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Ella held up two different colored bikinis, one blue and the other black with navy outlines. I stared at them for awhile with a slight frown.

"You don't have anything more...modest?" I questioned, huffing. But then again, I thought of Fang. And me. And Fang seeing me in a bikini. I almost smirked.

"Yeah, no. This is all I have," apologized Ella, giving a silly grin. "I bet Fang would like it though."

"I agree," said Angel, who had appeared at the doorway. I gaped at the both of them. This was why I kept me and Fang's relationship a secret. I sighed.

"Okay, fine. I'll wear the black one," I muttered, somewhat reluctantly. Ella handed the bikini to me and I went to the bathroom to put it on. Once it was on, I took a quick look at myself in the mirror and almost did a double-take. I looked so...grown up. Especially since Ella's swimsuit was a bit too small for me, making it slightly more revealing. And I swear my chest wasn't that big last time I looked.

I went back to Ella's room to find that everyone was now in their swimsuits. Angel was wearing a cute light blue one-piece with a big white star on the front, Ella had on a plain light pink bikini, and Nudge was looking more grown-up than ever in a white bikini and short pink board-shorts. Angel and Ella grinned as they saw me and I mentally groaned. They were almost as bad as each other. Nudge squealed when she caught sight of me.

"Ohmygod Max! You look like one of the models out of those fashion magazines!" she gushed, jumping up and down excitedly. The others nodded in agreement. I somehow doubted that I looked like that.

"All the guys are outside waiting for us," commented Angel, peaking out of Ella's bedroom window. I joined her at the window to see that she was right. Wow, they get dressed fast. Typical guys.

I looked over to Ella and was alarmed to see an almost maniacal grin spreading across her features. Angel mirrored her expression. She must have caught on to her train of thought. Nudge looked between the two, confused. I gave in.

"Okay, what is it?" I asked reluctantly, crossing my arms. Ella started to giggle.

"I have an awesome plan. Lets get all the biggest water guns, leaving all the small ones to the guys, and then sneak up on them and attack them!" she explained excitedly, already opening her cupboard to search for the water guns. I smirked and nodded in agreement, Nudge grinning too. Ella handed us a water gun each, making sure they were the biggest of the lot, and gave us tiny water pistols for backup. Then, Nudge took the remaining guns downstairs to the guys, where she told them we would be coming down once we were all dressed. I heard Gazzy say something about "Girls take too long" and I smiled. This was going to be fun.

We quietly descended the stairs and sneaked out the front door, where we then made a mad dash into the surrounding forest to the right, which would give us a good advantage to sneak up on the guys without being seen. We crept between the trees, carefully avoiding making too much noise. After all, Iggy had excellent hearing. As we rounded the house to the back, the guys came into view. They were sitting on the back lawn, probably still waiting for us to come out the back door. I silently laughed.

They were all in shorts and a T-shirt, Fang typically wearing all black. I heard Gazzy shout out for us to hurry up, and I smiled. We closed in on them, still unseen, and got ready to aim. Ella, Angel, Nudge and I all exchanged a look and a nod.

Iggy stared straight at our direction with a look of concentration, and Gazzy followed his gaze, squinting at the trees. He nudged Fang.

"Hey, is that-"

He didn't get to finish what he was saying as we sprinted out from the trees and blasted the trio with ice cold water, drenching them before they had barely moved. Fang shook his hair, which was dripping wet.

"Holy crap, that was unexpected..." he began, slowing as he started to stare at me. I watched his eyes rake over my body and smirked. I knew he would have a reaction like this. He caught sight of me smirking and recovered his composure, walking over to me and stopping so we were just inches apart. I frowned as Fang, too, started to smirk. What was he thinking?

"So you wanna play dirty, do you? Well, two can play at that game," he whispered huskily, stepping back and taking off his soaked black shirt, dropping it to the ground. I took a deep breath, watching the water glisten off of his torso. God he was sexy. I pouted.

"No fair!" I mouthed, watching his smirk grow wider. I huffed. Then, I held up my water gun and blasted him straight in the face, catching him off-guard. I backed away, laughing, as he grabbed his own water gun off the ground and aimed it at me.

And then the water war began.

It was chaotic, and absolutely hilarious. There was water flying everywhere, and we were all completely soaked by the first five minutes. Ella used her gymnastics lessons to her advantage, making her a key asset to our team. Iggy was doing surprisingly well, managing to dodge some shots and shoot Ella in the back. Nudge and Angel were acting as somewhat of a tag team, backing each other up and then ganging up on Iggy and the Gasman. And then there was me and Fang. We were like ninjas, dodging multiple shots with practiced agility.

While it was initially girls versus boys, Fang and I somehow broke off into our own mini war, deviously trying to shoot each other in rather suggestive places. Fang managed to shoot me in the chest, causing the bikini top to cling to my skin. In return, I shot him in the ass, causing him to chase me into the nearby trees. As I ran, laughing, with Fang not far behind, I quickly side-stepped to hide behind a thick tree. I bit my lip to stop myself from laughing and waited to ambush Fang. I listened intently, trying to anticipate where he was, but then I frowned. It was completely quiet, no noise at all. I peaked out from behind the tree, but there was no sign of my boyfriend.

I slowly turned back around and came face-to-face with Fang. I yelped, dropping my water gun, and then punched him in the arm for scaring me.

"Oh crap, don't do that again!" I laughed, somewhat shakily since I was still recovering from the shock. He just smirked in reply. I started to bend down to pick up my gun, but was stopped by Fang when he pinned me to the tree, standing so close to me that I could feel his warm breath on my face. I swallowed and took a shallow breath as he smirked.

"Oh look, we're alone," mused Fang, leaning in close so our lips were almost touching. He was pressed flush up against me, and I could feel that he was already hard. I mimicked his expression and then captured his lips. The kiss started out slow, but soon became more desperate, more passionate. I parted my lips and Fang's tongue slid in, exploring my mouth and fighting for dominance. His hands slowly moved down my body, leaving a trail of fire wherever they touched. I wrapped my arms around his neck, one hand sliding through his black hair.

This was one of the things I loved about Fang. He made me feel like this with just a look or a touch, or even simply words. He was almost constantly on my mind in one way or another, and im pretty sure he thought about me a lot, too.

One of his hands slid under my bikini top, causing me to gasp. He broke the kiss to move to my neck, so I tilted my head to give him better access. As he started to leave a trail of heat down the side of my neck, I remembered something.

"No...hickeys..." I gasped in between breaths. Fang paused and looked up to smirk at me, before moving to the other side of my neck. I took a deep shaky breath as he kissed a particularly sensitive spot, causing me to grip his hair roughly. He didn't seem to notice. His hand that was under my bikini top moved to the other side, his warm fingers tracing my hardening nipple. My breathing became quicker, and Fang's did too. I decided to return the favour, and slipped a hand underneath his black shorts, closing it around his erection and starting to pump. His free hand wound through my damp hair as he groaned, the heat between us growing more intense by the second. My bikini bottoms began to feel wet, and it definitely wasn't from the water.

Fang's lips moved from my neck and reconnected with mine. As his lips parted during the feverish kiss, I took the opportunity to slip my tongue into his mouth, causing him to give a low moan. The hand under my bikini top slid down my torso and into my bikini bottoms, causing me to gasp loudly and moan, momentarily pausing the motion of my hand. Fang's hips thrust forward, and I picked up the pace of my hand. He delved a finger inside me, then another, making me weak at the knees. Fuck, when did he ever get so good at this?

Heat pooled below my stomach and I knew we were both close to climax. Suddenly, Fang came, groaning loudly. He gripped me tightly and continued to thrust his fingers inside me. And then, his fingers hit a spot that caused me to see stars, and I almost collapsed. He captured my lips just in time to quieten my scream, and I wrapped my arms back around his neck. We stayed like that for ages, until Fang pulled back and looked into my eyes, his dark eyes swirling with emotion.

"I love you so fucking much, Max," he whispered, moving his hands to hold my face. I sighed happily.

"Fang, you're so fucking amazing. You're sexy, you're handsome and you have the most astounding personality. You get me, you know? You're always there for me, you're always on my mind, and man the sex is great," I said quietly, Fang chuckling at the last part, "And your laugh, I love hearing it. And every time you smile, as rare as that is, it makes my heart beat faster. Fang, I love you, I'm in love with you, and I never want that to change."

I let out a deep breath I didn't even know I had been holding, and watched Fang's expression. He was smiling, the special Fang-smile that I loved to see.

"Wow, Max. God I love you," he whispered, and then his lips connected with mine. It wasn't fast and fiery like before, but slow and emotional. It was like our whole relationship put into this one kiss. And it was the best thing ever.

When we finally broke the kiss, needing to breathe, Fang looked me in the eyes.

"I love your emotional side, Max. And I love your tough-as-nails side, too. Fuck, I love everything about you. You're so beautiful and sexy, and you smell absolutely amazing. When you're not caked in sweat and blood, that is," he said, both of us chuckling at the last bit, "You are the most amazing person I know. I can never stop thinking about you, and I never want to stop. You can turn me on with just a touch, even by just being near me. I love being with you, both sexually and like we are now. You make me happier than anyone. And that, Maximum, is just some of the reasons why I love you."

I stared at Fang, feeling happier than I've ever felt in my entire life. I think that was the longest, most emotional thing that Fang has ever said, and he said it to me. At that moment I didn't care that we were damp and leaning against a tree in a forest, or that we were scantily clad in swimwear. At that moment I cared about Fang, and Fang only. We were in our own little world, just me and him.

But after what seemed like an eternity I was brought back to reality when I heard the flock and Ella laughing and yelling in the distance, still in the middle of their water gun war. I hoped they hadn't noticed that we were missing.

"Lets get back to the fight," I grinned, bending to pick up my gun as Fang did the same. He must have dropped it somewhere before we...well...yeah.

"We better come out from different places in the forest or they might start to suspect something," chuckled Fang, eyeing me, "Oh, and we don't look wet enough to have been in a water fight."

With that he lifted his gun and sprayed water all over me, catching me by surprise, and then made a mad dash through the trees towards the others. I gaped after him, then recovered enough to sprint after him, smiling with amusement. I broke through the last of the trees and into the clearing with the others, looking around for Fang.

"Okay, where is he?" I yelled, swinging my gun around to aim at random places. Nudge paused to look at me and pointed to the garden shed, where I could just see him standing behind it. Nudge's momentary lack of concentration earned her a blast of water in her face and she squealed, shooting her gun in every direction. I laughed quietly, and snuck up to the shed. Then, I jumped around the corner and blasted Fang with my gun until it was empty.

"Holy shit," he managed to say as water dripped down his face, starting to laugh mid-sentence. I examined Fang's gun.

"Oh look, your gun is empty," I commented, smirking. He raised an eyebrow, amused.

"So is yours, Max," he replied. Clearly he hadn't noticed my mini water pistol hooked onto the side of my water gun. I whipped it out and shot him square in the face.

"You underestimate me," I giggled, crossing my arms in triumph. Fang held his hands up in surrender, and we walked back to the others. Iggy and Gazzy were soaking wet, sitting on the ground with defeated looks and empty guns. The girls were obviously the winners. The Gasman looked up to see Fang equally drenched.

"Oh jeez, we lost so bad," he cried in frustration, crossing his arms. And then everyone burst into laughter.

Once we were all inside, showered and dry, Mom arrived home. She came into the kitchen, expecting to make dinner, to find that Iggy had already cooked stir-fry. She smiled.

"I'm going to miss having you kids here," she sighed, taking a seat next to me and filling her dish with food. She looked up to find everyone watching her expectantly, and her eyes widened.

"Oh, yes. I almost forgot!" she laughed, and then she became more serious, "Okay, so I did some digging and researching. Apparently there is a huge Itex facility, with a large database, located in Sydney."

We all exchanged looks.

"You mean, as in Sydney, Australia!" I asked incredulously, gaping at her. Surely not in Australia, of all places? But then again, I've always wanted to go to the land down under. Mom nodded.

"Yep, in Australia. I think Itex had branches in most of the larger countries, its just that most of them are closed down now," she added, "I couldn't get the exact address, only that its located somewhere in the Sydney CBD." The whole table erupted in conversation about this new information, and I started to feel both excited and nervous. Excited to go to a country I've never been to before, and nervous about what we might find at Itex. I looked over at Fang to find him watching me, and I knew that he was feeling the same.

"So, Australia huh? Well, I guess we'd better leave soon, then. Tomorrow, actually," I said loudly, so that everyone would hear me over all the talk. It worked, causing everyone to fall silent.

"I've always wanted to go to Australia! Did you know that Melbourne is like, Australia's fashion and shopping capital!" squealed Nudge, starting to get excited.

"How are you going to get there? Its too far to fly," worried Mom, tilting her head.

"I still have that credit card, so we can get a plane," I explained to her, although I wondered exactly how much I would be able to spend with it, considering that the airfares would be quite expensive. Mom nodded, not seeming too worried about that, and finished her dinner.

"So we leave tomorrow?" asked Angel. I nodded my head in confirmation, and she nodded back.

Mom went upstairs to bed, along with Angel and the Gasman. The rest of us went and sat in the lounge room, turning the TV onto a random sitcom.

"I'm gonna miss having a comfy bed to sleep in," sighed Nudge, absently tugging her hair. I reached over and tucked her hair behind her ear.

"Aren't we all," I agreed. We watched TV for an hour, eating freshly baked cookies courtesy of Iggy. After a while, Ella stood up and walked to the doorway.

"I'm going to bed, night," she said. We all wished her goodnight, and then she went upstairs. For a moment it was silent, but then Iggy stood up.

"I'm going to bed, too," he added, and left before anyone could reply. A bit strange but I didn't think anything of it. By ten o'clock everyone was in bed, including me and Fang. We simply lay next to each other, wide awake, just enjoying each other's company. Fang turned to look at me in the dark.

"We won't be able to do this very often once we leave for Australia," he sighed, a sad tone in his voice. His arms wrapped around me and I snuggled into his warmth.

"Yeah, I know," I mumbled, "Unless we tell them..." For a moment Fang was silent, and then he spoke.

"You want to tell them?" he asked, surprised. I really wasn't too sure if I wanted to tell them or not. It had its pros and cons. But being with Fang was a major pro.

"Maybe," I whispered, "I'm not entirely sure. I mean, they'll eventually find out anyway, but I totally don't want to tell them. It would be so awkward." I chuckled at the last part, and Fang held me tighter.

"Lets just wait and see what happens," suggested Fang, leaning in and placing a soft kiss on my lips. I closed my eyes and replied tiredly.


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