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Rated: M for adult relations.


Monday, October 4, 2004

There was a coldness tickling his legs but his chest was comfortably warm. He felt safe, happy, and content with lying right where he was and never getting up. A hot breath skidded over his throat as his arms wrapped tighter around the woman who was draped over his left side. The silky smooth skin teased at his fingertips, spending a shiver down his spine.

He had yet to open his eyes, he didn't need to. During the past year and a half, he had memorized every scar, every curve, every spot that made the woman on him quiver and every spot that made her scream; every way of making her feel loved, wanted, and his.

Alex had succeeded in making him forget about the foolish belief that he was happier alone. So he spent his waking hours reminding her just how truly grateful he was that she was still there with him and loving him even though his insecurities remained, his stubbornness continued, and his secrets stayed just that: secret.

Even now, when she was asleep, he messaged her back with his fingers, keeping her at peace in her dreams. He never wanted her to feel troubled, not while she was with him. There had been times when she had hid her troubles from him, when a case got rough and she was doing all she could to not let it show. But she could never hide from him for too long. It always came out, either in a sudden fight over something trivial or the silent treatment that lasted hours. She had her tells.

Then once he got her to admit that she wasn't upset with him but she was fuming over something work related or something with a family member, they were okay again. And the makeup sex was wonderfully hot and heavy, clumsy and rushed and perfect. It wasn't always like that; sometimes it was tender and sweet, teasing and long and perfect. No matter how they got started or how they ended, it was always perfect. They were together and that was all that mattered.

Last night had been different.

It was one of those nights where they were both angry about something and their frustration built until they devoured each other. It had showed in every way possible as they ravaged one another like hungry wolves. They didn't even bother to take off their clothes until after they were breathless and drifting into sleep.

That had been one of the very few times where the word 'fucked' could be used to describe what they had done to each other. And from the way he felt right then, he didn't know if he wanted it to ever happen again. It wasn't that his body felt bad, his mind felt bad.

Alex stirred lazily in his arms and his arms tightened just a fraction to let her know he was there with her; he wasn't going to let her go useless she pried them apart. He felt the trickle of hair on his face and he turned his head, barely parting his eyes.

She was staring at him with a sleepy smile on her natural face. Alex had never looked more beautiful. He knew she would disagree, saying something like it was morning and her hair was a mess and she wasn't wearing makeup and blah, blah, blah…

The way Alex reached up and rubbed at her eyes like a child made him smile a sleepy smile right back at her.

"Thinking about me?"

Bobby's grin grew as he stared into her tired glossy brown eyes. "I don't have to think anymore," he said as he leaned forward and lightly kissed her eyelids. "Mmm, you're so warm." He buried his face in her neck as he rolled them onto their sides.

The smell of them together was unlike anything in the world. It was heaven. She was heaven and she took him there every time she looked at him, spoke to him, touched him…kissed him.

Alex's arms wrapped around his neck and started to soothe his back and head with soft caresses.

They didn't say anything for a long time as they held each other, letting their hands and fingers soothe their tired and sore muscles into gentle ease. It wasn't meant to excite or demand; it was to comfort and to say the words that they should have said last night before they hastily went at each other when their angry words had died and settled between them like knives stabbing at their hearts. They hadn't gone to bed angry; they had fucked each other angry. And that felt a million times worse.

Finally, not being able to take the silence anymore, Bobby hesitantly asked, "Are we okay?"

Alex stilled her soft caresses and pulled away from him so she could look into his eyes. He saw a number of things boring from her almond colored eyes: confusion, fear, and grief, but what pushed all those aside and what poured from the words she spoke was love. "Yes, we are."

Three simple words and that was all it took to let him breathe out the weight he had been holding in. Bobby captured her mouth in his and thanked her by pleasuring the lips that he had bitten hours before. In all the years he'd known Alex he had thought that he could never, ever be angry at her about anything to where it clouded his judgment and threatened his temper.

But then he fell in love with her, and love always made him do stupid things like igniting an already stressful and heated discussion into a full-force, no holds bar, yelling match. Neither of them had won; they had both lost that battle. And he was in no rush to go a round two.

He really wished he could say that he couldn't remember what the fight was about. It would have been easier than to know that it was something that would be dealt with again. And again, and again, because even though he loved Alex to his death, there were some things that she didn't need to know.

She had said it herself to him before, that she had secrets and that some weren't meant to be told. When she had forgotten that last night, it had spurred their little war. In all things considering, she should have been apologizing to him; she should have been the one to ask the heavy question that pulled at both their hearts, and she should be the one making him moan like that as he deepened the kiss and made love to her mouth.

However, even though she started it, he was the one that wouldn't let it go. He was the one that lashed out at her first, and he was the one that had bit her when she had tried to apologize just seconds before he pushed her into the wall and attacked her like some crazy sex-driven beast.

The only thing that shocked him worse than what he had done to her was what she had done to him. Instead of kneeing him in the balls and letting him whimper like the dog he had been acting like, she took him to the floor and gone at him just the same. It had been scary, sexy, and damn near irresistible all at the same time.

Last night Alex had achieved the unthinkable; she had driven him completely out of his mind.

And now, she was going to pay for that.

"Bobby," Alex breathed out as he released her mouth and started on her neck.

The taste of her salty skin on his tongue never ceased to excite him. With soft feather kisses and the teasing of his warm tongue over her skin, Alex began quivering in his arms. Her hands continued to knead at his shoulders and back, and run through his hair and then along the back of his neck. She was urging him on, welcoming him; loving him.

His hands started wandering. Capturing her breast in his right hand he massaged it, mended it to his hand as he caressed over her nipple until she was panting in deep breaths. With his left hand, he ran his fingers down along her leg, leaving a trail of fire hot skin before he lifted her leg up around his waist, giving him better access to her ass which he playfully squeezed.

"Oh, God…" Alex voice was thick, heavy with want. "My whole body feels like it's on fire."

Bobby kissed her neck one last time before reclaiming her mouth. Their hot tongues and lips tangled and danced with each other, igniting the burning pleasure within them even more. He released her tortured breast as he brought her left leg up to lock with the other one. His fingers ran up her thighs, causing goose-bumps in their wake.

Her body shivered under his hands as he smoothed them up her sides before he sliding them under her body, lifting her against him as he pressed down into her. He held her tight against him as he shifted forward; their wet tongues slid apart as he started to fill her.

Unlike last night, he took it slow as he entered her; feeling her warm wetness surround his aching member sent shivers down his spine. She was always ready for him. "God, Alex…hmm, so good…incredible…"

He felt her tremble under him as he pushed in one more long and agonizing slow time, completely filling her. He heard her breath hitch as she bucked up to him. She had taken him all in and it felt so incredibly good. It was the best place on earth, being buried in her like that.

"Bobby, please," she pleaded with a silky moan.

The love he was feeling intensified as he heard her voice and knowing that she wanted and needed him just as much as he wanted and needed her. Kissing her over her neck then over her bruised, swollen red lips he started a slow, gentle rhythm; easing in and out of her so they could enjoy the feel, building on that tight spark of pleasure that began to grow deep within them.


He loved to hear his name on her lips as she gasped and moaned with every thrust that got deeper and faster. It urged him on as he gripped the bed sheets under his hands tighter and picked up the pace, sending her speechless, breathless, and gasping for more.

He started in on her neck again as one of her soft hands clenched his back, digging nails into his skin. The pain caused him to hiss but it only fueled the fire within him more. "Alex," he whispered into her ear as he drove into her. "So good…feels so good, Al--" the words caught in his throat as the pleasure started to become too much.

She responded by groaning as her legs pulsed and tightened around him. Oh, God, it was getting harder to think, to say anything as his breath came in short gasps. He was getting close; he could feel the heat engulf his stomach, the growing tightness between his legs. Alex was close too; she wasn't speaking and her breath was hitching and catching with every thrust.

"Bobby," Alex managed to squeak out; her voice was thick with the need to come.

The burning wet walls around him suddenly caved on him. Alex bucked hard as she barely got out his name before the words caught in her throat. He groaned and thrust as deep as he could into her one last time. He nearly froze as the quaking wave of pleasure overwhelmed him as Alex trembled under him.

Neither one of them wanted to move. He especially didn't as he hugged her shaking body to him as she came down, back to him. He could stay just like that for the rest of his life.

"Don't…even think…'bout moving," she panted into his ear.

He smiled into her sweaty neck, releasing a deep and heavy breath. He wasn't going anywhere.

Suddenly a loud voice interrupted their blissful afterglow. "Good morning on this rainy Monday morn--"

Bobby smacked the alarm clock so hard it nearly tumbled off the side of the nightstand. "Damn alarm," he grunted into Alex's neck.

Alex chuckled into his shoulder and turned to look at him. "It's Monday."

Bobby groaned and went back to breathing in her hair. "Not in my world."

Alex grinned as she rubbed his back. "I know, but we have to get up. Deakins will fire us if we're late."

Bobby peered at her with one open eye. "That'll be the day."

"Move your ass, Goren," the strict tone she was going for was ruined as she started laughing. "I need a shower."

"You smell amazing; sweat, sex, and me. It's a wonderful combination."

She smacked him on the shoulder as she continued to giggle under him. "I mean it."

Bobby finally shifted up onto his right elbow, slowly slid out of her, and then rolled onto his back. He moaned at the loss of her around him and sighed in frustration. "If you weren't so slow at getting ready, we could have laid here for another half-hour."

"Uh-huh, and when I get out of the shower you better have coffee ready for me."

"Yes, my Queen." Bobby smiled warmly over at her and watched as she made her way toward the bathroom, naked. "Love the view."

"Thought you would," she fired back before she disappeared into the bathroom.

Minutes later he heard the shower start up. Well, he had to get up but he couldn't find the will or energy to do so. Why did Alex have to be so damn irresistible? She was a wicked, wicked woman.

He rolled back over onto her side of the bed and breathed in the scent left in the sheets. Just leave him there; he could call in sick or something couldn't he? Alex could too; then they could spend the whole day wrapped around each other.

Bobby was slipping into the comfortable gentleness of sleep when he heard the alarm go off again. Gripping the clock radio, he yanked it hard, pulling the plug right out of the wall. Lying back down, he stared at the ceiling as he heard the water splash in the shower. He had to get up and the only thing that motivated him was the thought of that water running over Alex's body. If he couldn't spend the day in bed with Alex, maybe he could at least spend some time with her in the shower.

Rolling out of bed, he headed toward the bathroom. "Hey, Alex," he called over the running water. He stuck his head around the curtain and smiled at the sight of the naked soaped up woman before him. "Want company?"

Alex peered over her shoulder at him. "Am I still going to get my coffee?"

Bobby grinned as he pulled the curtain closed after he stepped in. "Of course," he said right before his lips reclaimed hers.

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