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Well I think we've had enough of that part of the story for a little so let's move on to some other characters.Oh and if you're wondering where Sakura is well…she's preoccupied with something at the moment. Like Neji Hyuuga, Hinata's cousin who was mean to he, ok maybe not mean but he didn't talk a lot at first but changed when he met TenTen. You'll learn what they do in this chapter so listen.

After Hinata and her mother woke up from their sleep they headed over to the neighboring kingdom. When they arrived they received many welcomes and many hugs but Hinata being Hinata just shyly stood behind her mother. Then came the reunion of the Hyuuga family, they had so many family members I'm not even going to bother explaining about it. But I will tell you how you can tell if they're a Hyuuga it's because they all have lavender eyes, how that happened I don't know.

When King Hiashi saw Hinata he asked her to come to him and she obeyed saying "He-hello fa-father." He looked at her at a moment then suddenly…his eyes started tearing and he hugged her and carried her up!

"Ayune is this really Hinata? She's so cute now!! Makes me want to cry at her cuteness!" and cry he did….what an emotional man. (Yes yes I kno Im making him oc but at this moment in time I don't believe I care )

Then Hinata being a little braver hugged her father back and he smiled at her. He let her down and a boy with eyes like her was in front of her.

"Uh-um he-hello..I-I am Hi-hi-hinata," she had shyly said but the boy just looked at her and seemed to glare at her too.

Then after a while he began to speak in a rather frightening tone, "My name is Neji, I am your cousin and I can't believe a girl like you is the heir what disgrace…"

Hinata looked like she was on the verge of tears but remembering that Sakura would scold her if she didn't say something she was getting ready to speak. But Neji had gone off to somewhere else before she could so she began to look for him.

Is she really going to be the next heir? She's going to be too weak to be able to not to mention hard to look after, the little white eyed boy thought.

Then he saw a girl in the Knights Area (yeah no idea what to call it so for now Knights Area) and this was strange so he walked towards her.

"What are you doing here?" he asked and then the girl turned to him. She had two buns in her hair and had brown eyes.

"Im a knight in training!" she had shouted looking very proud at herself. Neji could not believe this for one she was probably 8 years old like him and two she was a girl.

"What a lie that is. I know that girls can't be knights" and when he said that the girl started to glare at him. This was very strange since no one had glared at HIM before so he stepped back a little. She came closer to him.

"Well Im going to be part of this special thing where they're letting girls become knights!! You'll see I'll be an amazing knight!!" Then she began to smile again for some reason. "Watch when I do you can't make fun of me!"

Neji looked at her strangely and then maybe just maybe a hint of amusement showed on his face.

"Alright then what's your name you so-called knight? Mine is Neji Hyuuga." he asked very curiously indeed.

"My name is TenTen, TenTen….wait I forgot my last name again!" she began to giggle as if she had forgotten countless times. He wanted to laugh with her and for some reason Neji had this warm feeling in him as he looked at her.

"Well then I'll be going and I'll be waiting for when you do become a great knight" and he waved to her as he went back inside. She waved very actively back and then went back to the Knights Area.

I wonder if that girl can do it…I mean she forgot her last name after all and with that he sweat dropped.

"Ne-Neji-nii-san!!" a voice called out from behind him and it was none other than cute little Hinata. He looked behind him to see a very determined Hinata.

"What do you want?" he said in a monotone way. She looked very fiercely at him well as fiercely as she could manage anyway.

"I-I wi-will prove to-to be-be the be-best heir ever! I-I wi-will try my-my ve-very be-best!!" she looked so determined that Neji looked at her with respect instead of detest this time.

"Then try your best Hinata-Hime I will be looking forward to it" and with that he walked away. Leaving a very satisfied Hinata there but then she walked over to where Ayune was. As Neji walked to his room he began to think I guess girls are strong after all but let's see how strong they are. He then smiled inwardly as he thought about the girl in the Knights Area and he was blushing without even knowing it.

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