Grey's Anatomy: Where Disaster Strikes

By KappaSigSteve

Disclaimer: I do not own Grey's Anatomy. I am simply using the characters to tell a story. There is no profit involved.

We hear Doctor Meredith Grey speak ...

"There are times in our lives when we truly want the best for people other than ourselves. There are times when we are not mean or selfish. At times, we are compassionate, caring, ... loving. We want the best for those that truly deserve it, without anything in return."

"These are special times. The best of times really."

"The problem is these times only happen few and far between."

"And what happens when despite your best efforts to be all caring and compassionate, fate desides to kick you right in the teeth?"

Isobel "Izzy" Stephens speeds frantically down the main corridor of Seattle Grace Hospital, with George O'Malley hot on her tracks. She comes around the corner quickly, practically knocking a nurse aside like a linebacker. Izzy barely misses a step as she continues on through the hallway. Her speedy determination, however, does not allow her to escape George.

"This is bad, George, very bad."

"What's bad, Izzy?! How am I suppose to know what's bad if you won't stop for two seconds?!"

Izzy comes to the center meeting counter, where Doctor Meredith Grey and Doctor Alex Karev are casually awaiting their next assignment. They both appear bored, as the day so far has been relatively quiet.

"Have you guys heard?!", asked Izzy, pressing herself against the counter.

"Heard what?", said Meredith, seeming slightly annoyed by Izzy's urgent outburst.

"Thank you! That's what I've been asking!", panted George, as he finally reaches the counter himself.

He is hunched over now, taking in grateful gasps of air.

"What are you morons babbling about?" said Alex, opening a small bag of peanuts.

"I can't believe I'm the only one who knows! This is crazy! Stuff like this just doesn't remain a secret!", replied Izzy, a mixture of panic and excitement.

"Oh for crying out loud Izzy, tell me!", shouted George, now standing upright.

"Yeah, tell the little gossip queen before he has an aneurism." laughed Alex, before tossing a peanut into his mouth, crunching down hardily.

Obviously, Alex was in his usual arrogant mood, taking stabs at George at leisure.

"You guys are not going to believe this!" said Izzy with sheer excitement.

"Out with it Izzy. Spill it." replied Meredith evenly.

Izzy takes a deep breath, collecting her thoughts before speaking.

"Doctor Burke is coming back to Seattle Grace." she said, barely able to contain herself.

There is a moment of silence, as the other doctors process this statement.

"Oh my god." stated Meredith and George together.

"I know, right?!" replied Izzy urgently, glad to be free of her secret.

"So what? Big deal. So Doctor Burke is coming back. That's hardly worth getting worked up about." stated Alex, still munching on his bag o' peanuts.

"Oh come off it, Alex! This is a very big deal!" argued Izzy, her eyes narrowing ever so slightly.


"Cristina." stated Meredith and George together.

Alex rolls his eyes in response.

"Yang is a big girl. I'm sure she's long over Doctor Burke. And if not, we'll you' all don't need to gossip about it like a bunch of old women." snipped Alex, finishing off the snack bag. "Get a life."

"Would it kill you to show an ounce of compassion, Alex?" replied Meredith, defensively, "Cristina is our friend."

Alex laughs openly by this.

"Wrong. Cristina is your friend, Meredith. Not ours." pointed out Alex, while motioning to Izzy and George.

The two other doctors say nothing. It wasn't as if they could really argue the fact. Cristina was in all intensive purposes ... a bitch.

"Even so. It wouldn't kill you to have a heart, Alex." retorted Meredith.

"Sorry Grey, not my department. That falls well within Yang's domain though." chuckled Alex, moving away from the group, clearly finished with the conversation.

Meredith watches Alex walk away, wanting very much to rebuttal with something witty, but all she could think about now was her best friend, "her person", Cristina.

"This is going to destroy her." said Meredith, sympathetically.

"Do you think she knows?" asked Izzy.

"Does who know what?" asked Cristina Yang, moving in, reading over a medical chart.

The doctors all freeze, trying to come up with some kind of response.

"Uhh ... uhh ... Doctor Bailey", stated George, not at all convincing, "Izzy was just saying, do we think Bailey knows that Izzy skipped her last rounds shift."

Cristina doesn't seem to catch George's pathetic attempt to lie.

"Well, it is Bailey, so yeah probably. But it's not like Izzy can't do them now." replied Cristina, lowering the chart to her side.

The other three doctors toss uncomfortable glances at one another.

"Uhh ... right! I should probably get on that! Thanks Cristina!", said Izzy, taking hold of O'Malley's wrist, "Come on George, you can help!"

Izzy yanks George away, giving Meredith a look, a look that said "You're her best friend, you should tell her!" And within seconds, Izzy and George are no where in sight. Meredith wanted very much to run off as well, but didn't have it in her. As much as she hated to admit it, Izzy was right. Her nonverbal statement was oh so true. Meredith should be the one to talk to Cristina about Doctor Burke.

"That was weird." said Cristina, rolling her eyes, placing the chart down on the counter.

"Well, it is Izzy and George. You know how those two are." said Meredith, acting nonchalant.

Cristina looks up at Meredith, blinking once, twice. Yang could tell by Meredith's expression that something was up.

"What's going on, Meredith?" asked Yang, lifting an eyebrow.

"Oh nothing really. But we should probably talk. Lunch later?"

Cristina examines Meredith with keen eyes.

"Fine. But you better not be hiding a surgery. If it's heart related, you know I want it."

"Trust me, Cristina. If it were heart related, I'd tell you up front."

Meredith wanted to be sick. The truth was the topic of discussion was heart related, just not in the way Cristina thought.

"Addison, glad to have you back." stated Doctor Webber, seated comfortably at his desk.

"How many times do I have to tell you, Richard? I'm not back!" replied Addison Montgomery, practically exaperated.

"You can stop telling me that, when you stop coming back to Grace with scheduled surgeries."

"That's hardly my fault. I have patients here, Richard. I can't just up an abandom them. I made obligations, and I plan to see them through."

"That's great, Addison." replied Webber, rising from his chair, "But we need you "here". You're friends are "here". You keep coming back "here". See my point?"

"Yes, but you fail to see mine. I enjoy California."

"Whatever you say, Addy." replied Webber, patting her on the shoulder much like a father dismissing his child.

Suddenly, there is a knock at the office door. But before Webber can respond, the door swings open and Doctor Miranda Bailey enters, clearly angry.

"Bad time, Chief?" asked Bailey, not really caring if it were a bad time.

"No Miranda, it's fine", realizing something was up, "What's on your mind?"

Miranda huffs, placing her hands on her hips.

"Just when were you going to tell me Doctor Burke was coming back?"

"Burke is coming back?" asked Addison in suprise.

Webber was going to speak but he was cut off.

"Tends to be a trend around here." stated Bailey, eyeing Montgomery with slight intrigue.

Addison quickly realizes what Miranda is implying. She chuckles uncomfortably.

"No no no, I'm not back. I'm here for my very last surgery. The last!", the "last" spoken with emphasis.

"So she says." snickers Webber, moving for the exit.

"And just where do you think you're going? You had best tell me what's going on in my hospital!" ordered Bailey.

Webber stops in his tracks and blinks somewhat confused. He was fairly certain that he was the chief of surgery, but somehow Bailey always seemed to run the show. And whether he liked it or not, her abrasive forthright attitude was exactly what Seattle Grace needed. Even though she did have a tendency to step over the line a time or three.

"He's not "back" either, Bailey. He's actually here for the same surgery Addison is here for."

"What?" asked Bailey and Montgomery together, both confused.

"Oh ... I thought you knew Addison. The McKinney baby. His parents requested that a neonatal and cardio specialist both be present during the surgery."

"That hardly seems nessesary, Chief." replied Addison, somewhat offended.

"I'm sorry Addison. I approved the request. The McKinneys are good friends with Doctor Burke. And you've seen the baby's chart. The McKinneys can use all the help they can get right now. I want you and Burke both on this procedure." stated Webber, in case closed fashion.

"He's going to be fine." stated Stephen McKinney, father of little Evan.

"I'm sure." replied Alex Karev, glancing over the baby's medical chart, trying hard to ignore the father.

Meanwhile, Mister McKinney swallows the lump in his throat, mopping the sweat from his brow.

"I mean, he has to be fine. Right? I know Doctor Burke is an excellent heart surgen, but Evan is so little. His heart is so small. It's hard to have magic hands if the heart you're working on is too small even for a baby to use. But then again, it is Burke. He is the magic man."

Alex looks up from his chart and for the first time that day, shows a bit of compassion.

"I wouldn't worry Mister McKinney. I'm sure your baby is going to be fine. Doctor Burke and Doctor Montgomery are both highly capable surgens. What they plan to do is inject your baby's heart with a growth steroid, so that his heart will grow properly. It's been done in limited cases, but it has been successful in the past." stated Alex matter-of-factly.

"Right, right." said Stephen, not at all convinced, "I'm sure you're right. Now how am I suppose to convince my wife of that?" he asked with a sad laugh.

Theresa McKinney stares through the glass containment of her baby's encubator. Little Evan is asleep, unmoving. Tears trickle down Theresa's cheeks as she observes the frailness of her child. She was told that if the surgery didn't work, the baby would surely die. So all her hopes and prayers were rested on the hands of the doctors of Seattle Grace. And if they failed, her baby would die. Her little Evan would be gone from this world just as fast as he arrived.

The baby yawns and Theresa sobs openly.

"You're going to make it, Evan", she cried, "Cause you know mommy and daddy can't go on without you."

She had so many questions. Why was her baby not healthy? How had it come to this? Were the doctor's capable of saving him? Was he going to make it?

There were so many questions and so few answers. Things couldn't possibly get any worse.

Or so she thought.

To Be Continued ...