Author's Note: This is the missing chapter four from the story "So Far, So Good". It's missing because it has a higher rating that the rest of the story, and I didn't want the rest of the story to get censored. You don't really need to read this - there is some character development, but not enough plot development to require it. Mostly, it's just a window into their lives together, like most of the chapters are, only this window is rated M for mature. If you like it, I'd love to know about it, so please do feel free to leave me a review.


After a decadent weekend that consisted of quite a lot of time in bed, plus a bit of time out on his yacht, 5 A.M. Monday morning seemed to arrive entirely too soon for the both of them. As a matter of record, neither one of them sprang from their shared bed that morning. Rather, they lingered for a very well spent half hour, and then decided on a mutual shower (purely out of a desire to conserve water).

As they were picking out clothes for the day, Tony already having picked out her lingerie du jour, an activity he took on like a four year old drawn toward the cookie jar, she though of the coming day, the questions she had for him, without even consulting her lists, and then the luxury of the weekend of not talking business at all.

"Tony, we need to have a process conversation," she started.

"Ugh. Sounds dreadful. I vote we postpone till next week when the weather's finer."

Pepper looked pointedly out the bedroom window to the beautiful blue Malibu sky, the perfect foil for the calm Pacific before getting back to her point.

"Well, I get a vote too, and that leaves us at a deadlock. Let's just have the conversation and get it over with."

He walked past her on the way to the closet that, for the moment, he shared with her, wearing only his boxers. "Has anyone told you that you can be a real downer, Potts?" he asked, before brushing his lips past hers before continuing on.

"You, on a regular basis. But seriously—"

"Wounded! You wound me," came his muffled voice interrupting her from somewhere inside the closet.

"I want to know how you want to handle this. When does our business day start? I mean, on days like this? Should we be dealing with business issues at five in the morning, do we wait until we get to the office, if that's where we're headed?"

He poked his head out looking deliciously disheveled, dark starched dress shirt on, but unbuttoned and hanging loose without an undershirt beneath, dress pants on, but not fully zipped up, to say nothing of being buttoned. Seeing him, for a moment Pepper was going on automatic, a thought pattern that sounded internally something like 'stop looking and don't even think of touching,' but then all at once she realized she could. She almost laughed at the realization and completely failed to register that he'd asked her a question and was waiting for the answer.

His arc reactor glowed like a soft blue beacon and she took the several steps toward him without looking away from his beautiful chest. The tips of her slightly chilled fingers ran lightly up from the circle she made around the metal sidewall, up past his nicely defined pectoral muscles to his shoulders, and all the way around to the back of his neck. And then she traced that trail two more times while nibbling at the farthest corner of his freshly shaved and trimmed beard. He simply stood there and took it, leaning against the doorframe, his breathing becoming more and more audible. It was the smell of him, and the texture of his skin and the tone of the muscles and bone beneath, partially hidden, partially concealed, and the knowledge that this was hers and hers alone. In all of his days a playboy, he didn't do repeats and he did his damnedest to get out of bed and out of dodge before his bed partners emerged from dreamland. They'd actually discussed it once, though at the time it had fallen into the realm of Things She Didn't Need To Know About Her Boss. And so seeing him, freshly showered, just getting dressed and so utterly delectable – she was in virgin territory, something there wasn't much of with Tony Stark.

As she began to rake his sides with her fingernails, he groaned out her name in warning. "Pepper…"

She murmured in a vaguely questioning way, starting to lick a little trail up to his ear before gently biting at the lobe.

"Don't start what you're not prepared to finish."

"I just wanted a little nibble," she whispered in his ear, speaking entirely the truth. Her hands were at his lower back now, her fingers lightly grazing the sensitive skin.

"And now that you've had your nibble?" he asked, and she could feel his own hands come around her waist as he shifted his weight from the doorframe to his own two feet.

"I just want a little more," she whispered, now nibbling on the skin just below his ear. "I plan on being completely appropriate at the office, you know," she commented, just breathing in his scent as one hand went around to rub the skin on his chest again. She couldn't get enough of him. "And you caught me off guard, standing there, looking so delicious."

He groaned again and she heard the zipper to her skirt being undone in the back. He walked them backwards until her back was pressed to the window facing the ocean. Her skirt slipped down and before she knew it, she could feel his large hands on the back of her right thigh, urging it up and over his hip. His own pants seemed to hang lower on his hips, and she wondered when he'd loosened them.

She could feel him hot and hard against her leg. She herself hadn't gotten to the point of putting a shirt on yet, so the cool glass provided a lovely sensory counterpoint to his warm, and in some places hot, skin.

"I—this…" she panted softly near his ear, desperately trying to get out a coherent thought. "Not planned," she tried to explain before losing herself and her fingers in his luxurious shock of black hair.

"Oops," he groaned, sliding her other leg around his hip, leaving her fully pinned between him and the glass, clinging quite ecstatically to his body.

"So beautiful," she murmured, looking into his lovely, lovely eyes, before pulling his lips close enough to kiss.

Their lips broke apart with a gasp as he slid into her. She lingered in a brief moment of feeling utterly complete before clenching her inner muscles down tight on him. It was really the only movement she was capable of making in this position, but she decided to milk it for all it was worth, as it were.

She could feel his groan resonate throughout her body at her actions. His breath was harsh in her ear as he pumped in and out of her tightly held sheath. "You're like a drug, Pep," he murmured softly in between thrusts. "Every time… Oh, God every time I think I've had enough… I just want you more." It was a few much sharper thrusts later that he continued his commentary with, "It's so weird."

It was getting to be a more and more frantic a coupling, and as much as she was deeply enjoying herself, there was no way that Pepper was going to be coming as soon as she anticipated he would. Still, she was sure she'd get hers at some point in the day, even if she didn't count the three orgasms from earlier in the morning. Which is why she just whispered, "harder," and held on tight, one arm wrapped around his torso, one around his shoulders.

He came with a gasp and thrust two, and then three more times. His entire frame was wound tight like a spring for long moments after that, until he seemed to melt, and just lean against her, gasping for air as first one of her legs, then the other came down from their vice grip on his slim hips.

"Weird good, or weird bad?" she asked, trying to calm down her own inner maelstrom. It was best just to get her mind off of her complete lack of fulfillment. She had gotten in her nibble, after all.

She was surprised when Tony seemed to slide bonelessly to the floor. At first she wondered if something was wrong, but he'd collapsed rather conveniently to his knees and then stopped. His hands caressed her legs and he only looked up when he'd convinced one of her legs to drape itself over his shoulder.

"Definitely weird good," he confirmed, grinning and looking every inch a satyr with the first nymph of the morning. This was said just a brief moment before he leaned in and let his tongue take up where his larger organ left off.

Pepper screeched and plunged her hands into his hair, tilting her hips and holding him tight to his position. She knew she'd started to babble incoherently, but his tongue was a completely different texture, and it felt so mind-bendingly good. It was the first time he'd done this, but it would be happening much more often, if she had anything to do with it.

She came screaming his name.

It was all she could do afterwards to lean back with her eyes closed and catch her breath against the deliciously cool glass. She could feel him slip her skirt back up her legs, and she obligingly leaned into his deliciously half-dressed chest as he pulled it back over her hips and secured it.

She moistened her lips with her tongue as he leaned back a little bit – still embracing her, however.

"We need to do that more often," she pointed out, her voice a little abraded from the screaming.

"Do I give good head, my darling one?"

"Isn't it obvious?" she asked, not wanting his ego to get any larger than it already was.

"In that case," he said, one hand snaking up her skirt, shoving aside the black lace bikinis he'd chosen for her and swiping one finger inside to collect her wetness, and making her gasp. "You should share the experience with me," he said, the same finger now painting her lips with the slick moisture, painting and painting until she relented and opened her mouth to suck his finger clean.

She closed her eyes as her tongue swept over and under his thick forefinger. The taste was tangy, but not unpleasant at all. And coating, as it was, his finger it was a perfectly pleasant experience. If she wasn't careful, the last remaining rational part of her brain reasoned, they could be at it all morning long.

"Tasty, huh?" he asked, and she opened her eyes and saw that his eyes were still dark and lovely. She couldn't resist kissing him, and tasting herself all over again there, on his lips.

"We should finish getting dressed," she pointed out breathlessly.

"Says the woman who attacked me while dressing," he said, stepping back and fastening his cuffs. She started to button his dark dress shirt, staring at the bottom, and when she'd just passed the arc reactor she leaned in to give that portion of his chest a light kiss.

"Yes, well, I'm done now," she pointed out, hands on her hips, clad in a bra and skirt. She went to where the rest of her clothes for the day were laid out over a chair as he went back into the closet to fetch a tie and jacket. "Are you going to finish so you can make me breakfast?" she called.

"Only if you promise to make me coffee," he responded, coming back with his shirt properly tucked in, and in the process of wrapping a tie around his neck, but without the top button of his shirt done, as was typical.

"Done," she said, putting her shirt on and doing up the buttons. She looked down and for the first time paid attention to what she was looking at. There was an odd shaped crescent on the top of each breast and Pepper had to stare at her own chest for a moment to realize what it was. When she realized that it was the imprint of his arc reactor, she looked up and caught him grinning wolfishly at her.

Pepper refused to say anything, but she did give him a dirty look.

In response, Tony kept his grin firmly in place and quirked an eyebrow at her, tossing his suit jacket on the bed – which she knew he wouldn't actually put on until they got to the car – but picked up hers and held it open for her.

"I believe you wished to have a process conversation, my own darling one."


And now, back to your regularly scheduled T rating, and chapter five.