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Summary: Bella's first day back to school after the 'accident' in Jessica's POV, based at the end of Twilight. One-shot


"Did you hear what happened to Bella?" Eric asked as he sat across from me at our usual table. Those words had been repeated over and over since she returned back to Forks with the Cullens. Many rumors have flied around the school, a couple that I started.

"I heard that Cullen pushed her down the stairs when she wouldn't come home with him." Tyler told everyone from next to me. I rolled my eyes. That was one of the stupider ones.

I looked around the cafeteria. Bella was hopping with her crutches towards the table that Cullens usually sit at. Edward was holding her tray behind her and Alice was smiling behind him, holding two trays in her hand. I guess one of them was Edward's. I frowned at them, jealousy wrapping around me. It wasn't fair, girls have spent years trying to get Edward's attention, the only Cullen that wasn't taken, and here comes Chief Swan's daughter and suddenly it's like no other girl exist.

Edward set down Bella's tray at the end of the table across from Emmett. He grabbed onto her crutches as he helped sit the chair, her casted leg stretched out in front of her. Edward walked around her and sat in the chair next to her. Alice smiled at Bella before placing Edward's tray in front of him and hers on the edge of the table. She shot a look at Emmett.

Emmett said something before scooting down a chair, Bella was blushing and Alice hit across the head with Bella's crutch. Jasper laughed loudly across the table as he took his place next to Edward. And Rosalie sat next to Emmett. Emmett's arm instantly wrapped around her, he didn't seem effected that his sister just hit him across the head with a crutch.

I frowned as I turned to the people around my table. They were coming up with new theories on what really happened to Bella.

"I bet that she didn't even fall down stairs." Lauren snarled. "I bet that this is all some sort of way to get Edward to pay attention to her."

I looked at Lauren, she really didn't like Bella. I didn't think that Bella would intentionally hurt herself to get attention. She seemed to want to avoid attention, not cause more towards her. And Edward pay attention even when she wasn't hurt. I looked back at Bella. Edward was staring at her as she took a bite of her pizza. She mumbled something before holding her hand over her stomach. Edward frowned before moving the plate away from her, his hand rested on her forehead. He mumbled something, Bella's eyes widened and she shook her head violently. Emmett laughed.

"Hey Jess." Mike yelled at me as he sat next to me. I turned to him and smiled.

"Hi Mike." I tried to sound casual but I couldn't help but blush.

"Did you hear what happened to Bella?" He asked as he pulled his seat closer to the table.

My heart sank and I grimaced before I glanced back at Bella, everyone was laughing, including Bella. She hid her head behind her bangs as her head moved up and down. She looked back up at Jasper, who was still talking. I frowned, Jasper was probably the quietest of the Cullens, but he was talking to Bella freely, even joking a little. Bella smile at him before saying something. Jasper laughed while he nodded.

"Do you know what happened, Jessica?" Mike asked bringing back to the table to the situation before me.

I nodded. "She went back to Phoenix because she couldn't stand the thought of living in Forks for the rest of her life," I told them the summary of what Bella had told me. "Edward and Carlisle went after her, to try and convince her to come back. They got into a heated argument when Bella tripped down two flights of stairs and fell out of the window." I told them.

I glanced back at the Cullen table, Edward was staring at me, his eyes wide. I blushed and wanted to turn away but I couldn't move my head. He lifted the corner of his mouth in a crooked smile. My breath caught in my throat. Bella looked at him and said something. Edward turned to her and his smile grew. He kissed her on the forehead before whispering something in her ear. Bella blushed and turned away quickly. Edward let out a low chuckle.

"So you still taking Bella to prom?" Mike asked Tyler.

I looked up at Tyler. He nodded a huge smile on his face. "Yup, I bought my tux and everything."

"Does Bella know about this?" I asked glancing at Bella for the umpteenth time since lunch started. She was talking with Alice about something.

"Of course she does." Tyler said optimistically.

"Does Cullen know?" Mike asked, taking an aggressive bite of his pizza.

Tyler shrugged. "That's none of my concern if he does or doesn't. It's not like he can do anything about it, Bella already said she would go with me." He smiled in triumph. I rolled my eyes.

"Can we talk about something else but Bella?" I asked, desperate to get my mind off the jealousy I was feeling for her.

"So is everyone excited for the summer?" Angela asked her first words since lunch started.

The boys nodded excitedly as they talked about their trip to La Push the day that summer began. I smiled gratefully at Angela, but she didn't catch it, she was listening intently to the conversation between the three men. I took the opportunity to stare at the Cullens for hopefully the last time.

Edward pulled a bottle of medication for Bella, he handed her two pills. Bella glared at the pills. Edward frowned at her while he scratched her back. Bella threw the pills in her mouth before sipping on a bottle of water. She swallowed dramatically before turning to Edward. She said something. Edward just smiled at her and nodded. Bella rolled her eyes as she sat the water down her tray filled with food.

"What about you Jessica?" Lauren asked me. I turned to her with a blank expression on my face.

"What?" I asked.

"What are your plans for the summer?" She asked.

"Oh, I'm probably going to Tennessee…" I told my friends my plan for the summer, avoiding the Cullens and Bella. Putting all jealousy aside, they weren't a bad couple. They were cute and in love. I was jealous, not only because she got the guy that every girl in Forks has only dreamt about, but they were happy together, not the fake kind of happy, the real love kind of happy. The Cullens each had someone they could spend the rest of their lives with, even their parents. It wasn't fair to the rest of us…


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