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Chapter 12:

This just isn't my Weekend

I woke up with a gasp escaping my lips. I ran off to the bathroom towards my morning therapy with the toilet; God! I'm getting sick of this…hehe, sick. I sat on my bed remembering yesterday's events; the thought brought my lips into a thin line. I was covered in cold sweat. I looked through my window and saw the same clouded sky that was simply matching my mood. That's it! I need to do something today. I went to take a bath, my normal morning routine. I dressed into a simple purple long sleeved shirt and the only clean jeans that I had were a pair that Renée once bought, they were low cut and very tight. Ugh! Note to self: Never, I repeat, never forget to do the laundry. I'll do it when I get home. Once I finished my breakfast, I left a note for Charlie.

Dad, went to Port Angeles. I'll be back around 8:00pm. If you need anything call me on my cell.

Love, Bella

I grabbed my keys and went to my van. Once I arrived at Port Angeles I went to a Book Store; I needed new reading material. I started looking through the shelves when I heard some screaming. I poked my head out of the shelf and I looked at the two screaming girls. One of them was caucasian and had dark medium length hair and brown eyes; the second one had a latin complexion and had dark short curly hair.

"OMG, Look at this, Dened!!" said the first girl.

"I know, Bea!" said Dened. Then the both of them started screaming "HARRY POTTER!!!!" Uhhh, ok? Just then there was another scream.

"NARUTO!! I HAVE TO BUY THIS!" said a short black girl. She had short hair and dark eyes.

I saw two figures running past me. These two girls were both tanned, one had short black hair and some glasses and the other one also had short hair and red highlights. What's with the short hair lately? (AN: I Have nothing against short hair so please don't feel offended or anything ty!) The one with the glasses was following a little dog "No, Jacob! Stop! DONT PEE IN THE BOOKSHELF! Marie stop laughing and help me before we get kicked out!!!" The one with the glasses said. The one that was called Marie was hyperventilating. "Ash, you look so KAWAII! Hahaha!" Talk about weird people, I better get some distance from them.

Once the crazy moment was all in the past, I got some great books and bought a new copy of Pride and Prejudice and Wuthering Heights. I came out to the parking lot, needing to put away my bags. Hmm, might as well buy a few clothes. I was walking towards the mall again when I felt my pocket vibrate. I opened it.

1 new message from


I flipped it open and started to read the text:

Bella!! I -

Just as I was reading the text my cell slipped from my butterfingers as I tripped and it fell in to a puddle. Ugh! Just my luck! Shoot! I bend over and picked it out. OK, so no cell phone. I sighed. Guess I'll keep it for a moment. Don't know what good it will do, but I'll have to let Charlie know about it. I sighed again as I shoved it in my pocket. Hmmm… Where to go? Well, I could see some things at Hot Topic and maybe I'll check Target or something, can't waste too much money, now that I'll have to buy a new cell phone. I went back in to the Mall and started going through the Food Court, chuckling as I remembered the incident Lauren had not so long ago.


I heard someone yelling my name; I turned around and searched through the crowd. I saw Angela (AN: Haha thought it was Edward or Alice) waving at me. As I got closer I saw that she wasn't alone, Jessica was with her too.

"Hey, guys" I said as I was grabbing the empty chair and sitting down.

"Hey, Bella? Do you mind shopping with us?"said Jessica. Well, that's a surprise. I looked at Angela and she looked at me with pleading eyes, I knew I couldn't refuse. Angela was nice enough and Jessica wasn't too bad.

"Sure." I said smiling. "So, which store?"

"I wanted to go to Old Navy I saw some pretty shirts there" said Angela.

"Ok." said Jessica.

Once we entered the store we got busy, Jessica and Angela looked like they're having a blast, on my part just pure torture. Angela was trying on some clothes she liked, while she was at it Jessica decided to speak to me.

"So, Bella, you and Cullen, huh?" she said with a sneer. As she said his last name I felt my knees go weak with grief because of yesterday's events. Things are going to be hard to fix.

"We aren't together like that Jess. He just needed a date and he asked me, that's all." said a sad voice that later I recognize it was mine. I just had to mess things up with my motor mouth. Angela showed up and said that she was ready to pay for her things.

"Ugh! Pleease! It's pretty obvious that you feel something for him" said the idiot that was starting to get on my nerves.

"It's nothing like that, Jessica." my tone was clearly saying to please drop the subject, but I guess she was too dense to read between the lines. Angela threw me a sympathetic look when she decided to speak up.

"Hey, Jess? I was wondering which of these do you like best." God bless her golden heart. We left the store and wondered around the mall for a few hours when it was time to go home. Thanks to Angela the subject was never touched again. I guess she sensed my discomfort. We said our goodbyes and went our different ways. Once outside, I noticed it was already dark. Well, purpose of the day completed.

I never really liked driving in the dark but there's no other option. In the middle of the highway my truck was making some weird noises and it started slowing down. Ah! Fudgesickles!! I tried to move the truck to the side of the highway, succeeding a little. I got out and kicked the door.

"Stupid, rusting, piece of nothing!" I yelled. I know it didn't help with anything but still, it felt good. I decided to pull my cell when I remembered it DIED! AGH! Just my luck. Well, the least I can do now is to wait for someone to drive by and see if they can help me out.

__________________1 hour later_________________________

I was lying against my door when I heard something in the forest. I slowly turned around and walked towards it slowly. This is like a scary movie, the curious one always get killed. I saw a shadow move, it was getting closer and closer. Oh my God! Once it came where there was more light, I could finally see it; a mountain lion. I froze. Please God, I know I don't have much time, but please help me survive this. It was moving and then it was making a crouch, teeth bared out, growling, ready for the hunt. I shut my eyes and waited for the attack but it never came. Instead I heard another growl, a stronger one. But it couldn't be. The other figure was human. I saw the human circle the mountain lion and in a quick motion he leaped towards the animal. I couldn't see very well, but I could still hear the growling and the snapping sounds that were coming from them. I saw the human make a giant leap and snapped the mountain lion's neck and started to drink from it. I got closer. Are you crazy? Just run away, get in the truck, anything! My legs didn't hear my mind, they were moving on their own accord. The man stood up and turned to face me. His clothes were ripped and muddy, but his mouth was full of blood.

" E- Edward?"

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