Love conquers everything

Summary: Harry has a lover no one expected. And together they will bring Dumbledore down. Slash.

Pairing/s: VoldemortHarry (My first time writing a multi-chapter fic with this pairing!)

Disclaimer: I don't own the Harry Potter-books; they belong to Mrs Rowling and I'm only borrowing the characters.

WARNING: This is slash. Don't like, don't read. Mpreg. Mention of sexual abuse. Also, Dark!Harry (He's very, very evil.)


Warning for this chapter: Mention of sex, and gory details.

Glad you liked the name! I have a Swedish-Latin dictionary and I just flipped it open, saw the word and thought 'I'll take THAT one.'

Heh. Sometimes I make rash decisions. Enjoy chapter fourteen.


Chapter Fourteen

Dumbledore looked at the letter with grave eyes. The Order stood gathered around him.

"Voldemort is proposing a fight," he said. "A duel between me and him, to see who will really win."

"We accept, but once he's here we'll kill him!" Molly said. The death of four loved ones had made her angrier and angrier.

"Molly, it's not that easy though I would have liked that," the old wizard said. "I will fight him, and the Light will win."'


"So, you're going to end this?"

Voldemort looked up at Harry. The raven-haired teen was dressed in a dark emerald robe and was holding Securus in his arms. The child was gurgling and gripping Harry's hair lightly.

"Yes," Voldemort said. "I'm going to end this, and then we'll be living like we want to live."

"When is the fight?" the teen said, moving closer. He did not look that nervous or scared, but he had been pretty good at hiding what he really felt.

"In three months," the man said.

"And I guess you want me to stay behind?"



"You will be with me," the Dark Lord said. "And when Dumbledore is dying, he will learn who you really are. That will make him feel even worse than before."

Harry smiled. Securus chose that moment to yank on the hair, and the teen pulled it away gently. He moved to settle the child more comfortably against his chest, one hand cradling the head protectively.

"Who will take care of Securus then?" he suddenly asked.

"Tessa. She's our best healer and therefore she will not be in major battles. Besides, she loves watching him."

"He's quite energetic for being just four months," the teen said, watching the boy as Securus wriggled around in his arms with a happy smile. Voldemort stepped up to them, and gently kissed Harry's forehead. He ran a hand over Securus' head, feeling the soft raven hair, and moved to embrace his lover. Securus gurgled happily over being surrounded by his two fathers, and the teen rested his head against Voldemort's chest.

"Finally it will be over," Harry whispered. The Dark Lord could not help but agree.


Voldemort caressed every inch of Harry's body and the teen whimpered. The teasing hands stroke the inner thighs, encouraging the raven-haired teen to spread his legs. Eagerly, he did so. The Dark Lord pressed his lips against Harry's stomach lovingly, over the almost invisible scar.

"Tom," Harry panted. It was their first night together in three weeks and they were going to make it last as long as they could. "Tom, take me… please, take me."

Arms embraced. They fell into a rhythm. Slowly moving against each other, sharing kisses and hushed whispers. Harry threw his head back and held on tightly.


The Dark Lord looked at his sleeping lover with a small smile while stroking the raven hair. Harry's face was slightly flushed after their love-making and his lips still swollen. The man leaned down and gently nipped at the exposed neck before moving so the teen was resting on him. Harry stirred as he felt the shifting and emerald eyes opened slowly.

"Tom?" he mumbled.

"It's alright. Go back to sleep."

The teen snuggled down and the Dark Lord was free again to watch his lover.


Harry put the gloves on while Securus was watching him with his huge emerald eyes. The teen turned to the crib and picked up the child. Securus gurgled happily and fisted his hands into the emerald robe his father was wearing. Harry held the boy close to him and smiled as Voldemort's arms encircled them both. The man gently swayed them back and forth, one hand stroking the soft raven hair upon the child's head.

"We will see him again, love," Voldemort said. "Now it's time for him to sleep and it's time for us to go."

Harry nodded and gave the boy a kiss on the forehead. He gently laid down Securus into the crib and stroke the soft cheek once more before moving out. Voldemort leaned down and laid his cheek against the boy's cheek, feeling Securus' happy gurgling more than hearing it. He chuckled and laid a blanket over the child before letting Tessa in.

"Good luck my lord," she said.

"You take care of him."

"I will protect him with my life and soul."


The army of Death Eaters and their two lords appeared in Hogsmeade. The village was eerily silent and the raven-haired teen looked around. Voldemort moved forward and Harry, now dressed like the Prince, followed. His white mask was back in place and he was flanked by both Severus and Lucius. The Dark Lord was dressed in a complete black robe and a black hood to hide his features.

Dumbledore and an army of his own were waiting on them. Harry tightened his grip on his wand as he saw his former friends. Hermione was glaring at them with hatred, Ron was looking as arrogant as usual and Ginny was standing with Molly, who was holding her wand and barely controlling her anger.

Severus moved to give way to Bill. The redheaded man squeezed Harry's shoulder and whispered:

"Fred and George are setting up the show."

Harry had to hide his grin, and he knew Bill was grinning behind his mask.

"Hello, Tom," Dumbledore said as they came close enough.

"Albus," Voldemort returned, not rising to take the bait. Dumbledore blinked as the Dark Lord did not react on being called 'Tom'.

"Have I missed something?" the headmaster asked.

"Such as?"

"You usually claim your name to be Voldemort when I call you Tom."

"You called me Tom? Sorry; wasn't paying attention."

Dumbledore's fury rose. Harry chuckled.

"Your lover?" the old wizard asked. "I have not seen him since Harry died."

"My Prince has more important things to do than seeing your ugly faces," Voldemort said.

Ron had enough, and sent a Stunner towards the Prince. It was flicked away and Bill stepped forward. Harry pouted at Bill's back and said:

"You could have let it hit me; then it would give me a reason to kill that freckled arse."

"Language, love," the Dark Lord said.

"He seems impulsive," Dumbledore said. He remembered that that child had supposedly killed Alastor Moody so he had to be careful. Mad-Eye was a strong wizard; it would take some power to kill him.

"We didn't come here to chat," Voldemort said. "I came to kill you."

"That will never happen," Dumbledore said. "Attack!"

Everyone started firing off spells. Like one man, twenty of the Death Eaters raised their wands and shouted with a united force:


The shield was blindingly and the Light had to cower. When the shield dropped, everyone was gone. Dumbledore looked around as did everyone else.

"Hi mum."

Molly whipped her head around to look at Bill. He was dressed in a black robe and looked completely normal.

"Bill?" someone screamed.

"Wha…? How?" The woman was overwhelmed. All until Bill raised his wand against her. "Bill! What are you doing?"

"I'm protecting what I stand for," Bill replied. "Avada Kedavra!"

The spell hit Molly straight in the chest, and she fell down with her eyes still wide-open and her mouth open in a scream. The wind began to pick up as the clouds on the sky bared the sun to them. Bill's hair picked up and blew into his face, hiding his cold blue eyes for a moment. In the next moment, he disappeared.

"They're using Invisibility Charms!" Dumbledore roared.

"Are there any counter-spells?" McGonagall asked.

"No, there aren't," a man to her left called out. "But the charm is forbidden!"

"Do you think that applies to them?" Dumbledore raged.

"Hi guys."

They turned at the sound of identical voices. Fred and George stood in similar black robes as Bill, and Dumbledore connected the robes.

"Death Eater-robes," he whispered.

"Took you a damn long time," they spoke simultaneously. "Bill's been betraying you for like three years. We for over two years."

"Why?" Dumbledore asked. "Why did you turn from the Light?"

"Because the darkness is sometimes better than the light," George said. "You aren't much better than a monster."

"Kill them!" Dumbledore ordered.

The twins flicked out from existence and instead a Death Eater appeared. He raised his wand and shouted:


"That's Malfoy!" Ron shouted before they had to scatter because of the flames. But by the time they had reorganized, Draco was gone. And no one noticed two girls slipping away from the group.


"Hi Luna, Padma."

The two girls smiled at Harry, Luna for once without her weird earrings and dressed in a plain black robe. Padma was dressed in a similar sense and she said:

"Is Draco here?"

"Right behind you."

The girl turned to her boyfriend and smiled. The blonde nodded to the Prince, who took Luna's hand and led her to Neville. Luna and Padma had gotten a hold of the three teenagers just about a year ago, and pledged their loyalty to them. Padma and Draco had found each other immediately, and so had Luna and Neville. All since then Padma had been an active 'member' of the Order and reported everything back to Voldemort through Draco.

Harry handed Luna to Neville and then stepped up to Voldemort.

"The twins are ready," the Dark Lord said. "Both twin pairs."

"Then let the show begin."


A scream made the Light alert. One of the students was trapped inside a cage. She tried to get out but the cage had locked itself. Dumbledore was feeling panic rise in his chest; what were they planning? Had the Dark surrounded them already?

"They look kinda scared, don't they brother?"

They turned to look at Rabastan Lestrange. Rodolphus lifted his head from the parchment he was reading, looked at them and said:

"True, 'Bas. They do look scared."

"What should we do then?" Rabastan asked, tilting his head to the side like a curious child.

"Make them more scared."

Rabastan grinned and snapped his fingers. Spikes penetrated the girl in the cage, and her hand scrambled for someone's to hold, her mouth managed to find one final scream before she slumped down. Someone threw up.

The two brothers became the targets of a series of jinxes and hexes. They dodged and fired off some of their own. Suddenly Bellatrix appeared in the middle of the Light and yelled in delight:


Hermione screamed in pain as the curse hit her. Ron tried to get to her when he also suffered a Crucio. The Light scattered and Death Eaters came from everywhere.

Voldemort appeared with the Prince at his side. Dumbledore looked calmly as the man walked up to him, his lover protected by the Weasley twins and Bill.

"You will die today," Dumbledore hissed at the Dark Lord.

"I don't think so," Voldemort replied. "I have plans for the future. Great plans, and for that I need to be alive."

"What kind of plans can a man like you have?"

"A better life for pure-bloods like the Malfoys. They have been shunned for so long, but now they shall shine. And of course, my Securus will shine."

"Securus? Your lover?"

"Merlin, no, I don't do incest," Voldemort said. "No, Securus is my son."

Dumbledore stared. Voldemort chuckled and said:

"My Prince gave me a child, Albus. That's the reason why he hasn't been present; it's hard fighting while you're pregnant."

The Prince looked at the headmaster, amused.

"He seems to lack an answer," Harry said, lightly touching Voldemort's arm.

"Looks like it."

Dumbledore attacked, and immediately Harry was pulled back by Bill when Voldemort responded. The two lovers shared a look and the younger moved away to fight on his own.

Soon the battle was all around the ground. Bellatrix was laughing as she tortured Hermione, and Draco had the same grin as his aunt as he made Ron scream in pain. Harry stood in front of Ginny, who was restrained by her brothers.

"Why are you doing this?" she screamed at them. "I'm your sister!"

"Yeah, and we're ashamed of it," Bill said. "My Prince, she's yours."

Harry crouched down in front of her and put the wand-tip under her chin and lifted her head up. She glared at him and spit him in the face. He absently tapped his wand against her cheek and then whispered:

"That's a bad girl."

He slashed her ear off, and she screamed. He cleaned the spit away and said:

"Are you going to be a good girl now?"

"Go to hell!" she cried. "You've destroyed my brothers! You killed mum!"

He patted her on the head and said:

"Stop crying; you're looking pathetic."

She didn't stop; instead she readied to spit him again. He took a hold of her hair and yanked her head backwards. She yelped at the sharp pain. He looked at her and said:

"Before you die, I want you to know who I am. I want you to know how much I've longed to kill you."

Slowly he removed the mask and she looked at him. Once her eyes found the famous scar, she began wailing. Harry Potter smiled at her, insanity shining in his bright emerald eyes and he fired off the killing curse that made her body smash against the walls of Hogwarts because of the force.


Dumbledore fought to get up on his knees, but his broken legs protested and he fell back. Voldemort stepped up to him, smiling gently. He summoned a Death Eater and said:

"Bring the Prince to me."

"As you wish, milord," the man said and disappeared to find the teen.

"Finally I have victory in my hand," Voldemort said.

"You will not win," Dumbledore panted. "The Ministry will fight you."

"The Ministry, when Lucius Malfoy is with me?" Voldemort laughed. "Don't make such bad jokes, Albus."

The Prince suddenly appeared, his white mask drenched in blood and his robes glittering because of the liquid. The Dark Lord crouched down next to Dumbledore and said:

"Look at who stepped over to my side. Look at who loves me, and who gave birth to my son."

The Prince removed the mask, shaking the raven hair from his eyes. The headmaster's eyes widened as he saw the lightning bolt scar and he said:

"Harry… why?"

"Because you knew what Vernon was doing to me," Harry hissed, stepping on the man's already broken arm. Dumbledore screamed at the pain. Voldemort chuckled. "You knew what he was doing, and you didn't stop it. You knew that if it had continued, he would have raped me, he would have destroyed me but you didn't mind as long as I could fight Voldemort. Guess what; I didn't fall for the bait. I saw what my friends really were; I saw what they were doing. You are the one who made me do this."

"Harry, it's not too late. Kill Voldemort…"

"You think I will kill someone I have bounded with?" Harry screamed, showing the ring on his finger. "You think I will kill someone I love of all my heart? You can take your 'For the greater good' with you to hell!"

Voldemort gently stopped Harry from killing the man with his bare hands. He looked at Dumbledore and said:

"Say hello to the devil from me when you get to hell."

They both rose at the same time. Voldemort stretched out his wand and Harry took a hold on it as well. Magic gathered around them, and Dumbledore could only stare at them in horror.

"Harry," he tried weakly.

"Avada Kedavra!" they both shouted. The green light shone up the whole area. And as quickly as the battle had begun, it was over.


"Go ahead to the house, alright?" Voldemort said to Harry. "Lucius will go with you."

"Okay," Harry said. He got up on his toes and kissed Voldemort lightly. "Love you."

"I love you too. Now go, and don't dare showing those robes to Securus."

"I promise," the teen said and innocently slapped the Dark Lord's butt. The Death Eaters around them sniggered while Harry only smiled sweetly to the Dark Lord.

They watched as the Prince and Lucius made their way to the Apparation spot and then disappeared. They thought they would celebrate with their lord and his lover later.

They were wrong. So wrong.


They all arrived outside Riddle Manor but already there something was wrong. The doors had been torn open and Voldemort saw bodies in the hall. He ran inside, closely followed by the others.

Blood covered the whole floor. People from the Order, people from the Light, people who did not agree with the Dark… all dead people were people who were against Voldemort. Then he saw a body he did not want to see.

"Lucius!" he shouted. The blonde moved a bit, and grey eyes opened painfully, blood drying from his mouth and underneath him. Draco ran to his father, the Dark Lord following.

"I-I'm… sorry… my lord," Lucius panted.

"Don't speak Lucius. We will get a healer here," Voldemort said.

"The Prince…" Lucius said. "Oh Merlin, the Prince…"

"Where is he?"

Lucius coughed up fresh blood and whispered out:

"He was fighting when they suddenly disappeared. I'm so sorry… I couldn't protect him… he disappeared right in front of me."

Voldemort's world fell apart.


They found Tessa and Securus in one of the bedrooms, where Harry had pushed them in when they had been attacked. She told them there must have been people waiting until either the Prince of the Dark Lord came back. Their attack had surprised Harry and Lucius but they fought back. Then, when Harry had been fighting the three last, all four suddenly disappeared. Lucius couldn't explain why, none of them had touched and none of them had shown any signs of knowing it would happen.

Lucius recovered from his injuries and they had to focus on using their victory to the max. Voldemort searched for several months after Harry without any results.

And so came the day when it had passed one year since their victory. Voldemort held the now over one and a half year old Securus while looking out the window. Securus had all but forgotten about his second father, although he still only could fall asleep when he heard the lullabies or melodies Harry had introduced to him.

"My lord?"

The Dark Lord turned to look at Lucius and then back to the window.

"It's been a year," Voldemort said. "He's still gone."

"But not dead."

"No. He's still there; I just can't find him. I can feel his magic, but I can't locate him."

"You will find him," Lucius said. "And I will help."

"I know you will," Voldemort said. He looked out around the grounds of his Manor and whispered: "I will find you, Harry."

It would take him thirteen years.


Alright, this just screams sequel and I got one in my head planned out:

Title: Eternal Love

Summary: It took him thirteen years. Now Voldemort has found his lover, but what would you do if your lover is just an empty shell? What will wake him up?

Rating: M.

Pairing/s: VoldemortHarry, DracoPadma, NevilleLuna and the others who are already married.

Look forward to the sequel!

Until another time,