" Hermione questioned, after giving a look to the two redheads.

"With Andy." Harry said, hoping Hermione would turn to his mentor. Harry's hope came true as Hermione rounded on Andy.

"And who are you?" She asked the teen.

"Look girlie, love to stay and chat, but Harry and I, we've got places to go, people to see. He's still got to finish his apprenticeship, and we need to keep moving, now I suggest you back off both me and my apprentice before I do something you will really regret. Now good-bye." Andy said before turning to leave, only to be stopped by three members of the Order of the Phoenix.

"Hello Remus, Tonks, Moody. Haven't seen you guys in forever." Harry spoke to the three blocking the duo from leaving. Andy's eyes narrowed at the familiarity that Harry had with these three. It wouldn't do to have her apprentice moody because she blasted his friends. Taking a deep breathe she attempted to calm down before whispering:

"More friends?"

"All of you are coming with us." Moody announced. Andy's control was lost for a second, and a pulse of her magic shot out, startling every wizard or witch in the area, as well as some extremely sensitive muggles.

"Just go along with the plans, please Andy." Harry asked her quietly. He really didn't want it to come to a fight between his old friends and his Master.

"Things never go to plan. Once and a while I wish they would, but they never do." She sighed. "Sure, whatever."

"Potter and friend, Dumbledore wants to see you now." Moody said gruffly once they entered Grimmauld Place. The duo was lead to a dining room that the Order had turned into a conference room. It held, to Harry, more friends, to Andy, more bloody people. Andy began mumbling about an alliance and being half-witted, something Harry, nor anyone, besides Andy, know about.

"Welcome back Mr Potter." Dumbledore spoke to the young man. "And his guest."

"Ta ma de." Andy mumbled. Harry looked at her, making not that she spoke Chinese, again. One of these days he would ask her about it.

"Introduce yourself girl!" Moody said, smacking the girl with his hand. Another pulse of magic flared.

"I would suggest you stop doing that." Harry spoke quietly.

"Is that a threat Potter?" Moody growled.

"No sir, it's a warning." Andy rolled her eyes.

"Serenity Antoinette Reynolds. You got a choice, call me Andy or Rene." Gasps were heard throughout the room. Those who didn't gasp looked confusedly towards those who did. Harry decided to eat the frog, and get his unpleasant announcement over with.

"I'm her apprentice." He said, smiling brightly at everyone. Gasped resounded in the house, and those who didn't understand became even more confused.

"For those who don't understand, I am a necromancer, raiser of the dead." That brought whispering amongst the assembled group until Dumbledore regained command.

"Harry, do you know what this means?" Dumbledore asked the green eyed teen.

"If the 'this' that you are refering to means that I will be an outcast, guess what old man, I already am." Dumbledore ignored the comment and turned to Andy.

"I thought that you were under Voldemort's control." He said. Andy rolled her eyes.

"That idiot wouldn't get me, and even if he did, I can unravel his soul faster than he can scream."

"We will question you under Veritaserum."

"Ni ta ma de. Tianxia suoyoude ren. Dou gaisi." Andi swore. Sighing she nodded. Dumbledore called the meeting to adjourn. Severus went to go get the potion.

"Crap." Harry said, smiling fading.