Clowning Around

Written By: Self-Proclaimed KingofDDR

Summary: What if Naruto revealed a fighting style not seen since his mother, Uzumaki Kushina, perished? After all, he's called the Number one COMEDY Ninja for a reason... Naruto/Harem. Because women love funny men.

Hey all! I wrote this in response to all of the Super-Powered Naruto stories, which have their good parts, but completly KILL Naruto's character most of the time. This fic will hopefully show Naruto off in a strong way, but will also keep him in character. Hope you enjoy!

"Okay, it's time for the next match-up," Gekko Hayate, the proctor of the third stage of the Chunnin Exams said, covering up his cough.

As the computer flashed through the names that were left, Naruto was thinking about how his match would go.

'Heh, I can't wait to reveal my new skills to everyone! They'll be so impressed! I feel sorry for the guy that has to face me!' Naruto chuckled in his mind.

Finally, the computer stopped, and the two names flashing on the board were that of Inuzuka Kiba, and Naruto himself.

"YES! It's finally MY turn!" Naruto cheered as he saw his name. He did a little pose. "Time to kick some ass!"

Sakura couldn't help but giggle a bit at Naruto's excitement. 'Well, of course he'd be excited. He'll finally get a chance to show his stuff to all of the people who taunted him in the past...including myself.' She gave a tiny smile. 'Go on, Naruto. Show them what you're made of!'

"Huh. So it's finally that loudmouth's turn..." Kankuro said, watching as the blond began to do a little jig.

"How much do you bet that he'll get knocked out on the first hit?" Temari, Kankuro's sister, asked.

"That's a bit cold, even from you, Temari," Kankuro said. "I give him two hits, tops."

"Deal," Temari said with a smirk.

"Man, I feel sorry for Naruto. Aside from Sasuke-kun, Kiba got the highest marks in Taijutsu class. All it'll take will be one hit from Kiba, and Naruto's as good as done," Ino said, shaking her head.

"For once, I have to agree with you. Naruto got the worst possible match up for himself. There's no way he can win," Shikamaru said.

"I don't know...look at the determination on Naruto-san's face," Chouji said. "If anyone's got the best chance to beat Kiba, I think it's him."

"...You ARE talking about the same Naruto we grew up with, right? There's no way he can win! In fact, I bet the only way he and forehead-chan made it was because Sasuke-kun carried them here!" Ino said, completely forgetting the fact that Sakura had to watch over Naruto and Sasuke while they were both out.

Chouji shrugged, and went back to eating his chips.

"So, that Uzumaki kid is next, huh?" Neji said.

"...Yes..." Lee answered, very focused on Naruto at the moment. 'I am finding myself anxious as to what you can do, Naruto-kun. I cannot wait to see it for myself!'

"Ha Ha! We just hit the jackpot, Akamaru!" Kiba cheered, his mouth set in a fang-filled grin. "This is gonna be TOO easy!"

"Arf!" Akamaru agreed.

Naruto's eye twitched a bit at that. "HEY! DOG-BOY! Don't underestimate me! I'll make sure you regret it if you do!" Naruto shouted, pointing at Kiba.

"Heh, I doubt that!" Kiba sneered back. He turned to his dog. "Let's go, Akamaru!"

The dog barked back at Kiba, and the two jumped into the arena, ready to rumble.

"Humph. I'll show him!" Naruto said, jumping into the arena as well...only, unlike Kiba, he landed straight on his butt instead of his feet. "Ouch...I meant to do that..."

Kiba, as well as a few of the other contestants, roared with laughter. "Man, are you for real?! How can you even THINK of beating me when you can't even land on two feet? This isn't gonna be a challenge at all!"

"Hey, I wasn't paying attention, okay?!" Naruto growled, getting to his feet. "And besides, the way I landed will seem like heaven compared to the way YOU'LL be landing in a second. Flat on your face! And what's with the dog, anyway? Get him outta here so he won't get in our way!"

Kiba frowned. "Akamaru is my partner. Whenever I fight, he fights with me. Not as though I'll need him, anyway. I'll finish you off in one blow!"

Naruto smirked. "Heh, I'd like to see you try, dog-breath."

As they got ready to fight, Kakashi was thinking about how far Naruto had gone so far.

''ve come very far ever since you first became a ninja. Your growth during the mission to Wave was astounding. ...Not to mention your new...fighting style. Out of everyone here, only Sakura and I know of it, while Sasuke has no clue. After all, you wanted to keep it a secret from him until the time the two of you fought,' Kakashi thought. 'Maa...Kiba will be in for one heck of a surprise. And the rest of us will be in for one heck of a show.'

Kurenai, on the other hand, was thinking to complete opposite of what Kakashi was thinking. 'Sorry, Kakashi. But Naruto is no match for Kiba,' She thought smugly.

As Kiba and Naruto stared each other down, Hayate said, "When the two of you are ready, commence fighting."

At that, Kiba bent his knees down slowly, and put his hands together.

'Heh. Time to get started...'Kiba thought. 'Ninja art of beast mimicry...'

A blue chakra flowed through the Dog-User, and his appearance took on a more beastly form, with his nails becoming longer and sharper, and his voice becoming more feral. He even went on all fours like a dog.

'W...what the?' Naruto thought, startled by the change in the boy.

"Here I come." Kiba growled. With considerable speed, he charged towards a shocked Naruto, and delivered a savage elbow to his gut. Naruto grunted in pain as he felt the blow, and flew to the other side of the room. He landed hard on his back, and didn't move.

The other people stared at Naruto's non-moving form, waiting for him to get up. But nothing happened.

Kiba gained an arrogant smirk on his face. "Heh, the pipsqueak won't be up for quite a while," he sneered.

"Humph. I knew it. Naruto wasn't even a match," Shikamaru said.

"I know. I knew that Kiba would win, but I didn't expect it to be THAT quick!" Ino scoffed.

"Naruto-kun...that was just sad," Lee said with a tiny frown on his face.

"Hmm. See, I told you," Kurenai said, looking Kakashi's way. But the Copy-nin didn't reply. Neither did Sakura. They just stared at Naruto.

"Damn. You win, Temari. That kid was weak!" Kankuro grumbled.

"Told ya," Temari said with a smirk.

'Oh no! N- Naruto-kun...!' Hinata thought in despair.

Sakura just gazed down at Naruto. And then she just turned back to Kakashi, a serious look on her face...which soon changed to a tiny smirk when Kakashi chuckled a bit.

'Kiba has NO idea what he's in for...after all, this is what Naruto did when I fought him in training...' Sakura said, getting a bit giddy thinking about the looks that everyone else would have on their faces.

Kiba strolled up to Naruto, who's eyes were closed. "See? What did I tell you? You weren't even worth my time, ya little runt."

"...You think so, huh?" Naruto said with his eyes still closed, shocking everyone, especially Kiba.

But before anyone could say anything, the blonde vanished in an explosion of smoke, causing everyone to cover their eyes.

"What just happened?!" Ino shouted.

"I don't know!" Shikamaru replied, trying to see what was going on down in the arena through the smoke.

Soon enough, the smoke went away. But what was left of Naruto surprised everyone.

The thing in Naruto's place was a straw-dummy, tongue sticking out and taunting Kiba, along with a sign saying, 'Nice try, ya Human Scooby-Doo reject. But turn around, and you can have your consolation prize!'

Kiba growled, and whirled around, fully ready to wallop Naruto into oblivion. But what he WASN'T ready for was Naruto holding a pie. A BIG pie.

"Hi there!" Naruto grinned, right before smashing the pie into Kiba's face. "Take that! Remon Pai panchi! (Lemon Pie Punch)!"

Kiba just stood there, unmoving as the Pie Pan slid off his face, the remnants of the pie dripping on his face.

"Did...did that kid just hit that other kid? With a PIE?" Kankuro said, dumbfounded.

"I...I think he did," Temari muttered, the same way as her little brother.

"What the...a PIE?!" Ino shouted. "Of all things that Naruto could have hit him with, why a PIE?!"

"You got me..." Shikamaru said, staring at Naruto, who was laughing his ass off.

"Man, now I wish that I had Naruto as MY foe! I LOVE Lemon Pie!" Chouji said, licking his lips.

'What odd. I never thought that a pie could be used as a weapon...' Lee thought.

Kurenai wasn't amused. At ALL.

"What is the meaning of this, Kakashi? Is your student just trying to act like a clown on purpose?" The female jounin growled.

"Wait for it..." Kakashi replied, not taking his eyes off of the match.

Kiba stood still for a few more minutes. Then he growled, and began to wipe off the pie from his face. "You little bastard! You think this is funny?!" Kiba snarled in anger once he could see Naruto again.

"Well, not really," Naruto replied, shrugging. "But it's about to be!"

"What are you talking abou-" Kiba began, but stopped when he saw a line of white between his eyes.

And heard the sound of hissing.

And SMELLED the scent of SMOKE.

Kiba then realized that he had an EXPLOSIVE NOTE on his forehead.

"Ah, FUDGE!"

Kiba quickly tore off the note, but was too late to throw it away as it exploded in his hand.

"Kiba!" Kurenai said, concerned for her student. The others were concerned as well. Had Naruto killed Kiba with that explosive note?

But after the smoke vanished, their worry turned to laughter.

Because Kiba was covered in complete colorful paint!

"What the hell?!" Kiba shouted, seeing all the colors all over himself. "What did you do?!"

Naruto held off from his laughter just a bit to inform Kiba, "That was my Kara Bakudan (Color Bomb)! Harmless in a fight, but GREAT for a laugh!"

Then he smirked at Kiba. "But in my case, it fits my fighting style perfectly. After all, what good's my Kigeki Sentou (Comedy Combat) style of fighting if no one's laughing?"

"...Kigeki...Sentou...?" Kiba blinked, not believing what he just heard.

"Yep!" Naruto grinned. "And I'll warn you now. The moment you laugh again, is the moment I take you down for good!"

What is this 'Comedy Combat' that Naruto speaks of? And will it really beat Kiba? Stay tuned for the next chapter, filled with more pies, squriting flowers, and a rubber chicken! Catch you next continue!