Future Bound

Chapter One: The Quadron Nebula

The Andromeda glided through the stars, to the next planet her Captain wanted to sing the Commonwealth Charter. On board her decks the crew was getting restless.
"Andromeda, how long until we reach the Quadron Nebula?"
"Approximately twenty-seven minutes, Dylan," replied the Andromeda.
"Great," he said.
In the rest of the ship, Beka was on her way to the Bridge, Rev Bem was meditating, Tyr was staring off into space obviously thinking of something important. Trance was right outside Harper's cute, little lab, and Harper was...
"Fucking Hell!" cried Harper as he hopped around the lab. He had dropped a fairly heavy bolt onto his right foot.
"You shouldn't swear, Harper," said Trance just walking in.
"I'll swear if I want to," he said massaging his foot, "god that hurt."
Trance gave him one of her looks.
Back on the Bridge, Dylan had been overcome with the sheer boredom the crew was facing and was spinning around in a chair.
"I see you've finally given in."
Dylan jumped out of the chair and spun around.
"I wish you wouldn't sneak up on me like that."
Beka smiled and shrugged.
"How much longer?" she complained, "This trip has taken forever, Dylan."
"About ten more minutes," he said.
"Good," said Beka
Dylan pushed a few buttons and put out an all call to the crew.
"I'm telling ya Trance, the thing was huge..." Harper was telling Trance as they came through the door. They were closely followed by Rev and Tyr.
"A waste of time if you ask me," said Tyr.
"Funny, I didn't remember asking you," said Harper, "Beka, Dylan for your benefit I will tell you that I was talking about my awesome surfing abilities."
"That would be it," said Dylan.
Beka just shook her head and smiled.
"Humans," Tyr muttered going to his station.
"Dylan we will reach the Quadron Nebula in about three minutes and the capital planet in two," said Andromeda as she appeared on screen.
" Perfect, and I want everyone on their best behaviour," said Dylan.

A/N and disclaimer: Hey Everybody! This is my first Andromeda fic and I'm trying my best so please be patient with me. Sorry the first Chapter is so short, the next one is longer. So now onto 'Chapter Two: Here come the Dragons' ~*Vee*~
I have no rights to Andromeda, Gene Roddenberry does.