"Naruto, Kiba…w-we shouldn't be doing this." Hinata said, swimming along after the other two mer-people.

"Aw, Hinata, we're just having some fun, don't worry about it," Kiba laughed, stop to face the girl.

"But Kiba-kun…"

"C'mon guys! I want to get to the shore before baa-chan comes looking for us," Naruto shouted, swimming away from his two friends.

"Right you are Naruto, right you are, let's go." Kiba said, quickly swimming ahead of the blonde.

Hinata faltered for a second before following uncertainly.

"Don't worry Hinata, you'll love the shore. These huge ships are always unloading and the humans are always amusing to watch," Naruto assured the Hyuuga.

"But, Naruto-kun, Neji said the shore was a dangerous place," Hinata murmured.

"Oh, Neji is full of it, we go all the time. Right, Kiba?"

"Yeah, but only because Naruto is completely crushing on that one dry-lander," Kiba chuckled, dodging when Naruto tried to slap his head.

"Don't listen to him, Hinata-chan, he's an idiot. And he forgot his medication this morning," Naruto grumbled.


"There it is!" Kiba said, swimming behind a large group of rocks to observe the happenings on shore.

The shore was actually the port of Fire Country. And Naruto was indeed infatuated with the prince of the country; a raven-haired, pale skinned, dark-eyed young man, barely older than Naruto. And Naruto would totally have asked him out, except for the entire lack-of-legs thing.

That's right, Naruto, and the rest of Konohagakure, were mermen or mermaids. Fins and scales and gills, they had all the fish bits attached to a human torso and head. Naruto was the nephew of the queen of the village; Tsunade. Naruto, being the defiant young merman he was, often came to the port to watch (and squeal about the cuteness of) the prince. Naruto (being the slightly-awesome stalker he was) even knew the prince's name. Uchiha Sasuke was his name, and even though he was a bastard (and had those disgusting legs) he was sexy as hell. Except for the legs, gross.

The three mer-people watched the goings-on of the shore. There were people loading and unloading huge cargo ships. Merchants were selling their wares in the streets. Children were gallivanting all over the place, most making nuisances of themselves. And also, Sasuke was there. The young prince was watching the progress of the goods of the ships. Or he should have been. Instead, the Uchiha was staring at the ocean, entranced by the ebb and flow; his eyes following each wave in turn.

Naruto watched Sasuke from behind the rocks. His blue eyes were focused on Sasuke's even though the raven didn't notice the blonde. Assured that he was hidden well enough behind the boulders, Naruto allowed his head to surface. Breathing in the salty air and listening to the chatter and shouting of the land-dwellers, and focusing more intently on Sasuke.

Then, a tanned hand grabbed Naruto's arm, pulling him back under with a large splash.

"What the hell?" The blonde shouted, outraged and confused.

"What are you doing? You could have been seen!" Kiba shouted back.


"I was careful! I was hidden!" Naruto answered, pushing the other boy away from him.

"You were not! That was a fucking stupid idea, Naruto." Kiba said, shoving the blonde.

"Um, g-guys?"

"It wasn't stupid, moron. No one noticed me at all."

"It was a dumbass move, dumb ass."


"What?" Both boys shouted at the nervous girl.

"I-I think we should leave now," Hinata muttered.

"Why?" Naruto asked. Hinata pointed over the rocks.

Naruto turned and looked back at shore. Apparently, the splash he and Kiba had made was bigger than they thought, as it had attracted not only the prince's attention, but most of the sailors and merchants as well.

"Well, damn. Let's go, quickly." Kiba said, pulling Hinata away from the rocks.

"N-Naruto-kun?"Hinata called to the blue-eyed merman.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm coming," Naruto said, turning away from the dark-eyed man on shore to follow his friends back to the village.

As they made their way back to the depths of the ocean where Konohagakure was, Naruto couldn't help but wonder about the Uchiha heir. He could swear, if he didn't know any better, that those dark eyes had been staring directly into his own ocean-blue eyes.

"We are so dead!" Kiba yelled as they reached the village.

"Yes, yes you are." A very, very scary voice said behind the three teens.

"B-baa-chan? We didn't do anything that bad, I swear!" Naruto defended, swimming behind Hinata. Surely, the strong, slightly-drunk woman wouldn't hurt a stuttering young girl.

"Naruto, you moron! You were almost SEEN! How could you make such a bone-head move? Idiot!" Tsunade screamed, moving Hinata to the side in order to punch Naruto in the head.

"Yeah, that's what I told him, Hokage-sama." Kiba said, nodding his head in agreement.

"You, you're just as much to blame. You both are. Honestly, going to the shore? Again? You know that's forbidden for a reason. Really, didn't last time teach either of you a lesson?" Tsunade asked, slamming her fist into Kiba's head as well.

Hinata passed out from all the violence and anger the busty woman was exuding.

"Well, I'll take Hinata to the infirmary to get her patched up. You two will be waiting for me in my office." Tsunade glared at the two boys as they quickly swam away. "I mean it; you two are so beyond dead. When I'm done with you, you'll both be wishing you WERE ten feet under. Idiots!"

Naruto laughed slightly and looked at Kiba. Would it be safer to hide and wait for Tsunade to cool down and search for them or actually go to her office and wait for her? Either way was basically certain death. But, Tsunade might be more pissed if they directly disobeyed her orders than if they actually listened to her for once. And, really, there was no need to invoke more wraths from the angry woman.


A/N: Yes, this is an Ariel AU. And yes, they are mermaids. And yeah, it is based off of the Ashley Tisdale song: Kiss the Girl. Damn, I have no life. I mean, I watch Disney channel. Ugh, I'm hopeless. Shoot me now.