Shunsui! You Can't Say THAT In Front of Kids!



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"That's a good question and I can honestly tell you I've never heard that one before. It reminds me of something that happened to me when I was younger. I think it was back my academy days...oh sorry, our academy days. We were in the middle of our second day of class and—"

"Shunsui, please, I think you've told that enough. These kids don't want to hear stories like that."

"Sure they do, don't you? It's actually pretty funny. Like I was saying, I was sitting next to this little brown haired girl. Her name was Mizu."

"Her name was Raiko and she was a man."

"But you saw her hair!"

"It was shorter than yours!"

"But she had the prettiest—"

"She had a moustache!"

"Oh! I meant third year,"

"Oh! Her name was Mayame."

"Ah, Mayame."

"I want to know what happened to Raiko, Captain Kyoraku!"

"Oh, Raiko? Oh, she—I mean he...yeah, I don't really remember much about that year. You know what, though. To make up for it, I'll tell ya another story."

"You never finished the last one."

"Who cares about that one, Jyuu? This one's going to be so much better."

"No! You don't mean—"

"Come on, I even know not to tell that one."

"Oh good."

"Like I was saying—"

"You weren't saying anything."

"I wasn't?"

"You weren't."

"Look, now we've gone and confused the students..."

"Oh, sorry.

"So, Jyuu and I were in this meeting with old man Yama—"

"The Captain Commander."

"Yeah, whatever, and the old man fell asleep."

"Oh yeah, so you got out the—"

"And then you—"

"And Byakuya walked in!"

"And he—"

"And the Commander woke up in the middle of it!"

"He was so—"

"I know! We were—"

"For like twenty years!"

"That was great!"

"It was!"

"Oh, that student has a question."

"Which one?"
"The one with her hand raised."

"Yes, my darling little student?"

"Uh, Captain Kyoraku? At the academy we were told that the uniform is very strictly enforced. Why is it that you're able to wear a pink kimono?"

"That's kind of funny. I've been wearing this ever since Sensei Migumo gave me that detention for—"

"Shunsui! You can't say THAT in front of kids!"

"Well you were in on it, too. You just didn't get in trouble!"

"Only because you dragged me into it!"

"Don't go blaming this on me. If I remember correctly this was your plan."

"I wasn't being serious!"

"It worked though."

"Yeah, it did."

"Really well."

"You shouldn't have done it without me."

"Now, Jyuushirou. I thought you said we should talk about this in front of the students."

"Be quiet before I tell them about—"

"You wouldn't!"

"I would!"

"Then they just might hear about—"

"You promised never to tell that one!"

"You only have a couple of minutes left, Captain."

"Oh, thank you, little student-child."

"Where were we, Shunsui?"

"Uh...And that's what it means to be a captain."

"Thank you for having us and I hope you learned a lot from this year's orientation."

"Be sure to work hard and maybe someday you'll become a captain like us."

"Any last questions?"

"I have one!"


"Well I do!"

"What is it?"

"Are you sure Raiko was a man."


"How can you tell?"

"He dated Nanao!"

"I'll kill her!"

"You'll kill him."

"I'll kill him!"