Title: Illicit Activities

Pairing: Calleigh/Natalia CSI: Miami

Rating: R. (it's a little bit naughty)

Disclaimer: I don't own them.

Summary: For the 48 hour Halloween challenge, I took the CSI promt (Visiting the morgue during the graveyard shift on Halloween shouldn't be this much fun) just a little drabble/dribble.

Sneaking around the morgue during graveyard shift on Halloween should not be this much fun. In fact, it should be illegal. Actually, it probably is, mused Natalia. God only knew; if Alexx caught them like this?

The DNA tech's thoughts however, were abruptly and deliciously derailed as Calleigh's tongue traced along her jaw and the blonde's hand finished tugging at Natalia's shirt and slipped inside to roam sensitive skin.

How the hell did this even happen? It had been a long, grueling day, filled with more weirdness than the lab had seen since the curse of the coffin, and then…And then Calleigh's thumb was stroking her nipple through the satin of her bra and Natalia managed to unzip the smaller woman's trousers and slipped her hand inside to find the heat waiting just for her, and she stopped giving a damn about how they arrived here.

No, sneaking around the morgue at night should not be this much fun, but you weren't going to hear Natalia complaining.