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Goodbye Friendship Memories

We were such good friends

Remember all those good times?

We would laugh and smile together

We talked to each other so much

Things began to change and you grew more differently than I

When he left, you cried and became filled with sorrow

I tried to comfort you it might have worked a little

Then it was destroyed

I insulted him for your sake I believed

But you said never to say that

I told you to stop being this way but you said that you can't

Our friendship was destroyed that day

You said we weren't friends even though we were the best of friends

So long ago I can remember those days...

They fade away and slip from my fingers..

I cry about it and I may never stop even if you cannot see my tears...

I would hope that we could laugh and forget about it one day

But that's just a silly wish

So now I try to remember those days when we could laugh together

Those memories seem so long ago I'm beginning to forget

This means now I must say goodbye friendship and goodbye memories...