Frank leaned back in his chair. He had just passed the FBI training with one of he highest scores the bureau had seen. Now he just had to figure out how to tell his boss at the San Diego Police Department that he was leaving. He had always wanted to work for the FBI and now that it was in his reach, he was very happy.

Frank signed the last of his paperwork agreeing to the background checks and then listed his top three choices for a field assignment. He really didn't care where he worked as long as it was FBI. Frank turned in his items and was told he would receive a call in the next week with an assignment. He would need to be ready to report to the selected bureau within two weeks.

Frank called his girlfriend thinking she would be happy, but she was less than enthusiastic. They were close and Frank thought things were more serious than they obviously were. Frank began hoping for a transfer away from the San Diego area.

Frank received a call a few days later indicating his move to Los Angeles. Frank immediately packed his bags and reported for duty at the FBI. He worked in HRT for two years before being promoted to supervisor. Frank felt like he had made the right decision for his career; however his personal life left him with a different woman each night. His best friend at the bureau was a negotiator named Matt Flannery. The two often discussed their latest conquests during down time. Matt could be found down in the Kill house or shooting range whenever he had free time. His partner, Cheryl Carrera , was a close friend, but told Matt and Frank that they were old enough to stop playing the field and settle down.

Two years later when Cheryl made supervisor, Frank was promoted to the head of HRT and Matt got a new partner. That's when the fun began, at least for Frank. Yes, he still wasn't settled down, but Matt had the hots for the beautiful red-head he worked with and Frank had a whole new group of rookies to train. The next year would definitely be fun for the HRT agent and he was looking forward to every minute of it.