Codename Genesis


It had been nearly two weeks since his second born son returned to them, the loss of the eldest son was felt amongst the family once more. They had felt the emotions of loss after the escape from the Newbay disaster cost them the lives of Scott and John Tracy, along with the destruction of Thunderbird One.

But now with the destruction of Stillhaven, they were reunited briefly to try and bring down the biological monsters that roamed the streets of the once beautiful city. Amongst that chaotic time, Thunderbird Two received damage that had almost crippled the rescue craft but they were able to fix her up in time for them to escape the living nightmare.

Arriving back at Tracy Island, The Tracy family and close friends that shared the island with them; worked together to get the machines back to working order while giving the family time to recover from the horrors they had seen and witnessed in the city.

Once more Jeff Tracy forced his sons to talk to him about anything and everything they had seen, he was once more filled with dread and anger over how a pharmaceutical company such as BioTech could get away with this destruction.

It has been just over a fortnight since the destruction of Stillhaven, Maine. Once more BioTech is sending out its deepest regrets for the loss of the hundreds of lives within the city.

Reports indicated that the nuclear reactor's coolant systems went off line causing the meltdown of the power station, destroying the city in it's wake.

But once more reports are coming in from Tracy Industries informing us that it is yet another alleged biological breakout, the nuclear meltdown being another cover up from the pharmaceutical company, to cover up their mess.

We will bring you more news as this clash of these two businesses continues...

Tracy Island seemed so peaceful, looking at it from a distance you could see how the tropical foliage swayed in the light tropical breeze and as you looked closer, you could make out the main complex where the Tracy Family lived.

Deep underground hid the hangers for the rescue machines known better as the Thunderbirds, but all was not well in this tranquil place.

Hiding in different corners of the large, expensive complex the family had split up and gone off to do their own thing.

In the pool, the fourth born son was doing laps, trying to clear his head with Fermat studying close by while Alan and Tin-Tin had gone off for a walk into the jungle ignoring the taunts of Gordon, before the young man returned to his swimming.

Inside the father of the family, Jeff Tracy paced in his office, thinking over what had happened a few days ago, going over all of the destruction and biological weapons that the pharmaceutical company BioTech had caused. He then thought about the talk he had had with his second-born son, the words burning into heart and soul.

John Tracy is dead

Growling a little, he punched the wall and left the office needing to work out the frustration that had built up inside of him.

Under the main complex, where the Thunderbird machines were kept in their separate hangers. Music blared out from a small stereo system that had seen better days, it was covered in dust, paint and oil yet it still worked to supply music for whoever was working on one of the machines.

Banging and metal cutting, and welding could be heard over the music as the middle born son worked hard on the green ship known better as Thunderbird Two, she had suffered damage including a hole in the top of the pod bay areas. There was severe damage to the hydraulics systems for the legs of the bay doors and the main flight systems, he had fired her up in safety systems to check the guidance processor but it still showed error.

Virgil had just switched programs for the stereo before returning to his welding, sat on the bars safely before reaching up to start the long process of fixing the damage left by the monster known as the gravedigger – a giant worm that had chewed its way through to try and attack them.

Scaffolding covered most of the green transporter, slates of metal covered the hole at the top while different tubes and cards was coming out of the hull. But slowly this was removed to make room for new pieces of metal being wielded securely into place, making sure that the damaged metal from the monster and acid attacks was replaced.

As the young man worked, wearing his overalls and listening to the music hearing that it was one of his own but it had gone through the mixer to give it extra base and volume. High above him a bar of the scaffolding came loose and started to fall but was caught and put aside, "Nice piece of music Virgil, though do wish you wore a hard hat" The rescuer said making the young man jump, who quickly turned the wielder off and removed his goggles.

"John, I didn't hear you" Virgil replied sounding shocked to seeing his older brother, "I heard what you told Dad... I guess its true... that you have changed" He added with a small sigh.

John nodded running a hand through his hair, some of the blonde showing through his died brown hair, "I know but looking at my old room and being here trying to get back to what we called normal... it isn't going to work" He said before looking up at the silver metal.

"Thought you would have left by now" Virgil said with a shrug, looking at how much work he had left to do.

"I can't leave yet, I don't have any idea where to start or where to go... I guess I can return to the cabin we had fixed up and hid out when we couldn't decide where to travel to, but it's just hard to face it with the thought of Scott being tortured or worse" John replied with a sigh,

"Then stay until you have some idea, do you want to help? She's going to take a few more days at least... could be a month maybe but depends on how quickly we get the parts" Virgil said with a soft smile and started to climb down the ladder to get to the ground, John following him.

"I was just thinking of walking around the island but don't want that incident to happen again, so when I saw Alan and Tin-Tin leaving and Gordon lost in his laps then I came here" John replied with a soft sigh. "I did try to get some sleep but I just can't seem to settle at the moment" He added as they got to the ground.

"You were up again last night weren't you?" Virgil asked as he started cleaning up looking away from the work left over, the pipes scattered in and around the craft, he sighed and turned to look at his brother seeing how the pale scars on his neck were barely visible on his skin while his brown hair looked strange with the blonde pushing it out.

What startled Virgil more was that John's eyes once held a sparkle of energy and happiness each time he was around his family but now there were dark patches under dull blue eyes. He remembered when John had joined them for a late supper, seeing that John's eyes were green before he explained about the contact lenses that they wore when they were in hiding.

"I was, couldn't stop thinking about that there is something wrong... I keep replaying the events of Redwood Falls and Stillhaven in my mind and nothing comes up, then I come down here to check on Thunderbird Two and I don't see anything different about her" John replied as he stretched and headed over to the service elevator.

"Where are you going now?" Virgil asked as he wiped his hands on a cloth and threw it into his tool kit, "If you want a drink then I can give you some company" He added joining his brother.

John turned a little and smiled, Virgil noticed again how this failed to get to his eyes leaving them cold and empty. "Sure, think Onaha just finished making some lemonade.. let's get there first" He said softly and led the way to the service elevator, leaving Virgil to catch him up.

The young man groaned as he slowly woke up, feeling his head pounding him echoing painfully in his ears before slowly opening his eyes to find a bright white unfamiliar ceiling. His body woke up slowly and his muscles screamed, feeling that they were on fire.

He bit back the screams that he could feel burning inside of him before opening his eyes once more, he had snapped them shut when he felt the pain get too much, before looking around the room wondering where he was but all he could see was white.

His right arm was covered in small round scars from his wrist up to his elbow while his left was covered in white gauze, with a red tube going out of the back of his hand.

He fought to remember all that he could remember was collapsing into darkness then the bright white fog like area, where he had talked to John before being dragged back into this world of pain and unknown smells.

A solitary tear rolled down his eye realising that he had been captured by BioTech, only time and patience would let him help escape from the lions den, wherever the lion's den is. 'I'm sorry John, finally found the headquarters but as a prisoner... one thing we did not want... I might not even be human any longer after this He thought to himself before turning a little to return to his troubled sleep.