Whisper to me.

Misa Amane walked quietly on to her house. She couldn't be late then Light would be mad. She turned to cross the road. A motorcycle came speeding toward her. She didn't know what to do, so she screamed. The driver of the motorcycle turned right before he hit her. The driver quickly got off their vehicle and took his helmet off. A concerned look appeared on his face. "Oh! I'm very sorry, I must have been distracted." The blonde haired man had a scar across his face. Misa wondered how that happened. She decided she shouldn't ask. "Oh, it's okay." She told him cheerfully. "Can I give you a ride home? Y'know to say I'm sorry." As soon as he said that, it began to rain.

"Hmm? Oh yes, that would be very nice, Mr. Keehl." The man's eyes got very big. "How did you know my n-name?" Misa didn't know what to say. "Um….Of course I know all the talented children's names from the Wammy's House." She said with a smile. "Oh, I get it." He said then nervously laughed softly. "You can call me Mello." "Oh nice to meet you Mello, I'm-" Suddenly, fear struck Misa. Had this been the guy Light had talked about? Misa thought while Mello started up the motorcycle. What should I do? Should I kill him? No, he's being so nice. I can't see his lifespan though. Does he have a Death Note? Maybe…? Misa finished her sentence. "Oh, I'm sorry I spaced out. I'm Misa."

"Boss, who's the pretty girl upstairs?" Jack asked Mello. "If I wanted you to know, I'd tell you. Shut the hell up. I don't want to hear anymore about her." Mello said very irritated. Jack did nothing but sat and returned to the magazine he was reading. Oh no…..She's Misa Amane. I have to kill her. Or….Or….But I can't she doesn't look like she could hurt anyone at all. Mello thought while eating a chocolate bar. Let alone kill someone. She's so pretty…..And cute….What am I thinking? Misa stood in the doorway. "Where am I?" She asked him. "I'm sorry, Misa. You fell asleep on my motorcycle so I had to bring you here. I'm sorry." Mello told her nicely. Misa put her hand on her mouth. "Oh my god! I'm so sorry, I'm so stupid!" "No, Misa you aren't! Not at all!" Mello got up from his seat on the couch. "And don't you let anyone let you think that way!"

Misa began to cry. Mello saw part of a scratch on her wrist. Mello stared in disbelief. He looked at her other wrist, another scratch. "Oh no, Misa did you do this?" Mello grabbed her wrist. Misa shook her head up and down. Mello wiped her tears with his fingers. "Misa, please don't cry." He also noticed the bruises on her legs. He knew this was Light Yagami's doing. Mello put his arms around her. Misa put her arms around him. By this time Jack and some sleazy girl he always had were in another room. Misa smiled through her tears. "I never had anyone treat me so nicely.