My fourth fic. Although I still haven't completed my other fics I just wanted to write an new one. I am starting to be like Tailsic (No offence). My plan is to make this one in more shorter chapters and just to make it a shorter story.

"God she is heavy."

A boy barely fourteen years old was caring a thirteen year old girl. The boy had raven black hair and auburn eyes. His skin had a slight tan and he had a baseball cap. The rest of his clothes where just a simple red T-shirt and jeans.

The girl on his back was unconscious. She had a few bruises on her pale face. She had brown hair with a red bandana on top of it. Her blouse was also red and she whore cycling shorts wit a mini skirt covering it.

"She should live somewhere near here. I believe it was the big house on Petalburg street."

The boy looked around to see if he could find a big house. After a few seconds he spotted something like that. He walked towards it and stopped before the door. Having his hands full he decided to use his head to knock.

"Coming" Someone shouted at the other side. The boy started to breath heavier. The door opened. An woman in her thirties stood their.

"MAY" the woman squealed "quick, come inside and lay her on the couch." The boy did what the woman said and lay May on the couch. "What happened?" The woman asked as she was starting to give May first aid.

"She got in a fight with some bullies, don't know why. She didn't try to defend herself and she begged them in tears to stop. They didn't and they started to touch her in places they shouldn't."

The woman gasped. "W-w-what happened next?" she asked frightened.

"I started to interfere with the fight. I managed to chase them away but during the fight May fainted. After that I carried her to this house. This is her house right?"

"It is. I'm Caroline, May's mother." She gave a quick look at her daughter who seemed to be fine. "And what is the name of the hero who saved my daughter?"

"Ash Ketchum. I am a classmate of May."

"Well, Ash. I can't thank you enough. Please, stay for dinner."

"Thanks for the offer, but I pass. I'll be heading ba-" Ash fainted. Caroline gasped and quickly ran towards him. She noticed some holes in his shirt and ran her fingers over it. She looked at her fingers and noticed they where covered in blood. She also noticed the trail of blood he left on the floor.


A man in his thirties entered the room. "What's wrong hon-" He didn't finish his sentence when he saw an unconscious boy. "What happened?"

"He just fainted. Quick call an ambulance, he is losing blood."

Norman grabbed his cell phone and called the emergency number. "An ambulance to Petalburg street 032, a boy fainted and is losing blood……. I'll try to get him outside."

Norman grabbed Ash his unconscious body and dashed outside with Caroline following him. "Who is this kid anyway?"

"His name is Ash, he is a classmate of May."

"She had a boy over! I thought we were very clear about that!"

"That's not how it went." Caroline started to telling the story. She could see the anger in Normans face when she told him what happened to May. When she told him the part about Ash, he calmed down. They could here the ambulance and turned around and saw it. A paramedic came out and checked Ash.

"It seems he lost a lot of blood. Quick put him inside." Norman obeyed. "Are you the parents?"

Norman shook his head. "No, he just fainted at our house. But can I come with him?"

"That's fine with me." Norman and the paramedic stepped in the ambulance and with top speed went to the hospital.

Caroline just stood their until she remembered that May was still on the couch and their was blood in the hallway. She sighed and stepped back inside.

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