When she was a child, Hino Kahoko had the same dream as every little girl has. She dreams of marrying her first love, who would be dashingly handsome and would sweep her off her feet, and later lived happily ever after together. It was a silly little dream that had formed in her silly little childish head, produced by too many interactions with fairytales.

But as the years go by, it was evident that life was different from fairytales.

On the second year of high-school, Kahoko finally found her first love. But he was not at all what she had expected.

Sure, he was one of the most handsome people that she had ever met, with dashing cerulean hair, and perfectly sculpted face that almost resembled a Greek god.

And yes, you can say that he's extremely talented, intelligent, popular, and came from a respectable background.

Yet despite all the charming characteristics that he had, it was his attitude that contrasted the man named Tsukimori Len from the 'prince charming' that Kahoko had in mind. He always had a scowl on his handsome face and a cool attitude that annoyed basically everyone including Kahoko. His words were sharp and harsh, intimidating people that tried to get closer to him. In short, he was what you would call 'Mr. Un-Approachable'.

Kahoko even remembered her first encounter with him. He had a stern look on his face and he had folded his arms as he glared at her.

"You're in the way."

Those were his exact first words to her. And at that moment, she said to herself that she never, EVER, want to deal with that guy again.

But then again…

Never say never, right?

Nothing ever crossed Kahoko's mind that this person would mean so much to her one day. For it was Tsukimori Len who first made her fall in love with music, and made her fall in love with violin. As she got to know him when he became one of her rivals in the Seisou Gakuen Annual Concours, she discovered another side to the lone wolf prodigy. He rarely expressed his feelings, but in very rare moments that they interacted, Kahoko actually sensed that beneath the scowl was a kind and caring person.

At first, Kahoko simply shook the feeling as adoration and appreciation towards the musical genius. After all, he was in a far different league than she was in terms of violin-playing. His skills was more polished, more refined, and whenever he stroke his violin, Kahoko could only bask in complete awe as he breathed life to the strings. She admired him, and that was all there is to it. It didn't matter that she couldn't get rid of his playing even weeks after the concours had ended. Nor did it matter when she was worried when he was sick. It didn't matter. She cared for him as a friend. And he felt the same way to her as well.

It was when she accidentally overheard the news that he was going to leave for Vienna that all the firm resolve that she had built around herself crumbled. The thought of him leaving tore her apart. Did she just love his music? Or was it something more? She began questioning her own heart and became disturbed by it. It showed in her violin-playing, as she often made mistakes when she practices for the Christmas concert with her ensemble of friends.

Everyday Kahoko would go to the school rooftops to clear her head and play, but she could never get him off from her head. The thought of parting tore her to pieces, and yet she didn't understand why she even felt that way for him. The fear of losing Tsukimori was so powerful that it overtook Kahoko completely. But why?

It was exactly like the wise men said. 'You would never understand the importance of water, until it's gone.'

Tsukimori was important to her. His music, his scowl, his rarely-seen smile, his stern words, his advices on how to hold her violin. When she realized that, all the puzzle pieces felt like it fell on the right place. She was in love. Unexpectedly in love with the man that she once said she never want anything to deal with.

Life can bring so many ironic surprises, can it not?

Initially, Kahoko had wanted to keep her feelings to herself. She tried to not hold her hopes up as she expected that the cerulean haired youth would never return her feelings. Perhaps because she was trying so hard not to get her hopes up, Kahoko didn't realize that the little sentiments that Tsukimori gave her, like escorting her home, sharing his childhood memories with her, eating lunch together with her, and continuously helping her polish her violin skills, were actually signs that he too felt the same way. The whole thing continued for a few months and you could wonder when is it that both parties would realize their own feelings and confess already!

Thankfully, a miracle happened on the day of the Christmas concert. The concert had received a standing ovation from almost everyone in the concert hall and everyone left the building chattering about the magical night. The success also contributed to the cancellation of the school director's initial plans to separate the General Education Department and Musical Education Department into two different schools.

The miracle didn't stop there.

When the Christmas concert was finished and the ensemble was preparing for the after-party, Tsukimori asked for a private audience with Kahoko underneath the Christmas tree. It was there that he finally confessed his true feelings for her, how he had been touched by her music and how he finally found the missing piece of his music that he had searched endlessly all his life. As the snow graciously fell from the skies that magical night, Hino Kahoko felt like the luckiest girl alive.

But the magic only lasted a few moments. Just like the snow that would melt under the sun, the magical white Christmas had to come to an end. Tsukimori made it clear from the start that though he loved her with all his being, to him music was everything. It was because of music that they both met in the first place and though a path of a true musician may be bitter and lonely, he still chose music.

As the two of them played Salut D'amour Op.12 on that white Christmas Eve, she remembered him say with a dash of hope in his deep eyes, "Durch Leiden Freude"

True happiness lies ahead of bitterness.

Life has brought so many surprises for Kahoko. Not all of them were pleasant, but looking back, she had no regrets. All her contacts with Tsukimori, no it's Len now, ended after he went to Vienna. It was a mutual choice that they had made, in order for each of them to survive the bitter separation. If it was Kahoko's choice to pursue music, then they surely would meet again. Fate would then step in again.

But of course Fate has plans of its own, and once again Kahoko was in for another surprise.


Midori's Notes: Hello, it's me again! Basically this is my first on-going story (previously I only create one-shots) so feedback is really vital for me. Please review if you like it or not and I really appreciate honest (and constructive) feedbacks.

If you were wondering about the title, 'La Chanson de l'adieu' basically means 'Song of Parting'. It's the title of the first song Kahoko played for the concours. The 'parting' here of course meant Len's departure. But as Kahoko put it herself, parting only marks a new beginning, so it's not exactly the end but instead it's like turning a new leaf. Just like this story. With Len leaving her, it marks the beginning of a new story for our heroine.

Um, and yes I will be using the new characters from the new Corda game, Kaji Aoi and Kira Akihiko. Some of the scenes with Len, including the Christmas concert, also came from the game as well. At first I didn't want to use the new characters and just stick to where the anime left us (which was nowhere, sadly) but since I wanted this story to pick off when Len left for Europe then it will only make sense if I use them.