Love conquers everything

Summary: Harry has a lover no one expected. And together they will bring Dumbledore down.

Pairing/s: VoldemortHarry (My first time writing a multi-chapter fic with this pairing!)

Disclaimer: I don't own the Harry Potter-books; they belong to Mrs Rowling and I'm only borrowing the characters.

Warning: This is slash. Don't like, don't read. Mpreg later on. Mention of sexual abuse. Also, Dark!Harry

New story, new story. Yay.


Chapter One

Little Hangleton was a boring town, Harry James Potter decided. The Muggles there all but avoided Riddle Manor though, so that was fine. Harry did not like Muggles all that much because of the Dursleys.

Now maybe you wonder what Harry Potter, the Saviour of the Wizarding World, was doing at Riddle Manor? Well, for starters, he was visiting his lover and once-enemy, Tom Marvolo Riddle also known as Lord Voldemort. That enough for you?

"You're lost in thoughts again," a deep voice murmured from behind him.

The seventeen-year old turned around from the window and met red eyes.

"Just thinking that this town is boring," Harry answered with a wave of his hand before turning back.

Voldemort chuckled, shaking his head at the raven-haired teen and moved to encircle the young man's waist from behind. He rested his head against Harry's shoulder, swaying them gently while the teen sighed in contentment. The older wizard let his hands spray out over Harry's belly while thinking about how Harry looked.

Don't get the man wrong now, Voldemort loved the new look Harry had; the teen's hair was longer, now reaching his shoulders, and slightly more well-behaved. His face was somewhat sharper, and he had slightly higher cheekbones and his skin was pale. The scar was hidden thanks to Harry letting his hair cover his right side of his face but Voldemort was already thinking of a glamour to hide it or even a charm that would take it away. Harry's eyes had a glamour that made them darker green, so not raise suspicions if he was to be seen by some Light wizard. He also wore two earrings in his ears; in his right ear a silver-snake with green eyes and in his left a golden snake with red eyes. He had a pair of tight, black pants on him with a loosely fitting shirt and a pair of metal-boots to complete the Dark Lord's picture of a very sexy-looking lover. Of course he did not look like this when he was at Hogwarts; there he looked like the Saviour of the Wizarding World with messy-looking hair, glasses and over-sized clothing. He had no actual need for glasses anymore since Voldemort corrected his eyesight but he still used fake glasses at school to trick everyone. He was also taller, around 1,70 metres but used a complex, though a bit painful, glamour to hide that from the Light; there was no need for them to know.

For the Light, he was the Saviour, the Boy-Who-Lived and who struggled to finish his seventh and last year at Hogwarts while preparing to fight the Dark Lord. For Voldemort's Death Eaters, he was their Lord's lover that they only knew as 'My Prince'. They respected him, and admired him; he had shown he was more than capable of hurting people he did not like. Actually, Voldemort had a hard time making him stop torturing people once he started.

Harry moaned as Voldemort began sucking on his neck, and he let one hand reach back and stroke the dark wizard's black hair. Voldemort had brought his real body back, and was now looking like he was in his thirties with elegant black hair, glowing ruby eyes, pale skin and dressed in black robes. Ideal lover according to Harry.

The dark wizard dragged Harry away from the window and lowered him to the bed in the room. The raven-haired teen let his lover shift his body so that he was lying fully on the bed, Voldemort trapping him with his body. The Dark Lord let a hand travel along Harry's pale cheek, smiling.

"Someone is coming," Harry whispered.

"It's only Lucius," Voldemort answered. "And his son."

Talking about Lucius and Draco; the raven-haired teen had not expected to become friend with Draco Malfoy, but to his surprise he did become that. Draco treated him like he was a king, and in a way he was. Or rather, he was the king's queen. Lucius was the one who wanted to please, and he seemed content that his lord had finally found someone to love. No matter what rumours was about that man, he truly cared for people he respected and loved.

Voldemort interrupted his thoughts by pressing his lips against Harry's. The emerald-eyed teen had to laugh inwardly of how Voldemort displayed his love for him; during a Death Eater-meeting the man could, while still torturing some Muggle or Light wizard, seize him and kiss him senseless. Voldemort like to show what was his, the teen guessed.

It was a knock on the door and Lucius entered. He stopped at the sight and fought off a blush; no matter how many times he walked in on them he would never get used to it. Voldemort was lapping at the Prince's chest, the shirt spread open and showing the lean torso and belly. If Lucius had to describe the Prince with one word he would immediately say 'Sin'. The teen was sin in perfection, and apparently it was that that the Dark Lord fell for. Where he had found this dark-minded teen, ready to be completely owned, the blonde had no idea.

Suddenly Voldemort looked over at the two Malfoys and drawled out:


"E-everyone has gathered, my lord," Lucius stammered.

"I will be down shortly," the Dark Lord replied and returned to mark the Prince. Draco could see the teen's chest heaving heavily and the blonde's breath caught as a smile began stretching on those full lips and a tongue darted out to lick them. His father was right; the Prince was sin in perfection. Perfect for the Dark Lord.

A few minutes after they had left, Voldemort snuggled down and said:

"Do you have to leave, or can you stay for the meeting?"

"I have classes in two hours," Harry replied absently as he caressed the older wizard's head that was resting against his chest.

"The meeting will be short," Voldemort said and looked up at him. "And today is the day we are going to bring an Order member up from the dungeons; I promised Severus would get the honour to torture him."

"Who is it?" Harry whispered, his eyes shining.

"Arthur Weasley," the Dark Lord said with a smile. "He was insulting Severus a lot during the last Order meeting, so I ordered Lucius to capture him."

The teen's smile grew wider as he heard that. Truth was, Harry did not really care for the Weasleys, or at least a part of the family, for Hermione or for anyone he pretended to care for. Remus was too Light, Sirius was dead and his friends only saw him as a tool. They were the reason he had approached Voldemort, but the first time he had done so, in the beginning of his sixth year, he had asked the older wizard to kill him. Voldemort had not done so, only given him a small caress on the cheek and told him to go back. Harry had begun sneaking out more and more, always coming to the Dark Lord who was always waiting for him. At the end of the sixth year, Harry came to Voldemort and this time the dark wizard had acted, finally being able to recognize the strange feeling he had felt when Harry came. He had felt love for the teen, and had reached out. The raven-haired teen was not able to recognize love so easily, and not able to trust it so easily but he gave it a try. And now both of them were really happy with the result.

"Come," Voldemort said, nuzzling his neck. "They're all waiting for us."

The raven-haired teen was gently pulled up and the Dark Lord swept him in a black silken robe after buttoning his shirt again. He also conjured a mask Harry always had when he was the Prince; a mask for his upper face only in white with a silver snake travelling along it. The teen let his lover place it over his face, pushing the hair to the side. Voldemort placed a kiss to his cheek, and murmured:

"You're so beautiful."

Harry smiled and playfully nibbled at Voldemort's lips.

"Soon it will be Christmas holidays," Harry said with a smile. "I've already signed up I'm going 'home'."

The Dark Lord chuckled at the playful smile his lover gave, and remembered what he had done to the teen's 'beloved' family once they had become lovers. He had paid the Dursleys a visit since they were the cause that Harry had so low opinions of himself and the Dark Lord was determined to pay it back. Vernon Dursley had been the worst of them all. After Sirius had died he had stopped being so afraid of the wizards and engaged Harry in something he had wanted for years; sexual favours. For one summer Harry had suffered his uncle's new kind of abuse, but luckily the man hadn't gotten around to truly rape the teen.

Voldemort had still not accepted any of it; Harry was HIS, and no one hurt what was his. Therefore, he made them suffer quite a bit, and then Imperioed them so that no one would suspect anything.

"Going home, huh?" Voldemort said, brought back from his musings when Harry kissed his jaw. "Good; I was missing you."

The summer between his sixth and seventh year, Harry had lived with the Dark Lord instead of the Dursleys (since they were under Imperio they could not exactly tell anyone) and their relationship had begun developing. Everyone in the Light had believed Harry had been at home, and now when he spoke of home he spoke of Riddle Manor and his lover. During that one summer, he had become known to the Death Eaters. No one of the Death Eaters knew who the Prince really was, except for one. Severus Snape. He had not been that surprised, though but it took them the whole summer to accept each other. Severus was finally convinced the teen was on their side when Harry had protected him from a Light wizard that had managed getting out from the dungeons in Riddle Manor.

The potions master was now a friend to Harry, their earlier hatred thrown out the window so to speak, and they enjoyed the show they had to put on in school. It was quite fun watching Severus who tried time after time fight off a knowing smirk on his face whenever he looked at Harry. Also, he had slipped and called the teen 'Prince' once. Luckily, the only witness had been a portrait with Salazar Slytherin on and he was not so keen telling Dumbledore that. 'Let the Muggle-lover suffer!' he had said instead and gave thumbs up when Harry had told him who his lover was. The teen never thought Salazar Slytherin would do such a… human thing, and apparently Severus had never seen it as well. Salazar had just laughed at them.

Harry followed his lover out from the room and down to the meeting room. Voldemort swept inside, and the Prince followed. Murmurs of 'My lord' and 'My Prince' greeted them. The Dark Lord seated himself on his throne while the raven-haired teen seated himself to the throne left to Voldemort. Draco smiled lightly to him, and Harry smiled back. Lucius sent him a short nod, and Harry responded with one of his own.

He turned his eyes to the man lying on the floor – Arthur Weasley. The man was lying in a pool of his own blood but had the nerve to look up, enraged, at Voldemort before turning his eyes to Harry. Here his eyes narrowed in confusion; no one of the Light side knew about the Prince, and no Death Eater ever spoke a word about Voldemort's lover in public. Harry smiled cheerfully and sent him a wave, making the man shudder in fear. The Death Eaters snickered at their Prince's actions.

"Arthur Weasley," Voldemort hissed and the redhead's head snapped back to look at the Dark Lord. "What a pleasure to finally get someone high from the old coot's Order. Tell me, what are their new plans?"

"Like I'll ever speak a word to you, you monster!" Arthur spat. Harry's hand twitched, ready to reach for his wand, but relaxed as Voldemort took that hand in his. They looked at each other, and then the Dark Lord turned back, took out his wand and said:


Arthur screamed out in pain as Voldemort held him under the curse for a few moments. Then the dark wizard turned his head and looked around.

"Severus," the Dark Lord finally said, "he's yours."

One of the Death Eaters stepped up and bowed while saying:

"I cannot thank you enough for this, my lord."

Soon the redhead's screams echoed in the room, but Voldemort paid no mind. He turned the Prince's face to his and they gazed into each other's eyes for a long time. The other Death Eaters could feel their magic rumble together, creating a peaceful tone. The magic was practically coming out of their skins, making them glow. Harry's lips turned up to a smile, making Voldemort shiver. The Dark Lord leaned forward and gave the younger wizard a gentle kiss, and made it last until the Weasley stopped screaming. He released the teen's chin then, although a bit reluctantly and turned to look at Arthur. The man was a mess, but he still managed to look at them. Voldemort could see him file away the information and chuckled.

"You really expect that you will come out of here alive?" Voldemort said and looked at Arthur. "Do you think I will let you walk away after my most beloved person has become known to you?"

"Known to me?" the redhead rasped. "I don't even recognize him…"

"And no one shall," the Dark Lord said. "You can call him Prince if you like to, but I doubt he will even look at a pathetic worm like you."

Arthur spat at the ground and screamed:

"You freaking monster!"

Suddenly he was thrown into a wall, and the Prince flew up from his place. He was fed up with the crap Arthur kept screaming and ranting about; he wanted the redhead in pain.

The Death Eaters cowered slightly in this display of power, but soon relaxed. The Prince would never harm them as long as they did not enrage him. The raven-haired teen crossed the room in a few graceful strides and threw Arthur across the room with his bare arms, making the redhead widen his eyes in surprise. Some of the Death Eaters yelped and moved away quickly to avoid colliding with the body. Harry paid them no mind. Arthur got up, painfully but stubbornly and whipped out his wand. Some of the Death Eaters growled but Voldemort held up a hand.

"Only Severus was allowed to in the beginning but it seems like our Prince wants some too," he said. "Severus, do you mind that my darling joins you for a bit?"

"Not at all, my lord," the potions master said and bowed deep. "It will be an honour, my Prince."

The Death Eaters now grinned; the Prince and Severus joined together in a torture game always resulted in lots of screaming.

The redhead looked at the two of them and said:

"Prince? He's just a brat! A brat that clearly needs to be taken to St Mungos because of his loss of sanity!"

"Silence!" Severus roared, throwing a Crucio on the Weasley. "You actually dare insulting the Prince? You are really looking for death!"

"You're all crazy!" Arthur got out between his screams. "We trusted you, Snape, and you betrayed us!"

"You betrayed me first," the black-dressed wizard said. "Those you fear, you betray. No wonder the Light is so full with fools!"

"You're the fools!" Arthur bellowed. "And you will die like fools!"

Harry stepped up, his blood boiling. He lifted his hand, and suddenly the redhead's body went rigid. He slowly stretched out the hand and began closing it into a fist. Arthur began struggling for breath while the Prince's smile grew wider. The Death Eaters cheered their Prince on and Voldemort stepped up. He walked over to them and slowly encircled his lover.

"Ease up, my love," he said gently. "Don't want to take the pleasure away from Severus, right?"

Harry blinked, remembered, and let the Weasley fall down onto the floor, hard. The Death Eaters laughed at the redhead who lay shivering on the ground, staring up at the Prince. The Dark Lord stretched out his wand to the potions master and said:

"Use mine instead of yours. If the Albus discovers you've killed Arthur Weasley, you will be in great danger."

Severus bowed and accepted the wand. Not many were allowed to hold it, so Severus considered it an honour. He turned to Arthur and said with a wide smirk:

"This is where we say goodbye. Avada Kedavra!"


Harry snuck into his dorm and sighed in relief when it was empty. To anyone else, he had been out and flying under the supervision of Severus Snape the last three hours. The two of them had agreed that they would act extra vicious against each other for a few days to make sure Dumbledore still believed they hated each other. He carefully shrunk his Firebolt and placed it in his trunk. He was now back to be Harry Potter, saviour or the world and dressed like some homeless person due to Dudley's too big clothing. He threw a robe over himself to hide his ugly clothing, already day-dreaming of his Christmas break. Dumbledore's eyes had twinkled like mad when he signed up to spend his Christmas break at the Dursleys, and that made his heart ache in both sorrow and anger. He had believed Dumbledore wanted his best when he was younger, but the old coot just wanted him to be loyal and obedient, seeing Dumbledore as his saviour from his abusing relatives. Too bad for the old fool Voldemort had been honest with Harry all along. Voldemort was never shy to speak the truth, no matter how harsh it was; he said right out that before he had been reborn in that snake-like body he had hated Harry with a passion. And Harry could not help but add that he had hated the Dark Lord with a passion as well for a few years before love broke out.

"Hi, Harry."

The teen turned around and smiled to Neville who had spoken.

"Hi, Neville."

"Did you escape professor Snape?"

"Finally," he said with a dramatic sigh. "He's such a git sometimes!"

"Yeah," the clumsy teen said. "Well, we're having Transfiguration soon. Can we walk together?"


Neville was one of the few people Harry could consider sparing. The clumsy boy had grown up a bit, but was still shy and reluctant to fight. He enjoyed taking care of plants more than actual combat. Harry would love to have the teen with him, since his knowledge in Herbology could help the dark side in potion-making and Neville was the only one who sought out his friendship to gain anything more but friendship. The clumsy teen had so far not shown any disgust against Harry, despite him beginning to get bolder and bolder when he talked about Voldemort in front of Neville. The teen had not gone to Dumbledore either, which made Harry a bit more confident that Neville would not turn away. He just needed a little more time, and soon Neville would see through Dumbledore's stupid lies.

They walked down the stairs and were met by Hermione and Ron.

"Where have you been?" Hermione asked the raven-haired teen, looking a little irritated, and he shouldered on his mask once more.

"Flying," Harry replied with a fake, faint smile. "I needed to relax a bit."

"With professor Snape supervising you?" Neville asked.

"Well, if I flew high enough I couldn't see him," Harry said with a real smile directed towards the teen.

"Snape?" Ron said. "I feel for you, mate. He's such a git!"

'Seems like the news of Arthur's disappearing hasn't reached anyone yet,' the emerald-eyed teen mused. 'Wonder how long Lucius is going to conjure a copy of the bloody Weasley to show up at work?'

When he thought of that Weasley, he began thinking of three other Weasleys who was quite different from their family. The twins of terror and the curse-breaker; Fred, George and Bill. Aah, so much fun. Bill had been a Death Eater since Harry's fifth year, shortly after that Sirius had died. Harry knew it had been Dumbledore's plan all along for Sirius to die; the Black had tried to make Harry independent of adults and taking him far away. The teen's heart still grew bitter when he thought of that, and he understood that Bill had found out about it. Bill and Sirius had been close, and therefore Bill left the Light side since he had nothing more to lose.

The twins had gotten knowledge about Harry visiting Voldemort and had asked if he could put in a good word to the Dark Lord about them. They had decided to follow their curse-breaking brother's footsteps. That brought a chuckle from Harry, and suddenly Ron said:

"Hey, what are you laughing about?"

"Oh, I just thought back on how ridiculous professor Snape looked like with Neville's grandmother's clothing on."

The redhead laughed, Hermione giggled while Neville blushed. Harry smiled at the stuttering teen and said:

"If we don't hurry, we're going to be late!"


"Dad is missing!"

Harry looked up sharply and stared at Ron's desperate face. Man, he was getting better at pretending for each passing day.


"Someone confronted him in the Ministry, he was pushed against a wall and just disappeared. It was a fake body; Aurors suspect he's been gone for days!"

'It's more like he's been dead for days, you idiot… Oh right, he doesn't know that…'

"I'm sure they're gonna find him," the raven-haired teen said aloud, putting away his book and standing up. "Did they just tell you?"

"Dumbledore told me and Ginny," Ron said and sat down on his bed. "Since it's only two days until the holiday begins, Dumbledore said we could go home. Fred and George are gonna come, and I think even Charlie will. Bill's too busy but he said he would try to come."

Harry nodded as he listened on the redhead babble on. Bill was busy indeed; except for his work with the goblins he was doing jobs for Voldemort as well.

"Mum is already waiting for us", Ron suddenly said. "I'm just gonna pack and then we'll be off."

"I'll go and say hi to her," Harry said quietly. "See you downstairs?"


Harry left and walked down the stairs. Molly looked up and smiled through her tears.

"Hi there, Harry," she said as he sat down with her. "I guessed Ron told you."

"It's terrible," he said, faking concern. "I really hope they find him unharmed."

"They don't know anything yet, but we're hoping as well," Molly said. "Enough about us; how are you? I heard you were going back to the Dursleys this Christmas?"

"Yeah," Harry said. "Aunt Petunia… wanted to."

"They are such nice people, once the ice is broken right?" Molly said.

Harry had the urge to strangle her. He restrained himself and smiled at her.

"Yeah," he mumbled. 'Especially as soon as the Imperio is broken they are under immense pain. I love their screams. Even though they always try to hurt me then.'

Ron came down with his trunk and mumbled a goodbye to Harry before walking outside, clearly angry that Molly spoke so easily to the emerald-eyed teen. The redhead was jealous of Harry, the raven-haired teen knew that. The Weasley had always been jealous of him; he was always praised, always in the spot-light… always famous. Ron was just the Golden Boy's little side-kick. Harry would not mind making Ron the Golden Boy and then run off to Voldemort. But, he was supposed to be obvious to these things, and just smiled. The woman waved at him before she stepped out the portrait with her son and daughter, and Harry's grimace to smile fell away abruptly.

'I hate smiling to them…'


Voldemort was not the one who usually brooded. However, the potions master and the blonde Head of Malfoy noticed he was indeed brooding.

"Should we go inside?" Lucius whispered.

"I'm not suicidal," Severus snapped to his friend. "Besides, he's holding a ring. He said he was going to propose to the Prince during Christmas, and it's probably worried about that."

"Um, I'm sure there are things we need to do!"

Lucius almost dragged Severus from there, not wanting to be the one who interrupted the Dark Lord. Severus was smiling all the way at the stuttering blonde.

Inside the room, Voldemort sighed and turned the ring in his hand. Two days, and then he would pick up Harry from the Dursleys. Two days was an eternity. He looked at his own ring; he had not been able to resist putting it on. If Harry accepted, they would be able to bond with each other. The Dark Lord chuckled at the fond memory of their first night together; they had been so awkward since no one of them had experienced love before. It had ended with only kissing but the dark wizard had been fine with that. They had grown bolder after some time together, and the man did not know how he let himself fall into the trap of the Prophecy that Dumbledore had arranged. Yes, he knew the Prophecy was false now; Trelawney was not even able to predict what would happen the next day. If she was a true Seer, she would have seen all of this. She was truly and utterly a fraud.

And Harry had said when he had heard the Prophecy it sounded fake. 'Albus will do anything to kill me, huh?' Voldemort thought and chuckled again.

He put the ring into a small black box, put the box into his robe and decided to do some paper-work.


Harry sighed and knocked on the door; trust Dumbledore to call him to his office the day he was going to leave for Christmas.


He opened the door and inwardly groaned as almost all the teachers had gathered in the office.

"Come in, my boy!" Dumbledore said with a smile. "Lemon drop?"

"No thank you, sir," the raven-haired teen said and gingerly sat down. "What is this all about? The train is going to leave in a few hours, and I haven't packed everything…"

"Just a quick conversation then," the headmaster said lightly. "You do know that Arthur Weasley is missing?"


"Have you had any visions or dreams about him?"

"No," the raven-haired teen said, "since I keep my Occlumency walls up even during the night."

"So you don't know if Voldemort holds him as a prisoner?"

"I'm afraid I don't sir."

"That was all I needed to know," Dumbledore said. "Now you better hurry so you don't miss the train. Your family would get quite worried if you didn't come, right?"

Harry nodded and then was allowed to leave. As he walked along the corridors he felt his anger spike. Being a tool, being a weapon, being their informer… that was all he was for them. And as soon as they were finished with him, he would be thrown away to rot. Just like they would do with Severus; that was the reason he turned to Voldemort. And now it had become the reason why Harry had turned to the Dark Lord, and he was not about to change that decision.


New story, and my first attempt on writing VoldemortHarry with multiple chapters. Hopefully it will be good; Voldemort is out of character here, but that's because he's in love. Love makes you crazy; that's why I'm still sane.

Anyway, next chapter: Christmas! Will Voldie propose to his Prince? And will his Prince accept?

Until later,