I've always wondered what brought each of the characters to the FBI in the position they are in. Here is a collection of one shots explaining how Matt, Emily, Cheryl, Frank, Duff, and Lia all become the people we all know and love.

Cheryl Carrera


Cheryl walked into the FBI building head held high. She had passed her last exam. She was finally a real FBI agent. She didn't care that all the men in her class were intimadated by her. She was a strong confident woman who didn't need a man to make her life complete. If the men she was interested in couldn't handle her job then she would live her life for her job. She would be the best negotiator the bureau had ever seen and show them just what they had been missing. One day they would all work for her.

4 years later

"Carrera. My office now." Her boss yelled from the doorway of his office.

"Yes sir." She replied hating the fact that she had to be so submissive.

Cheryl walked into the office and he closed the door.

"Have a seat." He said as he went around his large desk to sit.

There was an uncomfortable silence before he spoke.

"Well I have good news and bad news. Which do you want first?" He asked trying to figure out how she would take her new assignment.

"The bad, then maybe I can talk my way out of it." Cheryl responded a little annoyed.

"Well, you're being reassigned. L.A. to be exact. That branch needs a new negotiator and you've been trained by the best. The bureau thinks you have potential. So I guess it's the opportunity of a lifetime. You can take the assignment and move to L.A., or you can stay here and do everyday field work."

"Well, I've always wanted to go to L.A. And well, I think I'm ready to be a negotiator, I've helped on a lot of cases. I'm honored that the bureau has given me this opportunity. Thank you. When do I leave?" Cheryl asked as she rose to leave.

"Next week. The bureau will pay your moving expenses since this was their decision. You have the rest of the day off to begin making your arrangements... Carrera." He paused before continuing, "You're good at what you do. You'll make an excellent negotiatior and one day, you'll be the one sitting behind this desk."

"Thanks, I'll finsh my paperwork from the last case and then I'll leave." Cheryl

said smiling at the new challenge laid before her.

Cheryl had loved D.C. but her time there was done. There was no room for promotion, and that's what she wanted. She wanted to shatter the glass ceiling and make a name for herself in the bureau. She was going to L.A. to do just that. Her parents had always wanted her to be successful. Her parents were both lawyers. Cheryl grew up with a sense of justice and helping however she could. Becoming negotiator did not surprise her parents knowing that Cheryl could talk her way out of just about any situation.


Cheryl walked into the the L.A. field office. She noticed a handsome man talking to a few other guys she assumed were agents or members of HRT. Cheryl smiled after she passed by them knowing that they were watching her. She found the director's office where she was to report without any help.

She lightly knocoked on the door where it was answered with a shouted, "Come in."

Cheryl entered her new supervisor's office with confidence and introduced herself. She talked with him for a few minutes before calling for her partner.

"Flannery, my office now!" He called out the door breaking up the meeting of his agents that had gathered to discuss this woman who appeared in the office not too long ago.

Matt Flannery had only been with the FBI for little over 6 months, but he was well liked by everyone he worked with. The women wanted him and the men, well they wanted to be him. He strolled into the office and sat comfortably in the chair nearest his boss.

"What's up? He asked flashing his irrestible smile at Cheryl.

"I'd like you to meet your new partner Cheryl Carrera." The supervisor said thinking from what he had heard, Cheryl was the only person who could put up with Flannery's cowboy personality and antics.

Matt and Cheryl worked well together. They had a great percentage rate for getting hostages released which is why five years into their partnership Cheryl was promoted. She was the calm one of the two. She kept Matt grounded and out of HRT's way.

Cheryl had a job to do. She had to find the best partner to put up with Matt, but he had a reputation. She began the process and found a field agent that had been known for her ability to negotiate with hostage takers on the spot. She even wrote the teaching manual. Cheryl wondered if she would be good partner for Matt. This was her first task in her new role as Supervisor in charge and she ahd to make sure it would be the best decision she could make.

2 years later

Cheryl sat at her desk filling out paperwork on the latest case her team had negotiated. She was a little worried at teh beginning, but then she made Flannery and Lehman work together and wow! The sparks weren't just between the crazy couple they were talking too. They weren't back in the office yet, but she had a feeling they were a little preoccupied with making up and for that she was thankful. It's a good thing she hadn't put their requests for new partners through since she knew they would be back together. They were too good not to be together. She just wanted her unit back the way it was and she hoped that they would make up so that would happen.