Dressed in Diamonds

Chapter 1

A purple-haired female sat at a desk, as reviewed her student's test scores, frowning. She had once been doing so well- and now she was failing. Either that, or home-schooling wasn't her thing. The females face became flushed. She was a mother of, what, 7 KIDS?! And she home-schooled 6 of them? She highly-doubted, her teachings or her assignments she gave to her student.

"Fucking Sasori." The female hissed bitterly, throwing down the papers. She pinched the bridge of her nose, taking a glance at the phone in her room.

'Why in the hell would I be thinking about him, at a time like this?' She questioned herself angrily, blushing, looking away from the phone. A little voice in her head, told her the cause, before she pushed it out of her mind, refusing to accept the reasons. She walked out her door, and straight to the roots of the problem.

It sickened most of the guys in the lair, how Sasori would show off. Especially the ones, that already held crushes on his girlfriend. Haruno Sakura. Several times, they had threatened to tell the leaders, about the two secretly dating, when it was prohibited.

"Say a single word, and I'll kill you before you can even get to their door." Sasori said, not a single emotion even faltering, his stoic features.

Today, was one of those days, where Deidara, Tobi, and Itachi, were actually getting along enough, to hang-out in Deidara's room, which was across the hall from Sasori's. Sasori's door was wide open, and he and the pink-haired beauty, were happily cuddling.

"I can see the fucking hearts, yeah." Deidara said in a low and unhappy tone. Itachi looked from him, to the 'lovey-dovey' scene across the hall. He opened his mouth, knowing Sasori could see him, when he pointed to his tongue.

"Gagging." The elder Uchiha commented.

"Sasori is ICKY, Sasori is icky!" Tobi cried frantically.

That's when the two's 'moment' was ruined- much to the three's pleasure.

First, there was Ryu storming down the hallway. The two quickly pulled away- but not quick enough, because the second-in-command, caught them in the act. Then came the yelling. Second, was Sasori trying to make up some fucking random-ass and lame excuse, for what they were so wrongly doing. Ryu argued with both Sasori and Sakura, about what she had seen, Sakura's recent test scores (from an 'A' to an 'F'), how easily she could kick them both out of the Akatsuki, and how very disappointed she was in the both of them.

"Gomen, Gomen, GOMEN!" The two apologized at the same time, bowing each time they said it. Yeah- that's how crazy Sasori was, to not be separated from his girl.

"'Gomen' isn't enough! I'm separating you two- PERMANENTLY!" Ryu declared. "Sasori, you're too much of a fucking distraction for Sakura! I'm really tired of the 'oh, he was just helping me with my studying' bullshit!"

Ryu pointed to the puppet master. "Pack your bags, little boy- I'm shipping your ass to the East base!"

"You can't do that, Kamikoro-San!" Sasori protested, trying to find a reason, to sway the 'Alpha Female' of the Akatsuki. "W-What about Deidara?!"

Ryu chuckled darkly, narrowing her eyes at him, a sadistic smile on her coral-red lips. "Oh fuck no, Sasori. You're not getting out of this one that easy. Just wait until Pein gets back-"

"I'm back."

"-or- m-maybe not." Ryu said, whipping around. She must have been severely bipolar, because her mood changed instantly. "Welcome back, Pein-Kun! How was the mission?"


"Could we talk for a moment?"

"...um..." Ryu gave him a sexy smile.

"Pleazz? It's really,REALLY top-notch! Oh, and it involves Sasori too-" Ryu said.

"Uh-huh. Just let me- um- find my chairs (?) ok?" Pein agreed, leaving to his messy-as-hell-room-which-looks-like-it-was-hit-by-Hurricane-Katrina.

Sasori gritted hit teeth, before shutting his door, and plopping onto his bed. He was actually fucking leaving. He looked at Sakura.

"Hehheh- eh- yeah- you're so fucking SCREWED, Sasori, Yeah." Deidara laughed.

# Later #

Sasori entered Tobi's room, looking tired. Tobi, like Deidara and Itachi, was entrusted with the 'babysitting', of Sakura. The two stopped their drawing, and looked at the new 'arrival'.

"Sasori- you're not- going, are you?" Sakura asked quietly. Sasori nodded.

"I've been 'suspended'. I'm not allowed in the Southern base (the one we're in right now), for four months." Sakura was silent looked at him with wide eyes. "Lady Kamikoro was shooting for getting me removed from the Akatsuki altogether- but Pein changed her mind. Then, she was shooting for a year and a half worths suspension- Pein gave her a couple shots of whiskey, it seems, prior to our 'talk'. "

"Ryu-San isn't good with whiskey-" Tobi said a bit sadly, Sasori nodding in agreement.

"Right, and Pein-Sama knows that, and it's probably who he gave her the whiskey. Anyways, my year and a half suspension was whittled down to Lady Kamikoro getting her last word in for four months-"

"What happened then, Sasori-Chan?" Sakura asked curiously, Sasori frowned a bit.

"Lady Kamikoro passed out less than 20 seconds after her last word. Pein dismissed me. Here I am." He said simply. Sakura looked devastated- enough to cover her face and cry quietly, as Sasori knelt down and hugged her for comfort.

(Else where)

He looked around the corner, looking around with shifty eyes, as if he was doing something he wasn't supposed to. He quickly vanished, and reappeared next to the phone, grabbing the phone.


He stood there in silence, slowly turning his head to see the kunai that nearly hit him in the head. A few strands of his hair, fell to the ground.

"Put it down, Lord Orochimaru."

"Ohmigosh, Sasuke-Kun, you almost killed me!" Orochimaru cried, before another wave of kunai were thrown at him.

"Get the hell away from the phone! You promised!" Uchiha Sasuke, yelled angrily, his eyes flashing in the process. He threw his katana at the Sannin, who narrowly ducked, throwing the phone back onto the receiver. Sasuke picked up the phone.

"You've been doing this shit all day- what's your problem?" Sasuke asked.

"I- um-" Orochimaru looked down. "I have to call my girlfriend"

"What's her number? I'll call her for you. She's probably freaked out of you enough-"

Orochimaru sweat dropped. "Nah, I'll just use my CELL PHONE."

"N-No, Sasuke-Kun! S-She has c-caller I.D.!"

"Orochimaru, only YOU would give a damn about Caller I.D. Now, what's her number?"

(Akatsuki Base)

"Fuckin' come ON! I've done you so many damn favors, Kamikoro!"

"No, Pein, I'm NOT going to bang you. You may look fine, but I take vows and oaths very seriously. I'm married, and as much as I'd like to not be married, I am. I have to stick to it. So fuck off." Ryu groaned. Pein growled.

"How much?"


"How much- do you love me?" Pein asked her seriously, as they sat on his bed. She sat next to him, as he supported his upper half off the bed with his arms behind him. He had just attempted to take advantage of her- but she wasn't as stupid as she acted. She looked at him, blushing a little.

"A-A lot." She admitted.

"More than Orochimaru?"

Before she could answer, her cell phone rang, making the Akatsuki Leader groan, as she sat back and took out her razor. 'Sound Village- Unknown Caller' It said on the front screen. She flipped it open, and answered. "Hello?"

'Is this Miss Kamikoro?'

"Who is this?"

'Uchiha Sasuke.'

"Oh- I believe you're mistaken. Lady Kamikoro's addressing is 'M.R.S'."

'Oh my gawd! you're having an affair with a married woman?! (background: No!)'

"Well, hold on a moment, I'll pass the phone to her."

Ryu stood up, covering the speaker with her hand, mouthing 'Itachi's whore', to Pein, who nodded in understanding. She left the room and went to Deidara's room, where the three best friends sat. She handed the phone to Itachi.

"It's your brother. Put on your best girl face, and act like me, ok? I don't want to talk to Orochimaru right now." Ryu said, making Itachi smirk.

"You're so nice to me, Ryu-Sama, I swear-"

"I hate you with a burning passion. Just shut up and do what you're told, genius." She hissed. "Oh- tell Orochimaru, if you get to talk to him, to dye his hair like Pein's, and get a tongue piercing."

"Why a tongue piercing, yeah?"

Ryu stopped in the doorway, her mouth open, looking offended. "Because I think tongue piercings are sexy as hell!" She said. "Any you-" She pointed at Tobi. "I need to talk to you."

"Ok! Tobi good boy!" Tobi said in hyper happiness, bouncing after her.