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Chapter Six – Tears From the Sky

"Remus! Remus!!" Sirius cupped his hands around his mouth and bellowed as loudly as he could as he sprinted across the Hogwarts grounds. A few angry Ravenclaws yelled and threw things at him from high up in their tower; clearly it was still too early in the morning for them.

Where could he have gotten to? Oh Merlin, I'm such an idiot! How could I ever have thought that Remus would so something like that? He's sweet and kind and he would never betray a friend that way!GOD Sirius, what were you THINKING?!

Sirius ran until he found himself back at the spot they'd been before Remus had vanished. He dropped to his hands and knees, ignoring the stains he obtained as he skidded on the grassy, dirty ground, and started frantically sniffing at the area. If anyone were watching he must have looked incredibly absurd, but that was of no concern to him right now. He had to find Remus...he had to explain that he hadn't meant it the way he'd said it. He had to tell him...

There! That's Remus' scent! That's –

"Oh...fuck," Sirius said aloud. Remus' scent led him off towards the Forbidden Forest. Sirius narrowed his eyes and glanced at the castle once before running off as fast as he could into the looming darkness of the forest. Can't risk the time I'd waste going for help... "Oh Remus...Merlin help anything that tries to hurt you before I get there..."

Time seemed to have stopped. Remus felt as though he'd been lying on the cold ground forever, but the last reasonably sane area of his mind insisted that it hadn't been long at all. It was still morning. Although the thick trees blocked out anything that could be perceived as sunlight, the forest wasn't completely dark. Some form of light was seeping in from somewhere, casting eerie shadows all around him.

It was the pain that made time move so slowly, he decided. Time hated him and so it wanted him to suffer the pain for as long as possible. The world hated him. It would keep him alive here in this forest until the end of time, watching his pain and laughing at him. It wouldn't just let him die. That would be too easy.

He screamed again. His voice was hoarse and broken, but he screamed just the same, a strangled noise that echoed through the dark. He pulled his legs up against his chest and sobbed again, though his tears had long since run dry. He felt, if he could just cry enough, maybe he would cry the pain out of his body. Maybe the forest would absorb all the horrible, wretched feelings and leave him clean and ignorant again. Or maybe his cries would be heard by some horrible, toothy creature out looking for a meal. Maybe something would come and rip him to shreds so that his emotional pain could be overshadowed by the physical kind.

A twig snapped. The reasonably sane section of Remus' mind forced him to open his eyes. He was neither expecting nor was he surprised by what he saw. A furry snout and a pair of deep silver eyes stared back at him. He lifted his head from the ground, twigs and leaves tangled in his sandy hair, and found that an entire pack of about twelve wolves was surrounding him, looking on in curiosity. He felt neither fear nor joy by their sudden arrival. There was only their presence.

The wolf closest to him licked his face, snatching away the few wet, hot tears that lay on his cheek. Remus felt a soft voice in his head.

"What do you mean by traveling this deep into the forest, young pup?"

"I've come here to die." Remus replied, matter-of-factly, no tone or emotion to his voice.

"And why would you wish to die out here alone, pup?"

"I just want the pain to stop."

Another wolf, a larger one that must have been a male, stepped closer and gazed deep into Remus' amber eyes.

"We know of you, pup. We are the Great Wolves of the forest, and we know of your tale. We know that you are a werebeast, and that you become of our species under the veil of the full moon. However, you are unlike the other werebeasts of this forest, who hunt and kill with the viciousness of men. Beasts should kill only for food, and this restraint we have heard tell of in you. We, therefore, accept you as our own pup. We will protect you. Tell us what has caused you such pain and we will make it stop."

Sirius had hardly been running for a handful of minutes when an ear- splitting boom rattled the sky. Skidding to a halt, he glared up through the slight openings in the trees. Very little sunlight could be seen, for dark clouds had rolled in over the grounds.

"No, no, no, no, please no," Sirius murmured to himself, "Not now, dammit!"

A bright flash of light, and another great bang, and suddenly buckets of water came pouring down, soaking the world in mere moments. Sirius' hair clung to his head and his robes weighed him down. The rain itself seemed to block his vision, creating a thick, wet haze which coupled with the darkness to bar his path.

"No!" Sirius cried. He sniffed, and sniffed again, and he could barely pick up Remus' scent. "FUCK!" He broke out into another furious run, transforming into his dog form in mid stride, hoping that his sense of smell would be stronger this way. I have to find him soon! Dammit, dammit, why did it have to rain?! I have to find him before his scent washes away completely!

Remus barely felt the rain pouring down his back. The pack gathered around him as though trying to shield him from the world, oblivious to the torrents of water that fell down on top of them. He felt that he didn't care what they did, but if they could, in fact, make the pain go away he would be eternally indebted to them. Perhaps he would stay with them and become part of their pack.

Something flashed in the back of his mind. But you already have a pack, now, remember? The others, your friends. You have them as a pack. You have James, and Peter, and Siri-

"No!" Remus cried, clutching his head, digging his nails into his wet skin until he felt blood escape, "No, get out of my head! I don't want you in my head anymore! I hate you! I HATE YOU!"

The wolves looked at him with concern that resembled that of a loving family. Never before had they seen such emotional anguish. Never before had they seen the effects of unrequited love. It was not in their nature to understand what Remus was going through, but it was in their nature to care for him and protect him the only way they knew how.

"It is okay little brother. We will not let him hurt you anymore."


Sirius stopped dead in his tracks, his fur getting more and more soaked by the second. Had he been thinking that, or had he actually heard it? He sniffed as deeply as he could. The scent had all but disappeared. That had to be him...Unless I've gone completely insane...

He sprinted full out towards the scream.

Remus had begun to sob again, but his tears were now indistinguishable from the rain. On either side of him a wolf nuzzled his face, whimpering, not knowing how to comfort him.

"Poor little pup. Do not cry. All will be rectified."

He remembered, just a month ago, when he had been screaming during his transformation, Sirius had whimpered in concern for his pain as well. The memory was as vivid as though it were happening right in front of him. "Why?!" Remus screamed, "Why will you not get out of my head?!"

Several of the wolves growled suddenly, deep and loud. One of them barked viciously. Though he felt he rather didn't care what was happening, Remus forced himself to open his eyes and look.

A large, shaggy black dog stood a few meters away, soaked through to the bone and crying in the back of its throat.

Remus blinked a few times, wondering if he was imagining things. "Sirius?"

"This is the one, is it not?"

"Pup, is this the beast who has hurt you so? Is this the one who questioned your heart?"

Remus hadn't expected this, and he found suddenly that he did not know what to do. His mind was being pulled in several drastically different directions.

Why did he come here?

Who cares? Set the pack on him, make him hurt! Make him bleed, and feel pain, and want to die, as you have!

But why would he come so far into the forest if not to find me?

He only wants to hurt you more! He wants to watch you suffer and deepen your misery! Make him pay!

I can't...He's...he's still my friend.

Lies! He has betrayed your emotions and spit on your very being! HURT HIM!

But...I still love him.


Remus didn't have time to decide what he wanted. The look on his face was clarification enough for the wolves. The female that had licked his face and the first male that had spoken to him stayed rooted at his sides, growling in a very feral manner, while the rest of the pack attacked. Sirius yelped and took off as fast as he could, the wolves close behind snapping at his heels. Remus watched in a sort of emotionless daze as the canines ran in great circles nearby. They surrounded Sirius, but he managed to get out past one of the smaller wolves. They attacked from both sides, but he leaped out of the way of their jaws. All the while he was growing more and more exhausted. He'd been running for so long... But, despite the impending doom that was bearing down upon him, Sirius was entirely unwilling to stray too far away from Remus, and this prodded the werewolf's mind.

He still cares. He's got too, or else why wouldn't he run far away from the danger?

Fool, he told you that you're 'wrong'! He hates you! He doesn't accept or want your love! He thinks you're a freak, an abnormality! He has caused you pain the likes of which you have never felt before! Let him feel it back!

Then why doesn't he leave?! Why doesn't he run from the pack?!

It doesn't matter! Let him suffer! Let him die!

Remus watched, as though in slow motion, as Sirius made a running leap at a tree, twisting and kicking off in hopes of propelling himself over the group of wolves at his heels.

A flash of lightning broke through the canopy of the trees.

Sirius yelped. Remus stood.


Remus ran to the spot where Sirius fell, stumbling through wet leaves and mud. He shoved through the wolves, who looked at him in confusion and concern, knocking one back just before it could leap at Sirius' throat.

"Why do you stop us, pup? Do you not want us to stop your pain?"

"Killing him won't stop my pain," Remus said quietly, tears falling freely from his face, "I can't let you kill him. I won't be a witness to murder. Especially not the murder of someone I love." His voice cracked on the word and he hated himself for saying it. He placed a hand on Sirius' leg, which was now bleeding profusely, and struggled against his anger not to squeeze it in vengeance. "Why did you come here?" he demanded, setting his face in a stony glare.

The dog whimpered. Remus blinked against the rain falling in his eyes, and when he focused again it was a human Sirius lying before him, his black hair soaked and disheveled. His right pant leg was ripped and blood was flowing out of it. His eyes were glassy and they stared straight into Remus' in a way they never had before. For a moment, Remus was almost taken aback by the look.

"I had to tell you..." Sirius spoke slowly and cringed as the rain beat down on his leg, "I had to tell you that I didn't mean it."

The fury rose up again, fueled by pain and sorrow. Remus grabbed the collar of Sirius' shirt and hauled his head up off the ground, so that his glaring eyes were only inches away from the other's. "You didn't mean it?!" he sneered, in a vicious way that Sirius had never seen before in his friend, "You didn't MEAN IT?! Then why the fuck did you say it, SIRIUS?! Just wanted to see my REACTION, did you?!" Several of the wolves growled their agreement.

Sirius' eyes went wide and unblinking, despite the rain pouring into them. "I-it was all a m-misunderstanding, Moony," he stuttered, pure terror in his voice, "I s-swear! It's not what you think!"

Remus dropped Sirius' head, which connected painfully with the ground before he could catch himself. "Don't call me Moony..." The anger had subsided and the misery took over again. He fell forward, bracing himself up with his hands, and began to crawl away through the mud, sobbing openly.

Sirius struggled to his knees, ignoring the searing pain in his leg, and slowly started to follow. The wolves growled and one of them snapped at his hand, but they didn't attack again. The would do nothing more without Remus' command.

"Rem," Sirius' voice was pleading, "Please, I didn't mean to hurt you so much. You don't understand! We weren't even talking about the same thing!"

The anger wanted to haul back and slap Sirius across the face for continuing to speak. The misery wanted to collapse onto the muddy ground and cry for the rest of eternity. But that tiny spark of sanity spoke up instead. Reums turned his head to look at the other boy.

"What are you talking about?"

A flash of lighting illuminated Sirius' face, and for the first time Remus realized that he was crying too.

"I thought..." he forced out, "I thought you were sneaking off with Lily. I thought she was using you to cheat on James."

The pack looked on in confusion, not quite understanding the relationships of men, or what was happening at this moment. Remus blinked and his head pounded. "W-what?"

Sirius crawled forward a few more feet, a hopeful look on his face. "All that stuff I said, when I got mad," he explained quickly, "That was all because I thought you'd betrayed James! But he explained to me...what has really been going on..."

Remus' eyes went unfocused as he stared at a point on Sirius' chest, his mouth slightly open.

"Remus," Sirius said quietly, pulling himself forward and wincing again at the pain, "Rem, I'm so sorry." He crawled right up next to his friend, until they were kneeling face-to-face. "I'm so sorry you thought..."

Remus was shaking. New tears filled his wide eyes, though for a different reason this time. "I-I almost let them kill you!" he cried in horror, "I almost let them kill you!" The pack whimpered, not understanding, but realizing at least that there had been a mistake.

Sirius half-smiled, then sobbed once, then grabbed Remus in the tightest embrace he could muster. Remus shook under the force of his sobs, and he clutched Sirius' wet robes as though he thought the other boy might vanish at any moment. They stayed like that for what seemed like forever, until Sirius took Remus' shoulders and pulled him away to look at him. Remus' bottom lip was quivering, raindrops spilling down over it.

"I wanted to tell you something else, too, when I found you," Sirius said, with a shaky smile. He looked deep into those gorgeous amber eyes that he'd absentmindedly admired on so many occasions. "Remus, there's only one guy I'd question my sexuality for."

With that he pulled Remus forward and their lips met for the first time. Both boys were soaking wet and shaking to death from the cold, but for that moment they both felt quite warm. The rain dripped down around their lips and into their mouths as they moved slowly, exploring each other. Sirius reached up and gently stroked Remus' cheek with his thumb, wrapping his fingers around the boy's slender neck. He pulled away slowly so that their lips brushed gently together for a few seconds before they'd parted completely. Remus opened his eyes and took a sudden deep breath, not smiling, but looking happier than he'd ever looked in his life.

One of the wolves howled into the night as the rain continued to spill down around them.

"I love you, Remus Lupin."