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Ello again! I'm actually writing much to my surprise, I just finished the last chapter so I started to write this one.

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What Happened to Naruto?

Tsunade took a deep breath as she put down the file she had been looking at in order to keep from looking in the faces of all the ninja she had in her office. Everyone went quite in mere seconds. The Hokage looked down for a minute before she found her voice. "I'm sure all of you want to now how Naruto is now that he has woken up, which I'm sure Hinata has told you he has." Everyone nodded. "Well, I…I…" She took a deep breath, "He is, as of the moment, unresponsive to verbal communication. He also shuns away from any and all physical contact." She looked at them to see if they understood. "So, he can get better right?" Kiba asked. Tsunade shook her head sighing. "If he was anywhere else I would give him a max of sixty percent but sense he's in this village I can really only give him a fifteen percent chance. I could only give him that if he was put somewhere where none of the villagers of most of the ninja couldn't get to him and he had a lot of people who could support him and help him. Sense we don't have that and he can't possibly travel then no…I can't say I can see him getting better other than by some miracle."

Everyone was silent for several minutes. "So…We were too late?" Sakura asked her eye's tearing up. "Yes, by about 4 weeks I would say. If what you told me was correct then he must have been tortured pretty bad in the weekend I gave him off with her. Then I had to go and give her a month ... if it's anyone's fault it's mine." The old woman put her head in her hands thinking of all her adopted son must have gone threw. "I'm afraid that he will probably live the rest of his life in a hospital room or in an asylum. As he is he can't be a ninja so I'm afraid I'm going to have to take his ninja status away and…" "Wait!" The woman was interrupted by a rather unexpected person.

"You're not going to give up on him that easily are you? Naruto-kun is not Konoha's number one most unpredictable ninja for nothing! If it was one of us do you think that Naruto-kun would just give up on us?" Hinata looked at Tsunade then turned to her friends. "I for one think that Naruto-kun can get better and I'm not going to give up on him. What about you?" She looked at them expectantly. "She's right…" Shino spoke up. "Hell ya! The dope isn't going to go down that easily!" Kiba yelled, his companion barking in agreement. "His flames of youth are strong! They can not be doused so easily!" You know who yelled that. "The dope'll get better. He still owes me a fight." Sasuke spoke up. Everyone either nodded in agreement or said similar things agreeing with the Huga heiress.

Tsunade smiled at the Huga smiling back at her. "Ok, but first you need to now what you're getting into before you do it." Tsunade began. "First off, do any of you now why Naruto is always treated so badly by the villagers?" She asked. Everyone nodded; they had already learned it from the book. "Well, in a normal situation like this the villagers would be more than willing to help. Everyone would see what they could do to get the person to trust in people again, but sadly that's not the case." She sighed. "To start we're going to have to find someone or some people that can get close to Naruto and earn back his trust, someone who can stay with him and help him. Normally it would be a parent or relative or even a best friend." She looked at them. "So do we have any volunteers?" She asked.

"Hinata, you'll have to do it." Shikamaru spoke up. "Nani!" The Huga squeaked. "It may be troublesome but you're the only logical person. Sasuke can't do it, even though Naruto sees him as a brother he is also Naruto's rival so that eliminates him. Sakura you're always hitting him so you're out. And well, no one else is close enough to him. Also, Hinata your kind nature and caring traits make you the perfect candidate." The Nara pointed out. "Shikamaru you do have a point but I think that is would be best if everyone had a chance. Sometimes unexpected things happen after these things." Tsunade said.

The boy just shrugged. "Ok, anyone who wants to try to get close to him and earn his trust can. They will get as long as they feel necessary to do so or until I think they should just stop. If I say it isn't working don't argue, Ok? Now I'll need you to spread the word around amongst the Ninja, but only the ninja." She sighed. "I have to tell you though, if this doesn't work then we can't go to phase two of the program. So, I don't want anything from anyone if this doesn't work, because I will be forced to send him to an institution if no one wants to help him anymore, or it isn't working." She looked at each of them sternly, seeing everyone node she smiled. "Ok then, we start two days from now." With that they left. There was a lot to do.

Ok, that's the next chapter. I hope you like it. I don't now how this is going to go. I only have a little personal experience with beating victims. I now kinda what it's like, though that was years ago. I don't really now how this is going to play out but I hope you guys like it.