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"Here you go," Alice put my tray in front of me as I pulled out the chair next to Bella. It was her first day back and I've made sure to keep a close eye on her. Alice gave a sharp look to Emmett.

"Does anyone else think it's weird that Bella's crutches are taller than Alice?" Emmett observed. Bella dropped her head blushing as she tried not to laugh. Alice growled at him before swinging one of Bella's crutches at his head. Emmett laughed as he moved down a seat. Alice took his previous spot and stuck her tongue at him.

"Jerk," she mumbled under her breath.

Jasper started laughing as he took a spot next to me and Rose took a spot next to Emmett, Emmett's arm instantly wrapped around her. I rolled my eyes and turned back to Bella. She was silently staring at her food. I frowned at her before moving her hair out of her face.

"Eat Bella," I encouraged. She looked up at me before grabbing the cardboard pizza and taking a small bite out of it. She pulled the pizza away from her face and set it back on the yellow plate. Her arm covered her stomach and she squinted her eyes. I wrapped my arms around her shoulder. "Are you feeling ok?" I asked.

"I'm feeling a little nauseous." She admitted softly.

I rested my hand on her forehead – she wasn't running a fever but she was a little flush. I moved my hand to her cheek. "Do you want me to call Carlisle?" I asked – concerned. She blushed before shaking her head. Emmett started to laugh. I growled at him.

"It's ok Bella," Jasper cooled the situation. "Emmett's just angry because his mom is so fat that the last time that she saw 90210 was on the bathroom scale." Jasper quoted a joke that he got off the internet last night. Everyone started laughing – mostly because Jasper was manipulating our emotions but it was much needed.

"Thanks Jasper," Bella smiled at him.

"No problem Bella." He smiled back at her.

My head shot up when I heard Jessica's voice. "She went back to Phoenix because she couldn't stand the thought of living in Forks for the rest of her life," Jessica was telling her friends. I had heard many theories – mostly through people's minds – about what had happen to Bella but no one had ever said the real version to why she left – well the version that we led them to believe. "Edward and Dr. Cullen went after her, to try and convince her to come back. They got into a heated argument when Bella tripped down two flights of stairs and fell out of the window." Jessica finished our story.

Jessica looked at me when she was finished. Her breath instantly caught in her throat. I lifted the corner of my mouth – grateful that she stuck up for her friend.

"What did Jessica say?" Bella asked – noticing that I was staring at her. I smiled at her before I kissed her forehead.

"She's talking about you," I told her. Bella turned her head and blushed. I chuckled at her embarrassment. "Don't worry, it's good this time." I kissed her cheek. She didn't seem convinced.

A low beeping came from my watch. I looked at it. It was time for Bella to take the medication that Carlisle prescribed her. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a bottle of her medication – it was against the rules for students to carry prescription bottles on campus but I convinced the nurse to let me be an exception because Carlisle was my father. I pulled out two white pills and looked at Bella. She was glaring at them.

"Bella," I pleaded with her. She sighed before grabbing the pills from my hand and popping them in her mouth and swallowed them dramatically – making sure to gulp down her water instead of sipping it.

"Happy now?" She growled at me. I smile and nodded. She rolled her eyes. "It makes me nauseous," she complained softly.

"I know," I wrapped my arm around her. "I'll ask Carlisle tonight if we can get another refill on your nausea medicine." I kissed her cheek softly before turning to Emmett.

"Emmett can you keep an eye on Bella tonight?" I wasn't allowed inside the Charlie's house at the moment. Charlie blamed me for Bella running away. Alice usually stayed with Bella afterschool but Alice really needed to go hunting.

Emmett nodded. "No problem," he smiled at Bella. "We can watch our favorite TV show can't we Bella?"

Bella groaned loudly. "I hate Scrubs." She complained.

I chuckled softly before rubbing her arm. "It's only for a couple of hours." I explained. "It won't be too horrible."

She shot a glare at me through the corner of eye. "Then you watch it with him." She growled.

Emmett laughed before pulling his tray away from the table and throwing it in the trashcan. "I'll wait for you by the Volvo, Bella." Emmett smiled at her before walking out of the cafeteria.

"Yeah," she mumbled. "I'll be the one who is stuffing cotton balls in her ears."

Emmett's laugh echoed throughout the cafeteria.

End Chapter.

A/N: I have a theory. My theory is that before Bella was able to go back to school whenever Emmett kept an eye on her and made her watch Scrubs nonstop. I mostly have this theory because Scrubs is my favorite TV show and I'm just a nerd like that. Not as good as the first chapter but you finally know what they were talking about. Happy now? You better be. :)

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