Note: This was written for "Drabble Night" at Potter Place. It's a flashfic written in response to a challenge. The three challenge words are at the end. There is also a very short "prequel," which will be posted in a few days. I hope you enjoy it!



Something was definitely wrong with Ron. They were in the Great Hall having breakfast, and not just any breakfast, but the special Valentine's Day brunch. Heart-shaped pancakes, surprising scones pink with cherry juice and bits of cherry, sugary doughnuts filled with raspberry jam, festive omelettes with tomato and red peppers, pomegranate preserves—in short, all manner of lovely goodies. Even the toast was heart-shaped. But Ron wasn't eating a thing. He kept looking around, occasionally poking his fork at his plate, but never taking a bite. Given that Ron normally ate like an ill-mannered Hippogriff, this was highly unusual behaviour.

Finally, licking a bit of raspberry jam from her lower lip, Hermione kicked Ron under the table, getting his attention.

"Oi! What did you do that for, Hermione?"

"You aren't eating. Are you sick?" she asked.

"Or just lovesick?" Harry added with a smirk, eliciting laughter from the other boys at the table.

"No, no, it's just that Lavender gave me a present yesterday," he said in a low whisper.

Hermione rolled her eyes.

"Big hairy deal!" Dean Thomas said.

"No, it's a little hairy deal," Ron said, still in a whisper. "And I've lost it."

"Well, what was it?" Hermione asked impatiently and without a whit of sympathy.

At the head table, there was a minor kerfuffle as Severus Snape pushed his plate away and stood, turning and scowling at Sybil Trelawney, who had been trying to get him to eat pomegranate preserves throughout breakfast. Flitwick, on Sybil's other side, appeared to be trying to appease the other two staff members.

Pomona Sprout plucked something from Snape's plate, stood, pointed her wand at her throat, then announced in a voice amplified by the Sonorous, "Has anyone lost a pink Puffskein?"

The entire Gryffindor table burst into laughter – only Lavender scowled. Ron turned Valentine's Day red.


Prompt Words: Ron Weasley, the Great Hall, pink Puffskein (the challenger wanted lots of pink!)

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