I absoluetly love AllenxLavi pairings, although I also like Yullen pairings, but since there are so many Yullen stories already, I thought I would write a LavixAllen one instead. This story will probably be pretty short, maybe three to five chapters long, but I'll try and make each chapter pretty long though. Anyways, enjoy the story.

Disclaimer: I do not own D.Gray-Man. If I did, it would definitely be a KandxLavixAllen yaoi story (with maybe a bit of Tyki too :)

Chapter One

Allen moaned in pleasure from the hot sticky breath against his skin, every nerve in his body weak and sensitive from the soft touches.

Lavi grinned as he continued to nibble Allen's ears. He reluctantly let it go after awhile, but instantly moved to Allen's neck, placing rough kisses against the sensitive skin.

Allen let out another loud moan.

Lavi unbuttoned the first few buttons of Allen's shirt, enough to allow the collarbone to be exposed. Lavi attacked the spot, nibbling and biting.

"L…Lavi…" Allen whispered, but soon turned into another moan.

The sound of the young boy speaking his name caused Lavi to stop what he was doing and look into the eyes of the other.

Allen's eyes were half closed, dull and unemotional, a look of complete drowsiness on his face. He seemed to be between sleep and just slight consciousness.

Lavi sighed and placed a kiss to Allen's fore head.

"I love you Allen, but it's so hard to do this"

"I love you too, Lavi"

Lavi sighed. He had always dreamed of hearing those words come from the younger exorcist's mouth, but not like this, never like this.

Though Allen's words meant a lot, the sound of his voice wasn't what it should have been. It was empty, hallow and completely monotone. The boy might as well not have known what he was saying at all, and he probably didn't.

But it was enough to allow Lavi to pretend. Even for a little.

Lavi kissed Allen again, before picking him up from their spot on the floor in Allen's room, and gentle placing him onto the bed.

As Lavi began tucking in the sheets around the white hair boy, said boy looked up, just the slightest look of confusion on his face. But the confusion didn't reach his half closed, sleepy eyes. It never did.

"Lavi….where are you going?"

Lavi gave him a small smile as he continued to tuck Allen in.

"To bed, and you need to sleep too"

Lavi leaned over Allen and placed another kiss against his forehead, his lips lingering there a little longer than necessary.

"I'll see you tomorrow night, Allen"

Lavi slowly stood up straight, and headed towards the door of Allen's room. As Lavi gently closed the door behind him, he heard the soft whispers of Allen before he finally fell asleep.


Lavi wanted to fall to the floor and cry his heart out, right then and there in the middle of the hall. He loved Allen so much, but he didn't want this. He wanted Allen to love him in return, not just pretending.

Lavi stood there, leaning against Allen's door, thinking about the first night that it had happened.

The two had been on a mission together, and they were resting in their hotel one night. They were just about to go asleep, when Lavi heard Allen calling his name.

Allen was lying in his bed, eyes half closed, looking like he was drifting off into sleep, but still awake enough to talk.

"Lavi…" he called "Please come over here Lavi…."

Lavi, who was a little wary of Allen's state right now, walked over to the edge of the bed and asked quietly, in almost a whisper "What is it Allen?"

The younger boy gave the red head a sad smile.

"What is it like to love?"

Lavi shifted his weight from one foot to another, uncertain of what to say. He had already figured out he had a stronger attachment to the white hair boy then any of his other friends, possibly strong enough to call love, but Lavi wasn't going to let any of them know. They couldn't know that a Bookman had broken the most important rule, and gotten way too attached to a person. It was forbidden, and no one was to ever know.

"Maybe…it's the feeling that you'll do anything for that certain person….even the smallest things…just to see them happy…to know that you were the one to make them smile….." Lavi added a quick "or so I heard" to the end of his explanation.

Allen smiled.

"You're a terrible liar Lavi…."

Lavi nervously shifted his weight from one foot to another again, as Allen continued to talk.

"Do you…do you think you could love me?"

This question surprised Lavi so much, that he simply had to stop and stare at the younger boy.


Allen repeated his question.

"Could you love me?"

Lavi shouldn't have done it, he shouldn't have. He was a bookman, he wasn't suppose to have a heart, not to mention Allen was half asleep, and probably having no idea what he was really saying. But then again, it was too late. Lavi did get attached, and maybe Allen did know what he was saying, and he really did want Lavi to love him.

Not knowing what else to do or say, Lavi simply leaned over, and kissed Allen on the lips.

He spoke, his lips still brushing against Allen's, "Of course, anything for you…."

Allen wrapped his arms around Lavi's neck as the red head slowly climbed onto his bed. They kissed again, deeper than before, both showing that they wanted more than just sweet gentle kisses. Lavi licked Allen bottom lip, causing the younger exorcist to open his mouth just a bit. Lavi instantly took advantage of it and stuck his tongue into the other's mouth, exploring every part of it.

It soon became a battle of dominance. The two tongues pushed against each other, continually fighting. Lavi soon won, possibly do to the fact that Allen was just too tired to concentrate.

Lavi placed his mouth against Allen's ear, licking the soft shell, before whispering.

"I wonder what I should take for my prize…what do you think, Allen?"

Allen shivered from Lavi breath against his skin, as the red head began biting and licking his ear.

It went on like this for a while. Lavi would whisper into Allen's ears and then nibble and lick some part Allen's body. His neck, shoulders, ears, collarbone, whatever else he could reach, he would get. The entire time, Allen would shiver from Lavi's touches, and once in a while, he would let out a small moan of pleasure. But they still wanted more.

Soon Allen's shirt was off, and Lavi began exploring even more of Allen's beautiful body. The red head's hands moved across Allen's stomached, feeling the soft pale skin beneath his fingers. Lavi's tongue trailed across Allen's exposed chest. Allen moaned yet again, causing Lavi to want even more from him.

There little make out session was getting more and more out of control, as more articles of clothing was being discarded onto the floor, but neither boys got completely undressed, for Lavi finally realized how tired Allen really was.

Allen's eyes were barely open anymore, and all his movements were slower and more uncertain.

Lavi kissed Allen one last time before flopping onto the bed beside him.

"Sleep, you need it"

Allen didn't even bother to argue as he drifted off into slumber with Lavi's arms securely wrapped around his slim waist.

Lavi smiled to himself, unbelieving about what had just all happened, and how happy it all made him. He really did love Allen, and if he had to give up his Bookman position to do so, he would without a moment's hesitation. Maybe it would all be different now.

Oh how wrong Lavi was.

The next morning was a complete hell for Lavi.

Lavi woke up to a screaming Allen, shouting about how Lavi was trying to rape him in the middle of the night. It definitely didn't help when Allen noticed that all he had on were his boxers.

Lavi tried his best to calm the younger boy down, all the while trying to figure out if Allen remembered last night. He didn't.

It almost broke Lavi heart to discover that Allen didn't remember the kisses, the gentle sweet caresses, and above all, Allen asking him to love him.

Lavi soon discovered that it would always be like this.

When Allen was in a state of half unconsciousness, he would be Lavi's. He would allow the red head to do as he please, to kiss him, to touch him, but when Allen was awake, they were nothing more than just friends.

It hurt Lavi to know that Allen would never fully be his, for even when Allen was in that certain state, his voice never had the sound that Lavi wanted to hear. A voice that spoke just how much he really felt and loved.

Lavi pushed himself up from leaning against the door and began walking back to his own room.

Although he hated this, he couldn't help but keep coming back to Allen, for it was just enough to allow Lavi to pretend. To pretend that Allen really did love him.

okay, so that's chapter one. Somewhere in the middle I got kind of distracted and the writing got a bit jumbled, but I hope it was still good enough to understand what's going on.

So pretty much Allen doesn't really know what's going on when he's in that state, and he's completely different with Lavi compared to when he's awake. lavi loves Allen, but doesn't really know what to do, and possibly feels like he was rejected after the first night, so he is afraid to actually tell Allen (when he's awake)

If anyone had questions, please ask, and I will try my best to answer them.

Hope everyone enjoys the story so far. Yay for LavixAllen!