Hey everyone!

Look, song inspired fiction: you love it or hate it. I tend to like it, because nine times out of ten I write because I've been inspired by music. This collection epitomizes just that. Besides, even in an age of mp3 players, who doesn't enjoy a good ol' fashioned mix tape? (Well, I do, anyway.)

These are by no means long, involved tales; these are just snapshots inspired by the track listed at the beginning of each chapter, and the whole concept is pretty freeform. The stories won't be in chronological order. Sometimes the characters are interacting with the song. Sometimes it's just playing in the background. Sometimes the song was just the framework I built the story around. I don't even like all the music I used – yeah, that might sound odd, but I don't ignore something if it works. Some stories are silly, some sad, some angsty and some joyful. I only gave myself two rules: every character gets a tale of their own (so all you Creed fanatics look out!), and the song had to be one I could see the character listening to and enjoying.

Because I don't believe something like this works if you don't know what music I'm referring to, I've set up a playlist at the Project Playlist website where you can listen along as you read. You can find it at www . playlist . com / node / 34072057. (Obviously remove those spaces!) I'll add songs as their corresponding stories are posted. I highly recommend checking it out as a companion piece.

And while I'm sure all you smart cookies knew this, I guess I need to state that I most assuredly don't own any of the characters or the lyrics used in the following works, and that no copyright infringement is intended. All I did was throw everything in my mental blender to see what tasty concoction I could come up with.

I really hope you enjoy this. Whether you do or don't, please tell me – I love a review!

Also, thank you to my amazing husband, who despite hating fan fiction has let his love for me, music and The Office move him to help me with this. I love that guy.

--BEBee. :)