I don't own Naruto; if I did I would be filthy rich and wouldn't be putting this crap on the internet, I would put it on the a

I don't own Naruto; if I did I would be filthy rich and I would be making Naruto my way….

Also read the entire thing before you judge it. The first three or four chapters aren't that happy but I promise that it will get better.

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Sorry about not putting up anything in a while but I've been busy and haven't had the time. Well, here's the summary:

When his old foster gardian adopts Naruto is really happy because she had been nice to him, but his friends start to get suspicious after Naruto quits talking for a week. Is everything all right at Naruto's new house, or is something going on that will shock everyone? Will Hinata finally open up to the blond to get him to start talking or will she back down on her chance to help him? Read to find out…

What happened to Naruto?

The Beginning

"Thank you, Thank you Mom!!"Naruto yells after his old foster parent adopts him. He was extremely happy about this because she and been one of the few people who had been nice to him. "Naruto, I thought I told you not to call me your mom, I'm not your real mom and it makes me uncomfortable. Just call me Aunt Kiri." The black haired woman said frowning down at the hipper blond ninja. "Ok, sorry Aunt Kiri".He said smiling up at her. "Ok, we're here." Kiri said walking up to a house. It was small and in a rough part of town but it that part wasn't as bad as the part Naruto had lived in so he didn't mind at all. 'I still can't believe the Hokage was that easy to fool, it was unbelievable. Also, it looks like the demon doesn't remember how it was with me. That's good, all the better for me.'She smiled to herself as the she lead the blond into the house. Naruto on was really happy. Someone really cared about him and had adopted him. He had a mom!! He walked into Kiri's house and looked around. It wasn't like her remembered. There was no furniture but there was many weapons hanging form the walls, besides the bathroom. There was a pipe in one corner and there was several wipes hanging on the wall. "Aunt Kiri are you sure…" Kiri hit the boy in the back of the head. 'Now just to get him ready…' She thought dragging him over to one wall. Naruto was in for a night from hell.

Naruto shivered in the corner where the pipe was. He was still crying, his hands tied behind his back and around the chakra-enhanced pipe with chakra enhanced rope; he also had a chakra suppressant seal on him. 'Why would Aunt Kiri do this, why would she do that to me…'He was covered in cuts and it was really cold, but she hadn't given him a blanket. 'She didn't care when I screamed ether…' He broke down into a fresh batch of sobs. She would do it to him again tomorrow, all day if the woman wonted. It was Friday and Tsunade had given them the weekend off to get to know each other. 'This isn't what I meant when I had asked for the time to "get to know each other", why did she tie me up like that and…'The memories came back to him and he cried some more. "I thought I told you to shut the heak up!!"A horrible voice that had just been laughing at him a few hours ago. "Do wont to me to torture you again so badly? Well, I can't decline my new toy that privilege if he wants it." She got out of the bed and grabbed Naruto by the hair, cut his bonds, and dragged his limp body back over to the wall that was covered in blood and had two chains hanging form the ceiling "NO, please no more, no more!!"Naruto yelled sobbing. "I know you love it demon and I'll keep it coming to ya all day…" She began to pick her weapon "I've got a friend coming over to show you real pain tomorrow." She began to walk over to him, a sword swinging in her hand. 'Why, why…' Naruto thought sobbing, he wonted to die, just die.

He lay the floor covered in cuts and sobbing. A man that looked like a bodyguard walked out of the room. 'Why can't I die?' He wondered.

Naruto just lay on the floor, covered in burses and marks. "Get up, know. Go take a shower; you have to be at practice in an hour. If you tell anyone about this I will find one of your little friends and do to them what I've been doing to your personally." She smiled evilly. Naruto only got up and took a shower, putting on his cloths he walked past his torturer. "Wait, your can't leave like that. Everyone will see the burses…"She said to him. He looked down at his feet. His tormentor threw a cloak at him, one similar to Shino's except it had a hood that covered his face perfectly. Then the woman makes her way out the door after him. 'I may just have to find some more efficient weapons today…' She thought evilly a sickening smile spreading across her face. She had him right back where she used to.

Sakura waited at the bridge with Sasuke. She was annoyed, one Naruto was late and two so was Kakashi. "Naruto where in the hell have you been?" She yelled at the blond. She didn't notice the hood he had on at first. "Hey dope, what lame excuse do you have, eating ramen or woke up late?" Sasuke asked expecting the blond to yell at him, his teammate only sat underneath a tree. 'He looks like a scared rabbit…'The Uchiha thought. That's when Kakashi arrived. "Sorry I was late, I had to find help for my neighbor move into their new house."He began. "Lyer!!"Sakura yelled. The silver haired ninja waited to his blond student to also yell at him but it never came. "Where's Naruto? He's over there."Sasuke said pointing to the blond. "Ok, well, Sasuke I wont you to train with me and Sakura and Naruto just practice these jutsu." Kakashi waited to Naruto to shout out how unfair it was for him to train Sasuke. All the blond did was walk up and tentatively take the scroll then go off to a secluded spot and start to read it over. "What's up with him?" Sakura asked. Kakashi shrugged walking away. Sakura didn't think anything of it.

Naruto sat next to Iruka at the ramen stand. He was playing with his noodles and he had only eaten half of his first bowl!! "I'm done Iruka-sensei." The blond said pushing away his bowl. "Naruto what's…" "I have to go…" Naruto ran out of the store, panic rolling off him in waves. 'What's wrong with him?' The ninja wondered, he paid for his and Naruto's ramen then left. 'I'll ask the Hokage-sama tomorrow.' He walked away, feeling a little uneasy but nothing else.

"Naruto, I thought I told you to be home by 8!!" Kiri yelled as Naruto walked in. She was swinging something that looked like a wipe with lots of spikes on it. "I'm sorry Aunt Kiri, Iruka-sensei asked me to go eat some ramen with him…" "SCILENCE!!" She yelled. "Just get over here!" She grabbed the terrified boy by the hair and half dragging him to the wall…

"Hokage-sama?" Kiri asked. Coming into her office. "Yes, what do you wont?" Tsunade asked. "Can I ask you something?" She said. "Yes…" "Can Naruto take the month to train with me? I would like to teach him some family Justus's I have…" Tsunade beamed. 'Naruto is going to love this.' "Yes, in fact it is a mission for him, that way he can still get paid." The blond Hokage said, little did she know that she had condemned Naruto to a month of hell.

I know this is a sad story but its end it worth the read. I promise, this is the only way I could make the ending possible. Trust me I don't like writing it but I think the end is going to be worth it. Well, till next time.