Before I Left You

Summary: A kind of prologue to Love's Not A Competition. How did Evie and Edward become so close in those three short months? Here is the fic that explains it all. Oneshot. Before Twilight.

I know that I said months ago that this would take me a week to do, but as you can see it's actually taken me a lot longer than planned. All in all this is about 5,500 words and has probably been edited and tweaked about 10 million times (well that's what it's felt like). I think now it's good enough to post and even though I was going to post it as a lone oneshot, I thought it would be more fitting as the last chapter of the story. A kind of 'sorry' present for all the Edward/Evie shippers who felt kind of wronged by the ending.

So here is my labour of love to you and I hope you like it (I have put A LOT of time into this). Thank you for all the support you have shown this fic and I hope to have reviews from the future from you all.

As always, enjoy!

Month 1

"What's your name?" Evie asked him calmly as she took in his perfect face.

She watched him as he looked at her in awe, astounded that the person standing before him was a product of his intervention. He was responsible for her now, she was his to mould.

Yet underneath all of his bewilderment, he was taken aback at how beautiful she had become. The weak, broken, barely alive girl of two days ago had morphed into a striking newborn vampire.

She kept her gaze fixed on him, unblinking, as slowly but surely, flashes of the past two days swam to the surface of her mind.

Evie became lost to the memories and she started to remember little things, things that shouldn't have been so important, however they felt so poignant to her. She remembered calling out to him through the blinding pain. She remembered his worried features as he dabbed her head with the cloth, and she remembered the relieved look in his eyes as she had woken just a moment ago.

She drank his presence in, and marvelled at the fact that her angel was here in the flesh, looking at her, letting her know that he was here to stay.

"My name is Edward." He replied in his velvety voice as he shifted closer to her.

She smiled serenely, repeating the name over and over in her head, but the smile faltered when she saw him frown.

"Somethin' wrong?" she asked as she stared at his frustrated features, they were barely inches away from her face. He was so close to her, she could feel his breath on her face.

"Are you thinking anything right now?" Edward asked while leaning in even closer as he tried to listen to something other than silence.

"Yeah, I'm thinkin' lotsa things." She replied simply as she took a quick step back, afraid of the closeness.

"Then why can't I hear you?"

"You just 'eard what I said. You deaf or somethin'?"

"What I meant was," he laughed lightly, "I can hear what you're saying, but not what you're thinking. It's a gift of mine, but this is the first time I couldn't hear what someone was thinking."

"So what you're tellin' me is that you can 'ear what people are thinkin'?"

"In a nutshell."

"Blimey!" her eyes widened in excitement. He was beautiful and talented, was there a flaw on him?

"Gifts within our race are very rare," Edward explained to the awestruck newborn "so I'm just wondering what power enables you to stop me from hearing your thoughts."

He stood there in silence waiting for some kind of answer.

"I don't have no gift." Evie replied as she found his gaze too intense to handle. She quickly stared at the floor but she could still feel his eyes burning into her. "Stop lookin' at me."

"Am I making you feel uncomfortable?" he asked innocently. He could only assume that if he intimated her, her gift would present itself in the form of protection.

"Yeah, stop it." She replied uneasily as she looked back at him. When she knew he showed no signs of stopping, her ebony eyes shifted their gaze from Edward, to the wooden table to the left of the room.

His perpetual gaze was starting to bring back memories of her near death experience in the alleyway. She felt like she was being backed into the wall even though she hadn't moved a step.

From years of stealing, Evie had learnt that to distract someone, you had to avert your gaze to avert theirs. But Edward's topaz gaze was still fixed onto her.

She tried the technique again and then something happened. Edward was now looking around the room blindly for her.

"Evie?" he called out uncertainly as she vanished from his sight.

"Yeah?" she answered as he looked back to see her standing right in front of him.

"What did you do?" he asked.

"I wanted you to stop lookin' at me so I made you look someplace else. It's called the avertin' trick."

"Care to explain what that is? I don't know the thief code very well." Edward teased.

"It's basically a distraction. I look at anotha object, so you do too because you're interested at what's there. Then while you're tryin' to find it, I can get away and 'ide. It works ninety nine percent of the time."

"But I averted my gaze for a fraction of a second, there's no way you could hide that quick."

"I didn't 'ide." Evie replied confused. She'd made him look the other way for a second, but she hadn't moved a step.

"Where did you go then?"


"Let's try this again. Do the same as you did last time." Edward commanded softly. He suspected she had the power of invisibility, but he didn't want to let on, just in case he was wrong.


He stared at her again, just the same as last time. But this time she looked in the other direction and imagined herself sitting on the table.

Once again his eyes shifted gaze and he looked startled as he saw another Evie appear on the table.

"What are you doing this time?" he asked with a satisfied smile as he looked at the clone on the table, flicking her hair over her shoulder and waving at him innocently.

"Gettin' you to focus on that twin." She explained smiling, pleased with herself.

"Can you stop it?"


The clone disappeared and Edward walked over to her with the biggest grin on his face.

"Your gift is amazing! You were distracting my mind without me knowing it!"

"So I've got the power of distraction?"

"It would seem so."


"Carlisle, he's the one who changed you by the way; he said to me that we bring over certain qualities of ourselves when we change." Edward explained, "I think that the reason you were such a good thief in your human life was because you were good at distracting people. Now, that talent has been brought out to its full ability, you just need to learn how to use it properly."

"So I 'ad a gift? But now it's better because I'm a vampire?" she asked in wonderment. "It seems all kinda complicated. Bringin' things over and leavin' others behind." She finished pensively.

"It's a shame you couldn't have left that accent behind." Edward teased as he nudged her.

"Let me remind you what country you're in." She replied as she distracted him again, making it look like there were four Evie's in the room.

"At least my accent is a little softer on the ears, yours needs a little retuning." He told the Evie standing right next to him. He knew the rest were supposed to intimidate him, but he didn't mind, she was just showing off her abilities to him.

"Well, your gonna have to put up with it whether you like it or not. So get used to it! It's not like you can send me to some toff school." she giggled as she poked his arm and ran away, the clones following behind.

"Don't give me ideas." He laughed as he ran after her.

That night was when the fun had begun.


Evie had been allowed out on her first outing amongst a mass gathering of humans. She'd fed on twice as much animal blood than she needed to, and the different scents of blood were blocking out each other which made everything a bit easier to bear.

She and Edward were strolling through the market, unaccompanied by their parents who had decided to take in a show at the Shakespeare theatre.

The market was busy, and stall holders were on the lookout for thieves, but Evie knew that her newfound power could be used to a great advantage that day. She had wanted to get back into the thrill of stealing something and going unnoticed. It was in her blood, and even though she was a vampire now, she couldn't resist going back to her old ways.

"She likes you." Evie smirked as they passed a pompous looking blonde as she eyed Edward with great interest.

"Don't you think I know that?" Edward smiled as he nudged her shoulder out of playfulness. "I can read minds too."

He dwelt on the notion that it was nice to have another vampire around. Even if she was a childish, annoying know-it-all; he had felt lonely and slightly excluded by Carlisle and Esme's unspoken bond. He knew it couldn't be helped, but he'd always wanted a close form of contact with someone other than the couple. He smirked when he realised that Evie was this close form of contact.

"Well I was just sayin' what she was thinkin'."

"You know, there is a 'g' at the end of those words." He corrected.

"I got my language; you got yours." She paused in thought before ranting on, "Although we both know it's basically the same language..."

Evie had her eye on the fruit stall so she took Edward's hand and steered him subtly towards it.

"But it's called English for a reason you know;" she continued, "I mean I don't 'ear anyone callin' it American, do you? So to end my argument, you're the one with the weird way of speakin', not me."

"That gentleman thinks your dress like a street urchin." Edward pointed out as he ignored her speech.

He enjoyed the silence of her blocked thoughts; it was nice not to know what she was thinking, although he suspected Evie just said what she was thinking in spite of herself. He'd come to find over the past two weeks that she argued about a lot of trivial things which he didn't feel the need to focus on or participate, it was nice to actually be able to ignore someone properly for once.

However, even though Edward barely listened most of the time, when he did contribute Evie didn't take his opinion seriously anyway. It was a win-win situation for the both of them.

"And that you speak like one." He added as he took a quick glance at Evie's choice in clothes.

As they walked side by side, they looked like they'd just walked out of The Prince and The Pauper. She was dressed like a chimney sweep and he was dressed like a young gentleman. Even a tramp would know that people in those social circles were never seen together.

"I know 'e does." Evie retorted as she produced a shiny red apple from her dirty pocket, "But 'e's also worried that you're wearin' somethin' more expensive than 'im."

Evie rubbed the apple against her dirty tunic and then held it in front of her as she admired the prize.

"At least I'm tryin' to blend in. Your gettin' yourself too noticed by wearin' all this really fancy stuff." she had grabbed his arm and gestured to the cotton shirt he was wearing.

"There's nothing wrong with looking presentable." Edward replied as he checked his cufflinks and dusted the sleeves where she'd just touched them.

"You're sucha toff." Evie commented as she pulled him further into the crowd.

Edward glanced back at the fruit stall they'd just passed, just to make sure the stall owner hadn't realised one of his produce had been taken. In preparation for that time Edward had his hand around some money that he was carrying in his pocket, if Evie had been caught he was ready to pay for the stolen apple.

"As for you trying to blend in...I know you've always stolen, but do you have to do that with me around? I don't feel particularly comfortable about it." He told her in a low voice.

"Keep your breeches on." Evie smiled mischievously, "I'm a professional. Just sit back and relax."

"What if you get caught?" he murmured.

"We'll put that to the test shall we, Lord Masen?" Evie whispered in his ear as she disappeared from his side.

She dropped the apple to the floor so it wasn't floating in the air, and made her way quickly back to the fruit stall where she stole another shiny red apple.

"Show yourself." Edward hissed as he picked the now bruised apple from the cobblestone floor.

"Relax." Evie reassured him as she squeezed his shoulder with a glint in her eye; he noticed she had another apple in her hand.

"What was the point in getting another one?" he asked as he brandished the one she'd just dropped.

"I dropped that one, it'll be all bruised." She replied as she admired her new apple, "This one's new."

"But you're not going to eat it." Edward replied incredulous, "Thinking of keeping it as a trophy are you?"

She ignored his sarcasm, and to spite him, Evie bared her teeth and sank them into the crisp apple skin; she bit a chunk from the flesh and smiled insolently as she chewed quickly and swallowed.

"Taken a bite now. No one would want to buy it, its second-hand food." She shrugged as she placed it on a stall that they passed.

"Point proven," he sighed, "but aren't you going to be sorry later?"

"Sorry for what?"

"You'll see." He replied with an innocent smile as it lit up his weary face.

An hour after they'd returned from the market, Edward heard Evie rush to the bathroom in a hurry; he glanced over the top of his book and saw that Esme had a frown on her face as she glanced in the direction of the bathroom.

"Are you alright Evie?" she called out.

Her answer was met by the sound of retching as it reverberated off of the cheap porcelain tiles.

"What's wrong with her?" Esme asked her coy looking son.

"She's just eaten some bad food." He replied with a crooked smile.

Evie had a lot to learn from vampire life.


"Edward?" Evie asked suddenly.

"Yes?" he replied as he rolled on to his side to face her.

"What was your human life like?" she questioned as they lay on the roof in the moonlight one evening.

"I can't remember much, but I know I was happy. I had a father and mother who loved me, and I loved them. We weren't rich but we weren't poor either." He recounted as he ran a hand through his bronze coloured hair. "Life was simpler back then."

"'ow did you nearly die?" she blurted out. It had been a wondering of hers ever since she'd met him, although before she hadn't had the guts to ask, until now. She'd grown tired of waiting for him to volunteer the information.

"The Spanish influenza hit Chicago when I was seventeen. My father died first, then my mother. But before she died she asked Carlisle to save me, he kept his promise and here I am, alive and well. Why do you ask?"

"I was just wonderin'...if you were like me, that's all."

"What was your life like, before the change?"

"Orphanage told me I was born in the work'ouse. My mother died afta givin' birth to me. They didn't know who me father was. I lived there a couple years but I didn't like the way we was treated. Took off on me own and learned to grow up fast. Same old story as any orphan in London really. No family, no friends, died unremembered."

"It was the same for me, Evie. No family, no friends. I doubt anyone wondered where my corpse was."

"It weren't all the same." Evie argued as she sat up and pulled her legs to her chest, "At least you have somethin' worth rememberin' and holding onto. I remember everythin' but it means nothin' to me. This is my one and only life, I wish I was never human."

"Whatever has happened to any of us, we can never forget our roots. Not me, not you, not even Carlisle can erase his human life." He argued back, "Whatever happens in the past makes us into the person we have come. You shouldn't deny your human existence, Eve, it's not right."

"It's not right the way I've grown up, what law is there that says I can't forget it all? Why can't this be it for me?"

"I know you had a rough time living as a human, but I think as much as you try to deny it, you slightly miss it."

"What do you mean?"

"The clothes, the petty theft, the accent. These are all the little things from your human life you've been desperate to hold on to."

"No I 'aven't." She retaliated, "I wear the clothes because I can't afford nothin' better. I thieve because I'm good at it, and the accent will stay with me to the day I die!"

"Esme has willingly offered you some of her nicer garments, yet you've refused. We have enough money for you to purchase anything you want, yet you won't take a penny, and you may be living in England now but we're moving next week, the accent will change over time whether you like it or not."

"Shut up Edward." Evie snapped, unable to argue back.

"Eve I'm just pointing out what I see, I didn't mean to offend you..."

"You know nothin' about me!" she cut across him, "We've been family for less than a month and your actin' like you've known me since I was born."

"It's not my fault you're proposing a weak argument..."

"Leave me alone!" She screamed at him before jumping from the roof the darkness where she ran to forget everything he'd just said.

Edward felt his unbeating heart rise into the middle of his throat and he began to panic. He'd just agitated a newborn vampire and now she'd taken to the streets just days before feeding time.

There'd be no point in trying to run after her as a newborn speed was faster than him by miles. He'd never be able to find her and bring her back. He had to hope that she'd come back once she'd cooled down.

He felt a lead weight drop into his stomach when he considered the idea that maybe Evie wouldn't come back...he knew Esme and Carlisle would never forgive him, and he knew he'd never be able to forgive himself.

Evie had been his protégé, the one he was responsible for and he'd lost her. Why had he gone digging into her past? He knew she was sensitive, she'd had a troubled upbringing, yet he'd still pushed all her buttons to wind her up. What kind of brother was he?

What kind of protector let his charge run away unaccompanied?

He manoeuvred from the roof back into his bedroom window and took a deep breath before he went to tell his parents what just happened.


She returned three days later covered in dried human blood and shaking.

"Where have you been?" Esme asked as she wrapped her daughter up in her arms.

"I'm...I'm...s-s-sorry Carlisle." Evie heaved tearlessly as she turned to her concerned looking father, "I couldn't 'elp it, I 'ad to, I couldn't resist. He smelt too good for words. I'm not a bad person, am-am-am I?" she whimpered.

Carlisle stood in silence and Edward looked upon her, shame burning every pore of his skin. This was his entire fault, he'd driven her away and she'd committed murder on an innocent bystander. He'd never be able to forgive himself.

"This was what we call a blip, Evie." Carlisle replied calmly as he took his daughter's small hand into his own, "we all stumble at one point or another. I'm amazed you lasted as long as you did considering that you're living in a city packed full of humans."

"I t-t-tried so so hard!" Evie moaned into Esme's shoulder. "Most of them di-didn't bother me...but this young boy...'e was only about four I reckon, there was somethin' about him, somethin' different from the others. It was 'orrible, as s-s-soon as I drew bl-blood I couldn't stop. I wanted to, so much, but I couldn't...I killed 'im." She dry sobbed even harder than before.

Carlisle smiled sombrely and stroked his daughter's back.

"I doubt this will make you feel any better, but Edward drank from humans a few years ago." He told her.

Edward looked up from his hands and into his father's eyes, he felt some sort of betrayal, was Carlisle using his past as a form of punishment?

"It's not something I'm proud of." He whispered as he turned his eyes back to where he'd been staring before.

"I'm not saying this to make you feel guilty, Edward." Carlisle replied, "I am merely stating to Evelyn that even the best of us are tempted by things that should be forbidden."

"Who did you kill Edward?" Evie asked quietly as she left the comforting arms of Esme to approach Edward's lone figure.

"Two men and three women." Edward told her as he looked up in surprise and found her right in front of him.

"Why did you do it?" she asked as she looked at him with deep crimson eyes.

"I ran away, just like you did. I thought I'd be better off on my own, but I was wrong. I didn't leave for long, but I couldn't control myself either while living on my own. The animal inside of me was quickly taking over and I couldn't stop the monster I was becoming. The first time I killed I came across two men in a drunken stupor, I took advantage of their situation, it was quick, and painless, I prayed. It was two easy kills, and it wasn't as if their blood smelt appealing either. I killed because I could, and there was no one to stop me...Then a couple of days later I came across those poor women I killed...they were enticed to me, I couldn't deny my thirst again. I'd had my first drops of blood with the men, and I wanted my second helping. But once I killed the third woman I realised I'd given myself over to the person I promised myself I would never become. It scared me; I wanted to change back to who I was before. I wanted to try and become pure again. So when I returned to the family, with Carlisle's gracious help, I got back on the straight and narrow diet. To date those five have been my only victims."

Evie smiled at him warmly as she sympathised with Edward. Although he had killed for hunger, hers was slightly different, it was a hunger that had driven her to kill, but it had also been a need. She thought about the little boy and frowned, she should've been stronger, she should've let him live...

"I too Evie have feasted on human blood." Esme contributed. "You are not the first to do so; Carlisle is the only one with a clean record. We will forgive your mistake as we have been forgiven for ours." She smiled reassuringly.

"So you won't disown me or anything?" Evie asked lightly.

"Of course not!" Edward responded as he hugged her tightly. "Don't you dare scare me like that ever again."

"I promise." She replied as she enjoyed feeling her body close to his.

That was the second time she felt a surge of love towards him. The first was when she opened her eyes and saw him there after the transformation. This time the love felt much stronger.


Month 2

"Alaska isn't that much different from England, weather wise." Evie noted one evening after they'd finished the night's training.

"That's why Carlisle picked it." Edward replied as he picked a blade of grass from the ground and studied it before letting it blow away.

"You seem rather sombre today, are you feeling alright?"

"Those English lessons seem to be working." Edward smiled as she'd used a word she wouldn't have even considered using four weeks ago.

Since moving over to the States, Evie had been under a strict regime of learning, to mould her into an educated vampire.

Her mornings consisted of basic schooling, taught by Carlisle as she'd missed out on a proper education when growing up. She was learning mathematics, English, science, Spanish and French to start off with, before they moved onto more lessons like History and Geography. The afternoons were dedicated to Evie speaking properly. Esme ensured that her student pronounced the letters 'g' and 'h' when needed, so that Evie was now using a softer toned dialect. Then as a treat for the evenings Evie was allowed to hunt with Edward within the woods.

All three of them were surprised at how Evie picked up things so quickly, she looked to be fully educated by the time they handed her over to Tanya's care which was within a less than a month.

"Stop being so sarcastic towards me and tell me what you're thinking." She nudged him.

"I thought you'd know that already, you're always reading my mind." Edward replied as he let another blade of grass go into the wind. "Personally, I think you like to listen to my thoughts more than others. Would you care to explain why?"

"Don't even think about trying to distract me from the real conversation. It might have worked a month ago, but not anymore. I am focused on your problem."

"I have no problem, case closed."

"Yes you do. Please tell me."

"Why aren't you reading my mind to find the answer?"

"The whole invasion of privacy thing, it isn't really fair."

"It never bothered you before."

"That's because I was a different person back then. The new and improved Evie has promised not to do that to you."

"You confuse me, Evie."

"It's a talent of mine to drive you crazy" She winked, "now please tell me what's on your mind, it's driving me crazy."

"It's nothing of importance." Edward lied "I'm just planning our hunt."

"Are you sure that's all that's bothering you?"

"I'm sure."

"So, my leaving next month isn't bothering you then?" she asked quietly.

"I thought you said you weren't listening to my thoughts." Edward replied shocked.

"It doesn't mean I wasn't listening to Esme's." Evie told him quietly.

She saw a sadness within Edward's eyes that she was sure he didn't want her to see. She knew how he felt, although she felt it ten times worse. She hadn't imagined the rest of her life without Edward; she'd thought that they would stick together for eternity.

She knew the dream was not so anymore.

Life without him would commence in a less than a month.

"She's been keeping her thoughts so controlled. Even I didn't know that she'd been worrying." Edward replied still reeling from what she's just said.

"During our speech lessons, she let a few worries escape; I don't think she can help it."

"You know it's for the best, right?"

"I know." She said quietly as she turned away from him.

"Carlisle's taken a new job, I've enrolled into a school, and you need to be able to control yourself around humans again." Edward desperately explained as he turned her back to facing him.

"You don't need to make excuses Edward," Evie replied calmly, "I know I'm a threat to humans. I also know you didn't plan to change me. Things happen; you can't change your plans."

"This doesn't bother you, leaving us I mean?"

"It bothers me like no one's business but things don't last forever. Change is always happening; we had to part sooner or later."

"But once you've finished over here, you'll come back to us, right?"

"I wouldn't stay away any longer than I needed to."

"Promise me?" he whispered as he pulled her into a hug.

"Not a second longer than I have to." She breathed into his ear as the sadness made her stomach feel like lead.

They sat in the embrace for longer than they needed to. The confirmation of their separation made it feel as if it were happening already but in reality it was still a while away.

Less than a month seemed a very short time when they wanted to spend more of it together.


"Come on." Edward said as he pulled Evie's hand roughly, two weeks before she had to leave.

"What are you doing?" she asked him as she saw a wild happiness shine from his face.

"We're leaving." He replied as he pulled her hand again.

"Where are we going? It's too early to hunt."

"We're leaving this house. We'll go back to London, just me and you."

"Are you out of your mind? What are Carlisle and Esme going to do when they move to Forks without you?"

"They'll be fine. I can't let you leave Evie, it just doesn't feel right. I don't want to be alone again."

"This is stupid, you'd never be alone."

"I don't want to go back to the way it was before, I want you in my life forever Eve and this way we can. They won't come after us, they'll understand, I know they will."

"Edward, this is silly. I'm still a threat, you saw the aftermath of London, you saw the blood from the boy I killed. I'm not ready for an independent life, I still need training."

"I can train you, please lets go, away from here."

"I'm still stronger and faster than you, there'd be no chance of restraining me on your own. Please don't make this any harder than it already is, Edward, I can't handle it." Evie pleaded.

"I don't want to lose you." Edward whispered as he hugged her fiercely.

"You won't ever lose me, I promise. Just stick with the plan and I'll be back with you in no time."

Edward nodded against her shoulder but had the foreboding feeling that he would never see Evie again. He held her tightly until they were disturbed by Esme returning from grocery shopping. He let go of her skinny frame and left her standing in her room.

He loved her, but with so little time left he just couldn't get the words out before it was too late.


Month 3

The day of separation had come about all too soon; Carlisle, Esme, Edward and Evie had arrived at the Denali house and it was snowing. The cabin looked like something out of a storybook, a chocolate-box house covered in snow with the smoke spiralling out of the chimney; it looked like the perfect place to live. In contrast, it was a lot different from the house Evie had been living in before the move.

Evie noted that despite its faultless appearance it looked a little unwelcoming, but she decided that it was most likely because it was foreign to her.

She took a deep steadying breath and forced a smile as Tanya walked out and greeted them with a genuine welcoming smile.

"Well, well. If it isn't the Cullen's and their young protégé." She beamed as Carlisle kissed her hand "You have nothing to worry about; I'll take good care of her. Then when she's ready she can come back to live with you."

Edward and Evie gave each other a look of unease before she stepped away from him to stand next to Tanya. He looked lost now she had left his side; it pained her even more to see him like that. It felt as if she'd ripped off a piece of herself, but she had to conceal it for Esme and Carlisle's sake, they were sending her here for her own good and she would not throw it back in their faces.

"I'll be fine. Edward's taught me the basics." Evie smiled over in Carlisle and Esme's direction. "I'll be the top student by the time I come back."

"Take care, Evie." Esme said as she now held Edward's hand tightly. She could see that he was going to miss her. If Carlisle hadn't decided to send her to Tanya's she had hoped that Edward and Evie would become romantically attached, but it wasn't meant to be for the time being. She hoped that in the future Evie would return and then she and Edward would pick up straight from where they left off. That was her dream for her two children.

Unable to be apart from his friend, Edward walked over to Evie and pulled her into a hug.

"Come back as soon as possible." He breathed into her ear as he felt a gut wrenching pain; he knew this would be the last conversation they would have for a while, and he wanted the moment to last as long as possible.

"I'll miss you most Edward." Evie smiled sombrely as she brushed her cheek against his.

"I'll miss your stupid accent."

"I'll miss all your teasing."

She let go of him and hugged Esme and Carlisle before saying her goodbyes and walking into her new home.

Mentally, she tried to convey a message to Edward but she was sure he would never hear it.

"Before I left you for good, I just wanted to say...I love you."

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