Isabella sat at her computer desk typing away at her myspace blog. She was lucky that Charlie even let her have a computer , Charlie never let her have anything. She finally finished and read it out loud.

"Hello, I am Isabella swan. I am 17, and it sucks monkey butt. I have I horrible life, worse than Brittney . I have been abused by my father and any woman he brings home. I work three jobs every night, all week, from 5:00 to 3:00 am , just so I can have some money. I am a social outcast, even the Goths don't talk to me. I get beat up every day at home and school, by my dad at home, and by the stupid foot ball jocks at school. I sleep on the ground in the attic, no bed or blanket Charlie says that since I was born by a hooker I should sleep how a hooker sleeps . I only have 7 shirts, 2 bras, 9 pair of socks, 8 pairs of underwear , and 1 pair of shoes.

I don't get fed, because Charlie is always telling me that I have to lose weight . I have to give all of my money to my father, Charlie, so I can't even pay for food. Sometimes a really nice and sweet girl named Angela who I have no idea why, wants to be my friend will give me her side dishes of her lunch. We used to best friends but then in middle school when my mom ran out on my dad and me, I became a social outcast and she became popular. She is really nice but I can't have friends anymore, Charlie says hookers don't have friends. If I did then they might find out what goes on at home and then Charlie would kill me.

My mom left when I was 12, she went off with some guy I think. She didn't care enough to want me, no one wants me. And that's why I get abused everyday. I am not allowed to go to the hospital or doctors. Because if I did I would be abused even worse.

I play the guitar, piano , drums, and violin. I also sing and write my own songs, which are really good but I would never sing them in front of anyone. I give singing lessons to kids at my school for 30 an hour, not a lot of kids come though.

I live in the rainy town of Forks, Washington. I am tiny I weigh 90 pounds, and Charlie thinks I am fat. He says I should be 50 pounds, and if I'm not there soon its going to hurt a lot worse soon. So lately I have been trying to lose more weight, and not the right way but that's what Charlie has turned me to.

I have broken bones every day, and I have gotten used to them all of the time. Broken ribs, legs, arms, ankles, everything, if it can be broken Charlie has broken it. The only thing I really live for is to sing and play. When I turn eighteen I will be out of here and in the world singing my heart out.

I come home from school at 3:30 make Charlie dinner, go straight to work then to my next job then to the next. Then go home and hope Charlie has no one over, which hardly happens. I get home and get beaten so bad I can't get up, but to keep from getting more I have to. So I get up anyway and to my room/ attic. Then I get back up in 2 hours to be able to get to school.

I have never told anyone about what I go through every day because Charlie is the police Chief and all so who would ever believe me over him. I mean really, who would even think that the wonderful police chief would be a abuser?

Tomorrow is yet another day in my life. I cannot wait another day gone by, closer to my birthday, when I can leave for ever. " Bella signed off myspace and then walked over to her well sort of bed. And started to cry herself to sleep.