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Allen sat cross legged on Lavi's bed, as the red head sat across from, sitting backwards on a chair, legs swung over the side, and arms resting against the back.

"So what can I do for you?" asked Lavi for the second time in less than five minutes.

He grinned at Allen, but something seemed different about it. It wasn't the same as the usual cheerful lopsided grin the red head usually wore. This one seemed….empty.

Allen held up the necklace once again for Lavi to see, the small key that dangled from it, swinging slightly back and forth.

"I…wanted to ask you who this belonged too"

Lavi shrugged, hardly even looking at what Allen was holding up.

"Never seen it before. Is it yours?"

Allen shook his head.

"No. I woke up this morning holding it. It's not mine, so I want to give it back to whomever it belongs to"

There was the slightest look of hurt on Lavi's face, but it disappeared almost as fast as it had appeared there.

Lavi was smiling at Allen once again with that same empty smile from before.

"Well, you should just hold onto it for now"

"But this looks really important! Someone must really miss it!" protested Allen "We should ask Komui to announce that we had found it"

Lavi shrugged as he replied. "Ya, it looks important and probably expensive too. Anyone could claim it, even if it's not theirs"

"But what if they don't know it's missing? They're going to feel terrible about losing it!"

"That's why you should hold onto it. If anyone announces that they lost a necklace, than you can give it to them" said Lavi, with the slightest twinge of frustration in his voice.

"But, I…"

"Just keep the necklace"

"Lavi, I…"

This is where Lavi lost it.

He jumped up, causing the chair to fall over, the sudden movement scaring Allen, but even more so with the expression on Lavi's face.

"Maybe the necklace belongs to you? Did you ever think of that?"

Allen cringed at the furiousity of Lavi's voice.

"Maybe someone gave it to you, because they wanted you to have it! You're jumping to conclusions by getting rid of it!"

Lavi reached out and grabbed the necklace from Allen's grip and threw it against the wall.

"You're too kind for your own good! Just keep the damned thing!"

Allen sat in shocked silence as Lavi walked to the door of his room. Without looking back at Allen he began to speak softer, but with a strong hint of sadness in his voice.

"Please Allen. For once in your life, open your eyes and notice what's around you. Maybe you'll see something, because you're slowly killing them from the inside out"

And with that, Lavi was gone.

Allen continued to sit on the bed in silence, when tears began trickling down his cheeks. He slumped over onto the bed as he began to sob harder.

He didn't know what he had done, but whatever it was, it was hurting Lavi, and even his own heart felt like breaking in two.

Allen pressed his face into the pillow as he held it to himself, as if it would provide him with some comfort.

"I'm sorry…I'm sorry….I don't want to hurt you…..I'm sorry, Lavi…."

Something cold and metallic brushed against Allen's hand.

With the curiosity getting the better of Allen, he lifted the pillow up to see what it could possibly be.

It was a silver locket.

Allen instantly recognized the design of the locket to match the one on the key, and before he realized it, he had gotten up and walked over to the key.

He picked it up, examining it, before looking back at the locket.

Allen noticed a small key hole on the side of the locket that looked as if it was just the right size for the key to fit in.

So Allen stuck the key in, turned it, and the locket clicked open.

He gasped in surprise and almost dropped the silver locket, for inside there was a lock of hair. Pure white hair. The same color as his.

Inside the locket there was also an engraving.

'The only one to have found a Bookman's lost heart. The love of my life, Allen Walker. Forever is my heart yours'

New tears began spilling down Allen face, and his voice was barely a whisper as they escaped his mouth.

"…oh, Lavi….."

"Are you going to eat that or not, Baka Usagi? 'Cause you're annoying the hell out of me by just pushing it around on your plate"

"Shut the hell up, Kanda. I'm not in the mood for your shit" Lavi snapped back.

Kanda blinked. Not only had the red head called him Kanda rather that Yuu, but he had also been annoyed. Lavi was never one to get annoyed, especially at him.

Something was definitely wrong.

"What the fuck is wrong with you? Upset from getting rejected? Or did the old Bookman finally have enough of you?"

Kanda had no idea how close the first guess was.

Lavi glared at Kanda as if daring him to continue, but the dark haired samurai ignored him.

"You really shouldn't be getting upset over stupid things. Just let things happen at their own speed, and see what happens from there. No point in whining over things you can't help control"

Lavi suddenly realized that Kanda was actually trying to help him, and the other boy was right, he shouldn't have gotten mad at Allen, especially since the younger boy had no idea what was going on. He should just relax and let things happen at their own pace.

Lavi smiled at Kanda.

"Thanks, Yuu-chan. You're a good friend"

"Che. Whatever. Besides, your moodiness was really starting to piss me off"

Lavi almost laughed at the irony of Kanda's statement.

Lavi walked through the hallways after his talk and meal with Kanda. Walks always did help clear his mind and organize his thoughts.

He turned around the corner, his mind elsewhere, when he suddenly bumped into someone.

"Oh! I'm sorry! I wasn't looking where I wa…."

Lavi's voice died in his throat when he realized who he had run into.

Allen reached out and grabbed onto Lavi's shirt, as if making sure he was really there.

Allen looked up at Lavi, and Lavi noticed his tear stained cheeks, definite proof that the younger boy had been crying.

Allen looked so hurt, and Lavi wanted to do nothing more than wrap his arms around the younger boy, and tell him everything was okay. But it wasn't. And it hurt Lavi to know that he was the one to have made Allen cry.

Lavi opened his mouth to apologize for the sudden outburst he had earlier, but Allen beat him to it.

"Lavi, I'm sorry…I'm sorry….I never knew…."

"What are you apologizing for? I was the one who got mad. You didn't do anything wrong"

Allen pressed his face into Lavi's shirt. His white hair flew back and forth across his face, as he shook his head to deny everything that Lavi was saying.

"I should have noticed sooner. I thought it was just one sided, and that you would never accept me, but I was wrong. And I'm sorry for not knowing that"

Lavi pat the top of Allen's head, smoothing the stray hairs down.

"What are you talking about? You're not making any sense…"

Allen looked up at Lavi again, but with a new twinkle in his eye that Lavi had never seen before.

"Lavi, I love you"

Allen reached up, stepping on his tippy toes to reach Lavi's mouth, pressing his lips against the older boy's.

After a long moment Allen finally pulled away, for both needed oxygen.

Lavi looked down at Allen, confused about what had just happened. Did Allen just confess to him?


Lavi fought for words to say, but nothing came out, so he decided to say the one thing that he had wanted to say for the longest time.

"I love you too, Allen"

"I know" was Allen's gentle reply.

Lavi cocked his head to the side, curios as to how Allen knew.

Allen, knowing what Lavi was about to ask, held up the locket for him to see, and he almost laughed at the blush the red head had that could even rival his hair color.

"Oh" was his simple reply "I guess you found it…."

Allen gave him and innocent smile.

"It really wasn't that hard to find. You just need better hiding places"

Lavi laughed at Allen's statement, and reached down to kiss the white haired boy again.

After their kiss, being much briefer this time, Allen was the one to cock his head to the side.

"So you want to explain now how I got the key?"

Lavi chuckled and kissed Allen again. He decided that this kissing thing was definitely going to become a new hobby for him.

"I gave it to you"

"Really? When? How? And why suddenly now?"

Lavi chuckled at Allen's bombardment of questions.

"Yes. Last night. I handed it to you, and because it was our one month anniversary"

The look on Allen's face couldn't help make Lavi laugh.

"One month? Anniversary? Are you saying we were already together for a month?"

"Yes, Moyashi-kun" teased Lavi.

Allen pouted at the nickname, but decided to let it slide since it was Lavi.

"If we were already together for a month, how come I never knew about it?"

Lavi smiled at the bewildered expression on Allen's face. He reached down and kissed the younger boy between the brows.

"Why don't I explain it over some lunch?"

And as if on cue, Allen's stomach let out a long low rumble.

Lavi laughed as he began to lead Allen towards the cafeteria.

"I love you, Allen Walker"

The End

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