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By caramelapples


If I am a traveller I need not to journey across the land.. If I am a voyager I need not to cross the vast ocean.. and if I am captain I need not to soar throughout the blue sky.. for I need not to go anywhere but beside you.. because when I'm with you.. I already see the world.

-Mark Aaron A. Corrales

She was a sight to behold, a stunning vision. The beautiful floral wrap she had tied around her waist accented the curve of her hips and the white one piece bathing suit she wore is demure, but at the same time, Brock thought that it left nothing to the imagination. The reds in her hair and the paleness of her skin worked well together, bringing out beauty like no other and his heart skipped a beat while his mind started to imprint this to memory, every faint outline of hers.

Every smile, every laugh.

Every blush.

The wind caught her hair and she lifted an arm to hold it to one side so it would not be a hindrance to her face.

"You look gorgeous, Reba!"

It was not he who spoke, but his wife and he fought the urge to smile at the irony. The spell was broken however and he pivoted on his seat to pay the bartender, seemingly uninterested as everyone fawned over how beautiful she looked.

Molokai. That was where they were now. Molokai, Hawaii.

They would be there for a week - at this beach resort where beautiful women were everywhere. Cheyenne and Van had snuck off somewhere and Jake was still upstairs in the hotel room, preferring to entertain himself on his Gameboy all day. It had long ceased to surprise his parents.

"Where's Kyra?" Barbra Jean asked, frowning slightly.

"Babysitting Elizabeth," Reba replied casually, smiling.

"But that isn't fair, is it?" the blonde said and Reba shrugged slightly, lifting her shoulders elegantly. "I think she prefers to babysit than to come down here," she said, gesturing to the people - mostly couples - around her. Really, it wasn't Kyra's thing. "So where are we off to?"

"The beach, of course! Nobody comes all the way to Hawaii and not go to the beach!" Barbra Jean exclaimed, dragging her best friend along with her. Brock followed behind, appreciating the view of two beautiful women. Reba threw a glance over her shoulder and flashed him a smile, perhaps in apology. Barbra Jean did prefer to spend time with Reba, Brock thought amused and shook his head slightly.

This was good.

Life was good.

The moon was lovely, its illuminating light touched everything within its vicinity. Brock laid on his side, staring out the glass doors. The only sound he heard was the peaceful breathing of his wife sleeping beside him. Maybe if he strained harder, he could hear the sounds of life outside his window.

Without any aim, Brock got up from the bed, careful not to disturb Barbra Jean and moved towards the balcony, slowly sliding the glass doors open. The cool air was comfortable on his skin as he stepped out of the room, the specks of light below indicated that people were still awake and out. It was a beautiful night, and the warmth could be felt through the coolness of the air.

He thought he heard something then, and looked to his side but saw nothing. It sounded as though someone was leaving the room and curious, he returned to his own room, sliding the glass doors shut before throwing a robe over himself and opening the door to this room. The room next to his was Reba's. Or was it Kyra and Jake's? If it belonged to one of the kids, the notion of either one of them sneaking out was bad enough. He looked down the elegantly lit corridor, only to see the one person he didn't expect to leave the room in the middle of the night. Resisting the urge to call out to her, he slipped back into his own room and threw on the shirt and shorts he was wearing earlier today.

Grabbing the electronic key to his room and stuffing it into his back pocket, he silently left the room.

When the lift arrived at the lobby, he stepped out only to find himself without any knowledge of where she could be. Mentally kicking himself, Brock wandered down to the vast pool area and looked around, only to realize that he was amongst couples. Music floated in the air as couples danced, or sat quietly with each other.

What was he doing? She was her own person. She could go wherever she liked, whenever it suited her be it in the middle of the night.

Just as he was about to go back upstairs, he saw a flash of recognizable red hair. He didn't want to call out to her, for fear of embarrassment but followed her quietly instead. She passed the pool and headed out, almost into the darkness and the mild guilt he felt about following her ebbed. She was headed to the beach. It was probably dangerous and he was just going to make sure she was okay.

He was just trying to protect her.

She was no more in sight the moment he reached the beach and his heart thumped harder.

Where the hell was she?!

Brock stepped closer to the beach and then, he saw her.

He saw her pale form rippling across the waters and she leaned back, letting herself float on the waters, long limbs moving idly in the water. He moved closer and then decided to let her know he was there. How could he not?

"Snuck out in the middle of the night?"

The voice startled her and she almost lost her balance on the water but she calmed when she realize whose voice it was. Reba arched her body, and kicked hard so that she would be in a upright position again. She swam closer to the shore and Brock's throat went dry when he realized that he could see the droplets of water on her skin. She wasn't wearing anything.

Bare skin which was so beautiful, so creamy and all he wanted was to reach out and touch it.

"I missed the water," was her reply, so simple and truthful. It brought him out of his reverie.

Brock nodded in response, moving so close to the water that he could feel the ripples of it on his feet. "Isn't the water cold?" he asked, glancing at the deep blue around her. I remember… do you know that I remember?

"Don't you know, Brock? The water is warm at night," she told him, smiling. "Feel it," Reba urged, arms moving in sync with her legs. "It's warm."

And just like that, she disappeared into the water again, leaving a slight splash in his wake. He watched the waters carefully, waiting for her to rise to the surface any moment. Moments ticked and every second became the longest hour he had to live just waiting. Worry surfaced and he was reacting before he knew it - shirt pulled over his head in less than a second, he dived into the water.

When his lungs couldn't take it anymore, Brock forced himself to the surface to get some air only to find himself face to face with the woman he was searching for. Hair wet and cheeks slightly flushed, he couldn't stop staring at her.


He coughed and sputtered somewhat, droplets of water making their way down his face. "The water is warm."

"Yes." Her voice had become so much softer at this close range. "Yes, it is." It sounded like a whisper, and he couldn't help but stare at the soft skin of her shoulders. He couldn't look higher because he knew meeting her eyes would be pull him in… would make him do things he shouldn't.

But then again, he shouldn't be out here.

Should he?

"Why are you here?" So soft… her voice was so soft. So were her lips. How he longed to touch those lips - to feel her breathe against his skin.

"I was - "

It was the only thing he could hear, the waves sounding like a distant roar and the wind like a distant hum. He could feel her closeness, her breath on his cheek and he wanted nothing more than to grab her and press his lips to hers, touching her and telling her that he -

No. No.


The thing was, he couldn't stop no matter how much his brain was telling him to. He reached out touch her, his thumb tracing her jaw line. God, she was beautiful.

She was everything he had missed, everything he had yearned for.

Reba closed her eyes at the contact, and leaned into his touch, turning slightly to the side, the warmth so much more than the waters she was in could ever give her. A small flame flickered to life and she shivered in response, she wasn't cold - not at all cold. Somewhere, she was quite sure of it, there was music playing. Because she could hear it so clearly, so beautifully. Each note becoming who she was and her body reacted to his touch, flushing - radiant in the bath of moonlight.

"I missed the water too," he said, voice hoarse with emotion. "So much." Taking a chance, he looked up and her eyes gazed back at him with so much emotion - so much so that he almost faltered in his own gaze.

Can you see that I remember too? Can you see that I remember you?

To be continued…

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