In this story Anko andKurenai are age fifteen. Anko was just get found by anbu after she get the curse mark. Naruto just passed the school with all of the other 8 rookies which they are fifteen as well.

"So how is young Anko doing?"Sarutobi asked one of the medic shinobi that in his office. Medic shinobi turned to the Hokage because Anko has been through a lot.

"She is going to be fine and she'll be here in a little bit." Medic shinobi told the Hokage but he wonders why his ex student would do something like this. Then there was knock on the office door.

"Come in." Sarutobi said to the person that was knocking. The door opens and an anbu who looks at the Hokage then walks in with a brown raven hair wrong girl with red eyes came into the office.

"Hello Hokage-sama." The anbu said to the Hokage but he was now wondering who this girl was alongside the Anbu.

"Who is this girl?" Sarutobi looked at girl and then asked the anbu.

"Her name is Kurenai Yuuhi and her mother and father and also her little sister was killed today by a bomb but no one know who did it today, also her brother is Drake Yuuhi the flaming demon that is a missing shinobi so she has no place to go to." He told Hokage and he nodded.

"Miss Yuuhi do you want live with a girl that same age as you and that as no one to?" As the Hokage asked her she nodded to her to him. Then there is a 2nd knock on the door and medic shinobi come in with a purple hair with brown eyes.

"Miss Anko I have good news Miss Kurenai Yuuhi be living with you, I hope you don't mind but her mom dad sister was killed today and she needs someone because her older brother is not in the village he a missing shinobi." Sarutobi asked Anko.

"That will be fine if she lives with me Hokage-sama." as Hokage hear that he smiled and told her thank you.

"Please Hokage-sama." A 2nd anbu walked into the room. The Hokage turned to the new face in the room.

"What is it?" The new anbu just stares at the Hokage before his mouth before to move again.

"I would like it if both of them lived with me." The two girls are shocked that he wants them to live with him.

"Why would I do that?" Hokage asked with a sharp look. He takes his mask off and he had long red hair with red eyes.

"Because I am Drake Yuuhi the flaming demon and I like if my sister would live with me and I like Anko to live with us because I don't want her be all alone." Hokage looked at him and Kurenai was shocked her older brother was back but he was a half brother but she thought of him as a full brother. His mother was her mother but their mother get raped by Seigi Uchiha and she had Drake because of that. But to Kurenai he was her brother that she loved. He left when she was two but she remembers him being nice to her.

"Why should I trust you!" Hokage is said in a pissed off voice. That makes Anko scared and worried.

"If I was here to hurt you or anyone, I would of done it by now." After Drake said that Sarutobi smiled and said "Welcome back Drake it's been ten years."

"One more thing Hokage I would like if both of them was on my team to train and I would like Naruto Uzumaki." Drake asked Sarutobi and he nodded causing Drake told him thanks.

"Let's get going you two." both of them nodded and fallowed him out.

At the training ground the nest day

Naruto was sitting there waiting for his new team. As he was sitting there he sees three people coming. Few seconds later their finally get to him but he looks at them with eyes that scan over the three of them.

"Sorry we are late." Drake said to Naruto but he just shrugs and looks back at them.

Naruto notice the three people the first one was a girl her head was little higher than his neck. She had purple hair with brown eyes. Her hair look great on her and he move his eyes to her lips and thought how good it must be the kiss that kind of lips. The other girl was cute she had brown raven hair with red eyes. Then he notices his sensei he had long red hair with red eyes. The two girls looked at Naruto to see he wears a lot of orange and has blonde hair with beautiful blue eyes.

'Let's sit down and get to know each other I go first." They all sat down causing Drake to begin talking again "My name is Drake Yuuhi my likes are young women and women my dislikes are assholes and perverts and my hobby is helping women out and my dream is learn all the fire jutsu in the world. Your turn my little sister."

"My name is Kurenai Yuuhi and my likes are nice people and flowers, my dislikes are perverts and assholes my hobby is kissing boys and my dream be the best genjutsu shinobi in the world."

"My name is Anko Mitarashi." She get cut off by Naruto when he said "Cute name Anko" Which then made her blush a little "My likes are sweet people" As she seen that she look at Naruto which is now his turn to blush a little. "My dislikes are perverts and backstabbers like the man that hurt me badly and my hobbies are trying not to be hurt again and my dream is to have a family and find someone I can love."

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki and my likes are ramen and training the thing I like the most is cutie girls." He looked at both of them when he said the last part and both of the girls blushed. "My dislikes are perverts and people who hate other just because something that happened and they can't not control, my hobby is to make should my two cute teammates don't get hurt and my dream is t be the Hokage so everyone looks up to me and not hate me or fear me."

"Everyone I have to go and I see you two at home and you tomorrow at 7am right here Naruto-san." Drake leaves in a wave of flame.

"I have to go." Kurenai said and she leaves to.

"It's just us Anko-chan" Naruto looked at her.

"Yes I guess so" Anko said as she was looking at him. Naruto turned to face Anko.

Naruto could not look away it was like her eyes was drawing him kept looking. Anko thought "How come he looking at me like that? Does he like me?" Naruto moved closer to her and she moved back.

"Anko are you scared of me like everyone is? Then she started to wonder "everyone scared of him why?" Then she moved closer as if her legs and heart had a mind of their own. Naruto moved closer and put his arms around her lower back and started to hold her. Anko looked up into his blue eyes and her lips more closely. Naruto moved closer and their lips touched and Naruto push down on her sweet lips.

He moved his tongue to her lips looking for a way in. she opened her mouth to let his tongue in. As their tongues play with each other Naruto ran his hands thrown her beautiful purple hair. Anko hands moved to his head and are grabbing his blonde hair. As they kissed ended Naruto said in her ear "I guess you find the person to love" She blushed and told him. "I guess you right my Naruto-kun"

"Let me walk you home Anko-chan." and she nodded. As their walked to her new home they walk hand in hand. People in the village given Naruto evil looks and Anko yelled at them "Stop giving him looks like that you assholes!" People moved back in shocked and as their get to the house Naruto kissed her good night and walked off. She watched him leave to he was out of her sight.

As she walked into the house she seen that both Drake and Kurenai was sitting their smiling at her. "Why you two smiling like that?"

"That was one nice kiss he gave you." Drake said with a little smile. Anko now was beet red.

"How do you know that?" Anko said before she ran to her room and closed the door.

At the training grounds

Naruto was now training. He was trying to learn his father jutsu the Rasengan. He has known who is father is and that he is Kyuubi for about four years now. That is why he will never give into hate or anger. He will never let the death of his father go in veil. He will be a strong shinobi no matter what. All he wants in life is someone to love and to make his mother and father proud of him. That is why he trying to be the next Hokage, after Naruto finally made the Rasengan and now he knows how to use it right and it only take him about month and a half. Naruto thinking to himself now "I think it time to go to sleep" he starts to walked home. When he gets to his place he opens the door and there is a girl in his place crying.