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As the sun made its grand exit, it painted the sky with different shades; from red to orange to violet. It's like watching a master paint his master piece. And the the sea only exemplified it, reflecting every detail that the setting star made. It was kind of ironic how it portrayed such a magnificent view and yet signified an ending. But perhaps it's a way to relieve people; a gift from God, to help ease away the weariness of the day and slowly prepare them for a soothing rest. It was perfect.

She tucked a loosed hair behind her ear as the soft wind tickled her skin. She sat in the same bench for sometime now, with a sleeping boy in her lap. She smiled at the scenery of the sunset, while gently stroking the light-auburn hair of the boy. Any bystander would've guessed that they were a couple. She was a pretty girl and he was a charming boy. And with her sitting idly like that, wearing a soft smile on her lips and with him sleeping in her lap, relaxing at the touch of her hand... they looked perfect together.

She thought so too. But then,


Her thoughts were stopped and emerald eyes followed the sound which came from the sleeping boy.

They almost have everything in common.

They're both good-looking and have a number of admirers. They both enjoy simple things, whether it be staying late at night watching a movie or a nice view of the ocean. They fitted so perfectly. Both of them would do anything for the one they love even if it means...Then she suddenly drifted to the time when he had Nina believe that she actually liked Tsujiai. It's sad really, how they have so much in common.

Too much, that even their love...

were both unrequited.

Yuta doesn't love her..

She settled her vision beyond the seemingly endless sea and drowned in the depths of its water. She could hear the sound of the waves hitting the shore, like a sweet music whispering to its listeners. And the intoxicating aroma of the sea refreshed her senses. And all the thoughts she had well kept hidden, are now being pulled by an invisible force. Her trance was broken by the movement in her lap. And once again, she looked at the face of the boy she can't stop loving and hating at the same time.

Yuta is a terrible liar, she thought rather painfully.

She knew that, back when he first heard him lie about hugging Nina, and saying it was nothing. She knew because his eyes would be different. So when he had kissed her out of nowhere and then confessed that he loved her. She knew that he was lying. But knowing that, she still believed him. Because when you're in love with someone, somehow reason gets blocked and you look past their faults and look for that tiny string of hope that maybe, just maybe...

he might love you back

And although a part of your mind screams at you that it's pointless, you hold on to that delicate string.

So when Yuta had declared his love for her, she did search amidst his different looking eyes, and saw that small string trying to keep afloat. And she knew then, that she'll always have hope.

But strings get worn out as time pass.

And as confident as she was, unfortunately, the string gradually disappeared along with the hope of Yuta truly loving her.

As the moon hung lazily above the sky, the glowing globe demanded attention. It emanated a mystic light which simply captures anyone under its faint radiance. She had always loved the moon. For her it was the embodiment of a beauty perfected. And this night was no exception. It was as always... perfect.

She smiled bitterly inside.

"Ne Yuta," She spoke softly while gently stoking the hair of the boy.

"will you ever..."

Suddenly pale teal colored eyes slowly opened, "What was that?" he asked; his voice still groggy from sleep. "It's nothing. I was starting to wonder if you're ever going to wake up." she replied. He sat up and looked at his surrounding realizing this, "I slept too much didn't I?" he asked looking sheepishly at her while rubbing the back of his head. "Yeah you did, but it's alright. I felt at peace, with you sleeping quietly like that" she smiled sweetly at him. "Hey! What's that supposed to mean?" he said childishly accompanied by a raised brow. "But really," he started, looking at her calmly. "Thank you." He ended with his lips forming a small smile.

And at that, she had to look away. "It's nothing, really." she replied. Although she's too old to probably feel giddy inside at the expression of the boy, somehow seeing him smile at her like that made something inside her warm. And a part of her wanted to smile back and forget everything she had thought of for that day. But she couldn't possibly feel like that now. Not when she had come this far. So when a small voice inside her head shouted to reconsider, and think about it more, she simply ignored it and placed it with all the other voices she kept hidden at the back of her mind, never to be heard from again.

"Ne, why don't we have dinner? I'm sure you're hungry by now."

"Iie." She replied rather softly.

She can't waver now.

"Don't worry it's my treat. After all you did-"

She stood up abruptly not even glancing at his direction.

"We need to talk."

Her tone was not as cold as she had imagined. But it was enough to get his attention and indicate her seriousness.

"What is it?" He asked as he stood as well. She moved toward the railing, her eyes focusing at the distant. When he reached her, she can feel his gaze questioning her sudden change in mood. With her hair getting in the way, he couldn't see the expression in her eyes. He didn't pressed on and simply stood there waiting for her answer.

The sunset was perfect. The sound of the waves was perfect. The full moon was perfect. He was perfect. Everything was perfect. And for some reason all the perfection was making her sick.

She had enough of it.

She admired the scenery before her, forgetting for a moment the perplexed boy beside her, she took a breath, and started...

"You still love Nina, don't you?"

...the perfect ending.

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