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Buffy had kicked them all out in order to talk to Faith, but suddenly nothing was coming to mind.

So sue me.

She wanted to talk to her. About what, even she didn't know.

Although the week of having everyone at their beck and call had been much more than just 'nice', Buffy hadn't had much time to spend alone with Faith. One would think she would, considering that they'd been stuck in beds right beside each other the whole time, but it wasn't the case. They'd been in the hospital for three days beforehand, doped up on morphine and other painkillers. Faith had major internal bleeding issues and Buffy's leg was very well near not being hers any longer.

Faith was right. If it hadn't been for Willow, many things would've gone horribly wrong the night they'd returned.

While Giles and the others hurriedly chained up the clone, Willow was desperately trying to heal Buffy's leg as fast as she could. It was deep, it was brutal, and it was unbelievably difficult to maintain. But somehow the lovely Wiccan managed to keep it intact for the time being. Then she was thrust into working on putting Faith back together. Just find the spell that'll rebind the essences, and voila, all solved! Right?

It was harder than it sounded, and once whatever mind-numbing spell that the Master had placed on the Clone Faith wore off, it was even more difficult. The darker side of Faith always did have insanity issues. And if it wasn't insanity, it was most certainly something like it.

There really was no rest for the wicked.

"Think you could take me, Red? Think if it weren't for these fucking chains, you wouldn't be dead meat on a platter?"

There was one Faith lying on the cot, breathing irregular and ragged. The other Faith was chained to the wall by hands and feet, swearing up a storm and struggling against the steel until the skin broke and drops of blood fell and met the floor.

"I wish you'd shut up." Willow said matter-of-factly, trying to find her focus.

Giles had dog-eared the spell years ago when he was a younger man, out of curiosity. It was all they could do to thank the Powers for that tiny tidbit of his life when he was nearly as reckless as Faith used to be. He brought out the book promptly and set it out before her. She took one glance and nodded. She would have to do it. Kennedy immediately stood beside her and held onto her hand.

"I'm the kite string."

And so it was all settled in less than half an hour, and Willow sat across Kennedy in front of Faith, reaching for the powers deep inside of her.

"You can't save her from me, Red. Even if you shove me back in there, I'll always be a part of her. And when I'm on top again I'll be ready to slit all your throats like I should've before." She threw her head back and cackled, letting the chains clang and clink.

"And therefore you'll never understand. Even when you're in her...she'll always win. That's why we win, every time. Because the good in us never fails, and the evil just fades away." Willow smiled confidently as she spoke the words, uttering the Sumerian spell right after, watching calmly as the Clone shuddered and swept through the chains and settled into Faith's body and form with a deep sigh.

Quickly and swiftly Kennedy shot up and ran to get Giles and the others, who then rushed to take her to the hospital, where Buffy already had been sent.

Both Slayers had given them all a scare, but they pulled through, just like they knew they would. Though now they had other things to get past, before anything could be consider fixed.

And now?

Well now there was silence. Somewhat awkward silence, which broke the comfortable zone they had been in.

"I was so scared." Buffy started, fingers fidgeting nervously with the blankets.

"I thought...God, I thought I was going to lose you again, and I couldn't bear the thought of...I wouldn't have been able to do it again." She was blurting it out, already knowing the fear of not being able to be straightforward, and realizing that she had to be honest.

"And before? You acted like none of it mattered! Like what we had before didn't matter!" Faith returned angrily.

"I was just getting used to being without you, then there you were selfishness and denial got the better of me."

"Then there was that deal with James..." Faith remarked pointedly.

James had been sent directly to jail, with all the evidence of his attempted murder literally lying in the closet of his bedroom. Although before all the investigation was completed, James had acquired a nice set of cuts and bruises, which he refused to talk about.

They all, however, mildly noticed Kennedy's unusually good mood.

Cordelia was found humming in the hallways as she filed her nails.

And Xander found the opened Book of Torture lying on Anya's vanity dresser.

Curious, indeed.

"That was a lapse of stupidity!" Buffy whined slightly.

Faith just raised an eyebrow.

"Okay, a really huge, ginormous lapse of idiocy. Better?"

"I guess I'll give ya that one."

"I hate that I hurt you...but you know what I said in the room was real, right? I meant every word." Buffy gazed deeply.

Faith couldn't look away.

"I know." She whispered.

"I love you." Buffy said firmly, still gazing, now gauging the reaction.

"I know." Faith whispered again, her eyes sparkling just enough to show Buffy that she felt the same way.

Buffy reached over with her arm to wrap it around Faith's midsection tightly.

"Hey! I'm still mad at you, B. No amount of cuddling is gonna fix it." Faith stated, even though her crossed arms uncrossed to allow the intruding Buffy-limb to embrace her.

"Oh no?" Buffy smiled up at Faith mischievously as she pulled Faith onto her own bed.

Rolling them so that she was on top, she looked down into Faith's beautiful brown eyes. She leaned down for a quick kiss, then smiled lovingly as her hand traced Faith's eyebrows, her cheeks, her nose, down to her lips, to her chin, and trailing down even further. Her sneaky little hand trailed a path from Faith's graceful neck to her shoulders, and lazily caressed her breasts before reaching the hem of her shirt, playing with it before reaching under to meet the heated flesh.

Faith bit her lip, holding back any sounds that might give her away.

"That's not...fair...B-Buffy!" She mumbled from behind slightly closed lips, squirming to a) get away and b) receive more contact.

"The hell it's not."

There was a gasp.

Oh, that troublesome hand.

"Thought...we were...gonna talk...B!" The name nearly came out as a squeal.

"We are. You're talking, I'm talking, there's lots of talking. And now I'm going to tell you just how I feel about you, and afterwards you can respond however you want to; whether it's talking or...talking." Buffy grinned uncharacteristically and Faith couldn't find it in her to refuse.

After a couple hours of injured-yet-nearly-healed Slayer sex, they were lying together, as close as they could, murmuring sweet nothings and stroking faces.

"You still my girl, B?"

"Always, Faith."

And nothing was going to change that.