Chapter 3

Alex Karev moves from one incubator to another, checking life support readings, marking them down on this chart. Izzy Stephens is seated on a nearby counter.

"Isn't this crazy Alex?" asked Izzy, kicking her feet back and forth.

He doesn't respond, as he is still engrossed in his work. It doesn't matter to Izzy, as she continues to talk.

"I mean ... why would Burke come back without at least mentioning it to Cristina? Seems rather cruel, not to mention a little odd."

"What's odd Izz, is your fascination with it all." replied Alex, still logging life support readings.

Izzy hops off the counter now, slightly insulted by Alex's remark.

"All I'm saying is that the last thing Grace needs is more baby-momma drama. That's all."

"Yeah, speaking of "baby-momma drama" check this guy out." said Alex, gently tapping a nearby incubator.

Izzy approaches the incubator and looks through the glass, to see a fragile looking baby, who is sleeps soundly. His chest rises and falls in slow secession, not exactly healthy breathing.

"He's so small." said Izzy, a frown spreading across her face.

"Tell me about it. His heart is the size of a small walnut."

"So this is the McKinney baby then?"

"Yep, Burke and Montgomery will be working on him this afternoon."

Sad, Izzy swallows down the lump that has formed in her throat.

"Do you think he'll make it, Alex?"

Alex looks through the incubator, examining the baby briefly.

"I don't know Izz. The odds are stacked against him." replied Alex, his facial expression stoic.

"Come on, for old times sake." laughed Mark Sloane, trying to take hold of Addison Montgomery by the waist.

Addison smacks Mark's hands away.

"No means no, Sloane." retorted Addison, unable to contain a slight grin.

"You love it and you know it." replied Mark with a chuckle.

"Uhhh ... actually I don't. I do not want to be touched by your unclean hands. I heard all about your "nurse issue", or should I say "nurse issues", as in plural?"

"Hey don't worry. I can wash my hands."

"I'd rather you wash off the nurses."

"Jealous are we?" replied Mark, flashing his eyebrows devilishly.

"No, but you're stupid if you think I'm going to contract one of your STDs."

Mark's smile falls from his face, now replaced by a frown.

"You know, you're the second person today whose mentioned me and sexually transmitted diseases."

Addison pats Mark on the top of his head.

"Take the hint Horn-Dog."

Mark remains silent for a moment, before his smile returns.

"Never. So ... what if I get tested? How about then?" chuckles Sloan, reaching for Addison again.

Addison smacks him away yet again. She rolls her eyes before walking away from him.

"Forget it, Sloane!"

"But I'm lonely, Addison." replied Mark with a fake pouty lip.

"Get a dog. You'd two have so much in common." replied Addison, before disappearing behind a corner.

"Cristina!" cried out Meredith, chasing after her friend.

Cristina is engrossed in a folder, moving somewhat speedily through a hallway. Her eyes are glued to the papers before her.

"What is it Meredith? I'm a bit busy right now."

Meredith takes a hold of Cristiana by the wrist, turning her so that they are facing each other.

"We need to talk." huffed Meredith, still catching her breath.

"Can this wait? Han has been breathing down my neck all morning to review these cardio files. Monster Han is on the war path. I think she's a little pissed that Doctor Montgomery got the McKinney baby."

"Whatever", dismissed Meredith, "This is important."

Cristina lifts an eyebrow suspiciously.

"Okay ... out with it."

Suddenly, a familiar voice calls out to Yang from behind.

"Hello Cristina."

Yang blinks once, twice, a rapid fire of thoughts speeding through her brain. She stares at Meredith, whose expression clearly reads "I'm sorry." Cristina eyes narrow. She slowly turns around, to come face to face with Doctor Preston Burke.

There is a long and rather awkward moment of silence. And when Cristina finally does speak and all she can muster is ...

"Doctor Burke."

Without saying anything else, or even letting Burke respond, Cristina jets down the hallway, leaving Preston and Meredith standing together, both extremely uncomfortable.

"Hello Meredith." stated Preston, watching Cristina fly around a corner, no longer in sight.

"Hello Doctor Burke." replied Meredith, her heart heavy with guilt.

"How is she?" asked Burke, clearly referring to Yang.

"I'd say from what I just saw, not good. No, not good at all."

To Be Continued ...