Hm... New Story... Idk... Sorry to all for the story I'm Needing You... I couldnt get into it... so how were you supposed to? Lol...

Sam's Diary Page 104:

Dear Diary,

I can't keep this up. Watching him with her is killing me. I think... I just need to, I don't know... Distance myself? Maybe, but being with out him... I don't think I can do it. Ya know... Diary, Ashley is a sweet, beautiful girl. She makes him happy... But I just... don't think she's right for him. Do you know what happened today? We were sitting in the lunch room at school, Well this is how it went.

"Hey Danny." I said sitting down with him. Just as we got into our regular conversation, She just had to come and wreck it. "Dannerz!" She squealed. God, that stupid, STUPID voice. By that point I was so sick of it. "Ash!" He replied. She plopped her self between us and planted a kiss on his cheek. I rolled my eyes and scooted over. I looked down at my tofu burger and poked it. It really didn't look all that apatizing anymore. I sighed it and pushed it away. I looked at Danny's food and to my shock it was untouched. He was too damn busy looking at her. Soon enough Tucker came a sat down.

"Hey guys!" I rolled my eyes, really not in the mood for Tucker's cheeryness when I was in such a horrible mood. "Ouch! What's your problem?" I snarled and got up, pretty much flipping my food into the air. "Sam?!" Danny called. Tears started trickling down my cheeks. All I could think was, "Why am I crying? It's just some dumb boy! Stop!" "Wow... must be PMS." I herd faintly from behind me. I spun around and stormed over to the table again. "You have no idea what's wrong!! So don't be- Ughh!! Just never mind!" Tears were now pouring down my face. I didn't bother going to the rest of my classes. I just stayed in the bathroom the rest of the day.

Yup, So that was my wonderfull day. As soon as the last bell rang I booked it out of there. So now.. I'm laying in my bed listening to sappy music writting in... well you! Hold on doorbell.

Sam's POV:

I closed my diary carefully, Got up than tip-toed down the stairs. Thank God the parents aren't home. I opened the door and of course standing there was that same old Black hair blue-eyed wonder that made me melt just by talking. "Hey Sam, You okay?" I was just about to answer when I saw that damn girl again! "No. No I'm not." I slammed the door in his face. That night he tried to come and see her four times, called her house 12 times and texted her about 20. He obviously was worried, 'Good let him worry!' She thought.

Sam's Diary Page 105:

So... Danny showed up, with HER again. He just texted me for the millionth time. He actually had the nerve to say, "Sam, what did I do?" I'm so tempted to text him back and tell him, but I figure there's no point. It's 10:30. Can't he just leave me alone. I need to move on. Plain and simple. But I don't know if I can.

Sam's POV:

I woke up to my alarm clock going off. I sighed and rolled over, slammed my fist onto the off button and sat up. It's a horrible day. Already, I can feel it. I got up and walked to the door peeking at my parents shut door, I wonder when they got home last night. Who cares? Not me. I closed my door again and walked to my dresser. I pulled out fresh clothes. A black and purple striped tube top, black jeans with a chain belt, underwear, bra, socks, and of course my same old combat boots. I walked over to the bathroom in my room and turned on the taps.

I slowly undressed and got in. The warm water didn't help my sleepyness. After I was done I got out and dried off than put on my clothes. I stood in front of the mirror with my blow dryer in my hands. I dried my hair and put it up in a high pony tail and slapped on some make-up. I put on my black arm cuffs and threw on a baggy sweater. I looked at the clock, it read 7:30. An hour to get to school. Not going to be hard, usually takes me about 20 minutes to walk. I really hope that Danny get's the point and doesn't try to pick me up from home and walk with me to school.

I sighed. I walked downstairs and opened the cupboard. I grabbed a bowl and a spoon and poured myself some cereal watching the morning news. I must of lost track of time it was already 7:55. If I was going to avoid Danny then I need to leave now. I walked to the door and there he was. Standing alone waiting. "Your late." I tried my best not to snarl at him but failed, "What are you talking about! It usually don't leave in till 8:00." He flashed his world winning smile and said, "But if your really trying to avoid me, you usually leave alot earlier than this. Don't forget Sam, I know you too well."

I tried not to blush and become a pile of mush infront of him. I wanted to keep up my angry fase. Just for a few more days. "Danny, just please leave me alone." I could feel tears prickling the backs of my eyes. "Sam! What's wrong! Your so distante lately! You never want to talk to me. One minute your happy than the next your in a horrible mood. What's going on?" I broke down. Again. He wrapped me up in his arms. No I can't do this. I need to move on. I broke free and started to run. "Sam! Wait!" He screamed after me.

There ya have it. My newest story :D