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"Wanna tell me what you're doing?"

She heard him sigh and watched as he shimmied out from underneath the sink. The look in his eyes screamed 'call Captain Obvious.'

"Fixing the sink."

Sarah crossed her arms, not knowing that she had cocked out her hip and was giving him a look quite reminiscent of her pre-Mother-of-Mankind days. Of course, Derek would never have recognized it.

"I wasn't aware that it needed to be fixed."

He looked at her for a moment, then ducked back under the sink. Sarah rolled her eyes in frustration and went to the pantry for some bread. She knew the sink didn't need to be fixed; he was just "fixing" it because he had nothing better to do.

None of them did.

It had been weeks since they'd had even a whiff of the Turk's trail, and the ensuing doldrums were starting to affect them all. But if anyone had the worst case of cabin fever, it was Derek. God forbid he be stuck inside for longer than a few minutes.

Of course, deep down Sarah knew that his need to constantly be on the move stemmed from his past. Kyle had been the same way. He'd hated staying in one spot for too long, it was never safe…

She set the jar of peanut butter down a little harder than she'd intended, trying to snap out of whatever nostalgia she'd been about to enter. But the resounding noise had made Derek sit up rather suddenly beneath the sink and the crack of his forehead hitting the underside of the cabinet was louder than what had startled him. Sarah winced inwardly.


Shaking her head, she walked across the kitchen and helped him out from under the sink. There was a nasty gash on his forehead, but it wasn't bleeding much, so she skipped straight to chastising him.

"Gun-shy much?"

The glare he sent her was all fury, and he pushed her away and stood, turning away. Sarah stood as well and crossed her arms, watching as he pulled the first aid kit out from the top cabinet and set about applying antibiotic ointment to the cut without the use of a mirror. Her eyebrow quirked when Derek began feeling around for the gash and cursed every time he touched it.

"Here." She took the Neosporin from him and reached up to wipe some across the cut. He watched her as she did it, his green eyes focused on her face intently. When she pulled her hand away Sarah met his eyes and froze.

He was still angry to be sure, but that wasn't all. It was never all these days.

She thought she'd be able to look away, but for some reason she kept on staring back, and he did the same, and the air seemed to disappear from the room.

She slowly became aware that they were very close, and that his lips were even closer. Her stomach flipped.

The gut-wrench was enough motivation to snap out of it, and she slapped the Band-Aid on perhaps rougher than necessary. Needless to say, it broke whatever spell had fallen over them.

"Goddammit! That fuckin hurt!"

She found her voice quicker than she thought she would. "That's what you get for trying to fix something that doesn't need to be fixed. Next time you're bored, go for a walk or something."

And with that she exited the kitchen, leaving Derek fuming behind her. He put the first aid kit back and stormed toward the gun safe.

He needed something to clean.

Sarah was thinking about flowers. Or, more specifically, daisies.

White ones.

Damn him…

They hadn't been spoken about. Neither one of them had mentioned them after that night. The whole event had become forgotten, as if it had never happened. But, as usual, silence and feigned ignorance failed them.

The looks were still there. The tension was still between them. That… that feeling ― that intangible thing ― was still lurking around the corner, watching, waiting for one of them to get close enough, to make one stupid mistake…

And they had come so close so many times. John's birthday, that night she'd been shot, just now in the kitchen… So many times she'd seen that look and thoughts had run rampant through her head and her pulse had quickened and she'd had to shut it out, had to force it away.

Because she couldn't afford to make another mistake. She couldn't afford to fall prey to it, despite how much she ached to.

He was Kyle's brother, for God's sake. Her lover's brother…

But then why did she find herself thinking about Derek more often? Was it because he was there and Kyle was not? Was it because Derek was available? Or was he really? Something about him screamed 'off limits,' though she wasn't sure why.

But if he was off limits, why did he keep looking at her like that? Why did he keep fixing her with those green eyes and just proceed to stare, like he could see straight through her? Or worse, like he wanted to…

It was that that she hated the most, that predatory gleam. That hunger in his eyes. Like she was meat.

But wasn't it her fault? Wasn't she the one that had made him do it? Hadn't she pulled her shirt off in front of him?

But that wouldn't be enough to make him like that. Not in a million years. A teenager, maybe, but not Derek. No, not Derek…

So what had just happened? Another moment, another chance of her slipping up. But what if she just went with it? Went with it like she'd gone along with the park idea? What would happen then?

Would something good or bad come out of it?

No Fate but what we make...

"Sarah? Where the hell's the gun oil?"

"Its where you left it!"

"Well where the fuck is that?!"

Sarah shook her head and dumped the bouquet into her wastebasket before going to help him find it. No, better to go on like nothing had happened. Like nothing would happen.

It's better this way, remember, Sarah?

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