Author's Intro: So I watched this neat anime called Fate recently, and it struck a very powerful cord with me. The ending was phenomenal, even if it was very sad. Like most people, when faced with an unhappy ending, I like to pursue fanfiction for a happier one. Trying to write something like this that doesn't betray the original ending is tricky, but I think this will strike a a nice balance.

The idea of this one mostly comes from Lelouch's Snowfall in Autumn. It is a wicked fic! You should read it, review it, and encourage him\her to write more! I hope he\she doesn't mind that I'm borrowing his\her premise, but I will be tackling this one much differently.

So without further ado...


"Shirou... You didn't go to school today. Are you alright?" she asked, her tone full of concern, with a touch of nervousness.

"I'm fine, Rin..." he replied, trying to brush her off. It wasn't a good day. He wanted to be alone today. "I'll be back tomorrow."

"You can't fool me, Shirou," she humphed, flinging the long locks of her hair behind he shoulders as she did so "It's been a year, hasn't it?"

He was silent. Slowly, hesitantly, he nodded. "...since the fifth War of the Greil," he supplied.

Rin nodded, sitting down beside him. "So be honest. Are you okay? You've been fine for months and now this."

Shirou was again silent. "...I will be," he managed. "I miss her, Tohsaka. Sometimes more then others. Today was the anniversary of the last day of the war, and well, it felt like it did back then..."

Rin smiled, though it seemed sad and confused. "Listen, Shirou," she began. "About that... Something weird happened today. I'm still not quite sure if I believe it or not, if it's a co-incidence or something..."

"Oh?" Shirou asked, his curiosity piqued. An irrational hope blossomed into his heart, and he quickly killed it. No need to leave himself open for more.

"You'll see yourself tomorrow. It's something you need to see for yourself." She left in a hurry after that. Shirou smiled sadly as she left. He hated being so depressed sometimes, but today he couldn't help it.

"Stupid Shirou," Rin cried, holding herself as she stumbled away from the Emiya compound. He was so self-centered when it came to Saber. It's been a year since Archer left as well, and it was the same for her!

She sighed, berating herself. No, it wasn't the same. Her relationship with her servant was never as deep as Saber and Shirou's... Also, and she wasn't sure, but...

Rin could never quite shake the feeling that Archer was still around, still with her some how. Saber wasn't.

She wiped the tears from her eyes, and continued on the way. She was still jealous, and Shirou would see why tomorrow.

"I see we had a few absences yesterday!" Taiga-sensei began, droning into a lecture. Though the whole class had to suffer it, Shirou was sure it was meant just for him. Shirou ignored her. He was more concerned with the young lady sitting a few seats away.

He couldn't believe it. The same pale golden hair, coiled and braided into a tight bun. The same blue ribbon, the fair alabaster skin, those cold, blue eyes...

"Well, for those of you missed yesterday, we have a neeeeew Student!" Taiga sing-songed. "I'd like to introduce our new exchange student!"

There was no way... If it was her, how could she sit there, silent, not even glance at him? After all they've been through... Was it even her?

"Joining us from jolly-old Britiain, I'd like to welcome - for the second time, thanks to you slackers - is Arturia Pendraig."

Even the name! Maybe it was her. It had to be. It couldn't be... Or was it? Did she remember? Was it true?


Author's Notes: I don't know why I wrote that scene with Rin by herself. Seemed natural to write, if a bit out of place. I like Rin, but I couldn't possibly tell you why.

I didn't want to make Pendragon her last name (too Arthurian!), but i didn't want to give her something that sounded like it and was modern. Wikipedia's article on Pendragon starts of as "Pendragon or Pen Draig means..." and I was like, "Yes, snatched!"

Anyways, expect short but frequent chapters. lots of conversations, significant scenes, I'm just going to bangbangbangbang them out.