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The Memories of You and Me

It's been a year since that incident…since everything happened. I can remember everything so clearly. The town burning from

far away, the castle crumbling into pieces. My mother's face as she lay dead on the floor…and most of all his voice. His voice

that reminded me so much of a summer breeze, but I also remember his betrayal. I was so foolish to believe him from the

start. It was all just a lie to destroy our town and castle. He seemed so heroic and brave to me I always used to imagine him

sweeping me off my feet on his white horse but now that dream is no more. His story and loyalty were all so real and it really

did seem that he loved me. Maybe it was because back then I was very naïve and I even believed it when he told me that I

had wings growing on my back! I was so blinded with my love for him, I did anything I could for him to be happy and what

happened to our peaceful home might have been my fault. For I even unknowingly brought the castle and the town to ruin.

Now as I finish drinking my water I cry and start to reminisce all those old memories. I try to stop my tears but I cannot for I

remember the scene that still haunts my dreams from so long ago….when he stabbed my mother through her heart because

she was trying to protect me. I want to remember everything from the beginning all the way back to those happy days……