Puppet's Bride

Pt.1 (SasoSaku)


Long ago- there was a princess, who met a young demon boy that had found their way into her palace. The two quickly became friends, and she promised, that one day, she'd marry him.

But as she came to the age to marry, she had forgotten her promise to the demon boy, and was arranged to marry an honorable lord, who'd she'd live happily with for the rest of her days.

The demon boy, now a strong and fearsome demon lord, was enraged. The demon, who had fallen madly in love with the princess, had other plans for her. That night, into the princess's room he crept silently, to her bed where she slept.

She woke with a start and screamed, as the demon lord picked her up and put her over his shoulder. Fast as the wind, he left the human palace to his castle deep in the mountains, with the lovely princess.

-This is where our story begins-

She sat in the room she had been given by her captor. The click of the lock, made her look up, as the door opened. And there he was.He stepped aside, letting a pair of maids in, to clean up her room, and prepare the neccisary things.

She stood up, running over to him, before falling to her knees at his feet, clutching his shirt.

"Please- please-" She sobbed bitterly, the maids came over to her side.

"Princess-" The demon maids said in sympathetic tones.


The maids looked at him, but hastily bowed and left the room. He took her hands into his gently, and removed them from his shirt, before turning on his heels and taking his leave, shutting the door behind him. She banged on the door as he left, pleading, that he let her go.

'I don't think so' He thought to himself, but tied up his long hair, in silence.


Sakura Haruno still sat in her 'confinement'. A luxourious and elegantly decorated and furnished room. It was probably about lunch time, when he returned.

The demon, Sasori of the Red Sand.

He looked nothing like what he had looked like when she met him as a child. She supposed he 'matured' in demon's terms.

Sasori, looked to be about 16-18 years old, but his skin held a demonic, redish-tint. His hair no longer went to mid-neck, it now went down to his waist in wild waves, of spiky maroon locks. For a demon, his hair was well-groomed, unlike some of the demons she had heard of in books. At the moment, he was leaning with his back against one of the room's walls, his arms crossed over his chest, while his hair was tied back.

Sakura was wary of approaching him, after all of the stories she had heard, of a hamsome red-headed demon, luring girls to their deaths.

"Why- are you doing this?" She asked. Sasori looked at her, not giving a single hint of emotion.

"You gave your soul to me. Unless I'm mistaken, that means I, in short, OWN you." Sasori said. "With that said, I think I have the right to stop you from marrying, when you'd already promised me."

She sat there, stunned, at hiss cold reply. She covered her mouth, her head lowered as her gaze was level to the ground. Her pupils shrunk, as she realized the reality of the situation at hand. She was never... going to see her family-...ever again. She had to close her eyes tightly, to hold back her tears.

Sasori stood there, watching her cry into her hands. He growled. It sickened him to no end, seeing her cry so unhappily, in his presence. He tookm a breath.

"I , am Sasori, and I have choosen you, Haruno Sakura, as my mate for eternity." Sakura looked up at him with puffy pastel green eyes, as the demon lord continued. "-Until my last breath, as well as yours-" Sasori crouched inf ront of her, looking her in the eyes. "Do you accept my proposal of partnership?"

It was the traditional vow for both demons and vampires. It was always recited, to their desired mate, if they had found one. And- Sasori was more than positive, Sakura was his perfect mate. A mate- someone you didn't mind spending the rest of your life with- no matter immortal or not. Someone you felt so strongly for- that you'd be heart-broken, if they rejected you.

"If you- say yes- then I'll take you back to see your family. Don't worry- I'm not going to kill you or torture you either." Sasori said, holding his hand out to to her a little. "What do you say, your highness?"

Sakura looked at his redish-grey eyes, she was able to escape his hypnotizing orbs, and look at his held out hand. She hesitated greatly, reaching out. before placing her hand in his. He smiled, standing up, pulling her with him. He kissed her.

"You- still have to say it- or it's not official, even though actions speak louder than words." Sasori whispered in her ear. She swallowed, her mouth, trying to form the words.

"I-I accept your p-proposal, Sasori." Sakura said quietly, before her chin was tilted up- warm lips capturing her own, in a loving kiss.

"You don't realize, how much that means to me, Sakura." Sasori said, withdrawing from her. "Now, I'll keep my side of the bargain, and take you to see your family. But-" He lifted a strand of her now dull, rmagenta hair. He'd put her through more than he thought. "-I'm not going to take my new bride, to see her family- looking like THAT."

Her eyes widened, and she looked herself over. Indeed, she looked terrible, for a princess. Her kimono held a museum's worth of rips, snags, and cuts. Some, even going deep enough, to gently putpainfully, scratch porcelin skin. She blushed at her rough look, blushing three more shades of red, when the demon lord scooped her up in his arms, and walked out of the room.

"W-What are you doing?" Sakura questioned him in a panic, for she and gravity, were not very kind to one-another at all.

Sasori was silent as he entered a grand room, making her gasp. He went through an arch way, and put her down.

"The towels are over there- pile on the left is mine. pile on the right is yours-" Sasori said.

"What's is the difference between If I use one of your towels or mine?"

"Please, mate, keep in mind, I only need a single towel- yours goes to mid- lower leg- mine doesn't. Length is the difference." He explained, before pointing to a black door. "That is the bathing spring- ours, of course, is the largest in the castle."

He left her. Sakura made sure of that- and she let out a relieved sigh, before turning on her heels. The floor was all slick tile. Her clothes fell around her ankles , and she gracefully stepped out of the circle, accidentally grabbing one of Sasori's towels. She wrapped it around herself, before stepping outside of the black door into the bathing spring, the steam was abundant. Like a mini-fog. She slipped in.

"How's the water?"

She gasped turning around, Sasori standing behind her. He smirked. "So- you took one of my towels." She blushed, looking down, seeing the towel only went to mid-thigh. She looked back up, to see Sasori removing his shirt, and discarding it in the water. She gasped quietly, Sasori smirked.

"Can yopu believe it? I used to be a puppet at one time." Her said, wrapping and arm around her waist, gently pulling her closer to him. She didn't believe it at all. He couldn't have EVER been a puppet with those sculpted and rock-hard abs- impossible!

Sasori brushed some of her hair behind her earm before kissing her forehead. "You don't know- how good I'm going to treat you, Sakura." He whispered kindly in her earm closing his eyed, breathing in her scent, even through all the steam, that seemed to hide the two in a perfect, smoke screen.