The Wolf and the Sheep

Pt.1 (SasuNaru)

"Ngh!" Naruto grunted, as his back was pinned against a wall, before the raven-haired stranger, raved his mouth savagely again.

He had thrown off the blonde's jacket, as it lay on the floor. Sasuke, moved down, kissing the Uzumaki's neck repeatedly, lustfully, getting harder and harder every second, from anticipation.

"S-Stop-" Naruto moaned, hopping, that the Uchiha would do what he said. He didn't. Naruto got mad, taking a deep breath, putting his hands on the stronger boy's chest.

"Get...OFF, JACKASS!!"

Sasuke fell to the ground, letting out a groan, as he turned over onto his stomach on the ground. Naruto, quickly ran over to where his jacket was, feeling the angered air, around the Uchiha.

The vampire hissed loudly, taking a swipe at the demon-fox child's feet, with a clawed hand. Naruto dodged the pissed-off creature's, attack, and grabbed his jacket. He attempted to run for the open window, in which they had entered, before he was roughly pinned to the ground.

Dark violet eyes, locked onto his own.

"Leaving so soon? Come- stay a while, won't you?" Sasuke purred darkly, waving a hand at the window. The doors slammed shut, locking themselves, as Sasuke smile at Naruto smugly. "Now- where did you think you were going to go, love?" He asked, his smile vanishing when a small hiccup, reached his ears.

Tears ran down Naruto's face, making Sasuke withdraw, thinking he had scared his possible-future-mate, into crying.

"What's wrong?"

Naruto sniffed. "Nina!" He sobbed, making Sasuke frown. The Uchiha stood up, and walked over to his vanity, sitting down in his 'Emo Stool', in depression. He looked at his reflection, as his anger melted away in to loneliness, so did his violet eyes melt back to their normal red color.

What was wrong with him? He was a bombshell! But- Naruto was still fawning over some- WHORE?! Some dirty little TRAMP?! Sasuke heatedly approached Naruto.

"Who's this tramp- Nina, is it?" He demanded angrily, as Naruto stood up, and blank look on his face. "What's her role in your life?"


"You BASTARD!" Naruto screamed hysterically, his blue eyes burned in with rage. "I don't give a DAMN who or WHAT you are. But I will beat your ass DOWN, if you EVER- call my sister a TRAMP, AGAIN!"

Naruto ran and locked himself in the vampire's bathroom, slamming the door shut with a thunderous 'boom'. Sasuke stood there, after the blond had punched him in the face.

His sister. His sister-

Sasuke realized his huge mistake he had just made. He knocked on the door.

"Naruto- can I come in?"

"-sniff- No." Naruto said from inside the bathroom.

"Look- I...I'm sorry. I thought she was your girlfriend or something- she probably looks just like you-" Sasuke said, the lock clicked, and Naruto opened the door.

"I'm just- worried- about her!" Naruto cried, as Sasuke pulled the blonde into a supporting embrace. "She- c-can't really defend herself- against one of- you!"

"I, am Sasuke Uchiha, and I have chosen you, Naruto Uzumaki, as my eternal mate, until my your last breath, as well as mine. Do you accept my proposal of partnership?"

Naruto gave him a questioning look, as Sasuke scratched the back of his neck.

"Its- um- standard procedure." He said. "Look-if you says yes, then- I'll go and- find some way to let you know that your sister is ok-"

Naruto looked down. "I-I don't know- I don't really know you that well- and- what's so great about being your mate anyways?"

"Are you- rejecting me?" Sasuke asked, plopping down onto his mattress, covering his face. "I failed. I-I'm screwed-" Sasuke left the room, just as Orochimaru, was walking in.

"Sasuke-Kun? Wha-"

"R-Rejected-" Sasuke laughed, before vanishing. Orochimaru walked in, blinking, as he noticed Naruto.

"Oh- You must be Sasuke's mate-" Orochimaru presumed, as a purple-haired woman walked into the room, standing behind the other vampire, crossing her arms.

"I- never really answered him. I said 'what's so great about being your mate anyways?'." Naruto admitted. Orochimaru looked taken back.


"I-I think he's going to kill me now-"

"He's just-(the woman: 'being his emo self')- trying to deal with what he took, as rejection." Orochimaru said.

"But why is he like that?"

The woman, rolled her eyes, reaching over and grabbing a book from Sasuke's dresser, before walking over and hitting the vampire over the head with it. He grunted, holding his head.

"What'd I do?!" He asked.

"You dumbass-" She glanced over at Naruto, then back over at Orochimaru, shaking her head. "-un-fucking BELIEVABLE, Oreos!" She hissed in disgust, as she turned to the Uzumaki, smiling at him kindly.

"Hi sweetie! Listen. The faggot over here, just can' get to it, to I'll give it to ya short n' sweet." She said. "Vampires- only get once chance, to give their desired mate that little speech Emo-Loser back there, just gave to you. He thinks you rejected him, and that means- that's right, bucko- he's going to die alone without any lovins. And, yea, it's gonna be your fault."

Orochimaru smirked at Naruto. "Mr.Uzumaki (Uchiha), meet my bombshell of a mate, Ryu-NGH-" Her high heel in his back, a vein, pulsing, on the side of her head.

"Who in the HELL, told YOU to speak! I wanna saber toothed tiger cub, STAT! Get to it, bitch!" She snarled at him, as he bowed, and left to find her what she wanted. Ryu turned back to Naruto with a smirk on her face.

"Heh- Saber-toothed tigers are extinct." She smiled. "Hey- wanna make a deal?"

"What type of deal?" Naruto asked, as she grabbed the front of his shirt, and tugged him over to her, whispering something in his ear, before letting him go. "I'll go get the loser"

She left, and quickly returned with Sasuke. She winked at Naruto and whispered a 'good luck', before vanishing herself.

"S-Sasuke?" Naruto asked.


"I-" Naruto blushed. "I want to be your mate."

Sasuke's ears perked. "Really?"

"I accept." Naruto said, before Sasuke kissed him.

"I'm sure you want me to keep to my promise, huh?"

"No- Ryu-Chan said she'd do some thing- But- I just-" Naruto sat on the bed. "Can we- get to know each other. You know- like the trivial stuff?"

Sasuke looked at the door.

"You little BITCH!" He snarled at the girl who watched them. She giggled girlishly, smiling mischievously.

"Heh- guess that's my cue!" She said squirrely, leaving the room, Sasuke ran after her, Naruto ran to the door way, as Sasuke vanished to the right.