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Chapter 1:

There's always hope

BPOV (7 years old)

My name's Bella and I'm 7 years old and lately I've been to the hospital a great numbers of times, for someone of my age. My mom tells me that the doctors had found something in me so they're making sure what exactly is. But I'm sure that is not that serious.

"Bella, sweetie, we are moving."

"Where mommy?"

"We are going to London."

BPOV (3years later)

My name's Bella Swan and I'm 10 years old and I've been diagnosed with leukemia. My mom told me that the doctors found out when I was 7. They decided to tell me today because my mom thought that it was the time to tell me, she didn't wanted to tell me sooner because I was 

way too young. Now was the time to discuss my treatment, most likely it'll have to be chemotherapy, I guess there is no other choice.

"Bella, wait for me outside please,"

My mom, Renné said as she came through the doors of the doctor's office. I nodded. Looks like Dr. Cullen wants to talk to my mom. I went outside and sat in the waiting room, looking at the floor.

"Why are you crying?"A smooth velvet voice asked me.

As I raised my head and touched my wet cheek, was when I realized that I was crying. Great. I didn't answer and felt that someone sat beside me. When I decided to raise my head I saw, that sitting beside me was the most beautiful guy that I've ever seen, He had bronze, messy hair, coal black eyes and pale skin. He was sitting stiff and the look of frustration and curiosity reigned on his face. What the heck is wrong with this guy?

"What's your name?" He asked.

"Bella. Bella Swan. Yours?"

"Edward Cullen." He does look related to my doctor. "What's wrong?"He asked again.

What the hell, I thought; I might as well let it all out.

"I have cancer since I was 7 years old. I just found out today". I waited to see his reaction, his face was full of sympathy. "I'm only 10 years old and now that I think about it I won't be able to go to High School, go to collage, be a doctor. I won't be able to fall in love,"

There was a few seconds of silence between us.

"I beg to differ, I believe that you will be able to finish your studies and I know that someday you will fall in love with a guy that will love you just as much. I have faith in you."

I looked up shocked. My eyesight was getting blurry because of my tears.\

"So no more crying."Edward told me as he glided his hand across my cheek to wipe my tears away.

We talked for a while now. I know that he is 17 years old. Dr. Carlisle Cullen is his adoptive father and he has a brother and a sister (Emmett and Alice) and an adoptive brother and sister (Jasper and Rosalie), He also told me about Esme, his adoptive mother. He likes classical music and reading, he knows that I love them too and that my favorite book is Wuthering Heights.

"Bella is time to go home."My mom called for me from across the room.

Edward stood up."I better go look for my dad."I nodded. "Remember Bella…Have faith."With that he turned and started to walk as quickly as possible.

"Thank you Edward."I whispered, but surprisingly he heard it. He stopped, looked my way and gave me a crooked smile, which made my heart stop. After that he continued walking away.

I turned back, walking towards my mother, with Edward's words still in my head. We walked towards the car, on my part knowing that I'll never see Edward again, though I still hoped that maybe, one day, we will see each other again. One thing's for sure, though, I'll never forget Edward's words... "Have faith, Bella

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