"Why are you crying and how did you get inside my home?" He looks at the girl with red hair but he notices one little thing; she has two fox ears that are red with a long red fox tail.

"I tried to find my mommy but I only found this but her scent is all over you, do you know where mommy is?" Naruto looks at her but he slowly realizes that she's one of the daughters of Kyuubi; he slowly knees down and pulls her into a hug.

"Your kaa attacked the village twelve years ago and ended up being sealed in a new born baby, she's sealed inside of me." She looks back up at him before moving her head against his chest but he heads someone behind him but before he could do anything he feels a cold metal blade at the back of his neck.

"So we just have to kill you and she'll be free?" He looks back at the voice but can't see anything thanks to shadows. "If you kill me then she die with me, I don't think you want your kaa to die do you?"

"Can we stay with you big brother so we can stay close to mommy?" he looks back at the younger of the two, he can tell by their voices but he hopes the older one doesn't kill him, he really doesn't feel like dying at the age of fifteen.

"Sure but you have tell other person behind me not to kill me then." She looks up to the person behind him with kitsune eyes. "Please don't kill him; I want to have a big brother." The blade slowly leaves his neck; he slowly lets out a breath.

"What are your names?" The kitsune that's around his age smiles before he can see her mouth starting to open. "My name is Suki!" He smiles but he hears moving behind, he then sees her walking pass him and slowly turns to face him.

She was beautiful that's only word that could come to his brain when he sees her. She had long red hair that goes to her butt, with two red slit eyes just like her little sister. She has one a dress that covers everything up, but he wishes it didn't because her chest even being covered is big.

"My name is Blaze and I don't care who you are, you may have my kaa inside of you but doesn't change fact you just a worthless human to me." Her eyes stare at him but he doesn't get why she hates humans so much like this.

"Why do you hate humans so much? I never asked for this hell of a life that I'm living thanks to having her sealed inside of me." She's taken back by his eyes when he talks because it filed with pain and loneness.

"Every single day of my life I have been hated, yelled at by people of this village. I have been blamed for so many deaths that I didn't even do! I have been attacked day in and day out just because I was stuck being the jail to your kaa!" Blaze looks away because she didn't realize just how much he has been through.

"I'm sorry big brother." He looks at Suki before he starts rubbing her head, he didn't want someone who had nothing do with this to be sorry. "You never have to be sorry because you had nothing to do with this." He smiles to her before closing his eyes listening to the quietness of the room right now.

"Is there anything we can do to help you and our kaa?" He looks up at the oldest kitsune but he knows nothing to help, he only can blame himself for stopping them from being with their own mother.

"You have nothing to blame yourself for, I'm the one that attacked this village in my anger but please tell them that I miss them and love them dearly." He hears Kyuubi soft voice which he knows he can trust her on this one.

"She told me to tell you that she misses you and loves you." Suki smiles and hugs him but Blaze just looks away still. "You two can stay here if you like." He walks over to his small living room where his bed is.

"How are three people going to fit in this place?" He just smiles before he looks at the two of them. "You two will be sharing bed together and I'll be taking the floor that's how." He puts one of blankets and pillow he had as spares onto the floor and lies down.

Blaze was moved by the fact that a human is doing so much for a demon like them; she takes her little sister's hand and moves her to the bed. They both lie down before she gives one last look at Naruto before closing her eyes.

When Naruto wakes up in the morning he heads to the kitchen but he smiles before starting to cook breakfast for the two of them, he didn't have much to eat because of how village treats him but what little he has he's going to share with them.

"You truly are the kindness human I have ever met Naruto-kun." Kyuubi speaks to him in a soft tone of voice again, Naruto just smiles but he forces on cooking the breakfast so he doesn't burn it or anything.

The two of them slowly wake up thanks to how strong of a nose they have Suki smiles when she smells the food. She slowly gets out of bed but Blaze still is lying there and looked at her sister walking away.

Naruto sees a sleepy Suki walking to him; he puts her food down on a plate and helps her to her sit. Blaze finally is out of the bed and watches him do that but she lets out a tiny smile but quickly hides it.

She looks around the kitchen and notices there really isn't much food. "Why is he doing this for us? I almost killed him but yet he forgives me but now he's feeding us." He moves Blaze so that she's sitting down in her chair.

"I don't understand you human, why do you do all this for us?" Naruto just looks before he starts to eat his food. "I do it because it's right thing to do, my name is Naruto Uzumaki not human." She quickly looks away before starting to eat the food he made them.

Suki is enjoying herself but she just stares at her sister and Naruto, her eyes keep looking at them and hoping that they do get along. "I have to go now, but you two should stay inside so no one tries to hurt you."

He gets up and changes his clothes in the bathroom before leaving; he gives one last look before leaving his place to meet his team. He doesn't know if he should keep it from his team or to tell them but right now he has to force on keeping them safe no matter what.

When he gets to the training grounds and sees that his team is waiting for him, he slowly walks up to them. "What are we doing today? Hopeful is a mission." Drake just smiles and shakes his head at how hyper Naruto is.

"I guess we do a mission, what do you girls think?" They nod their head before Drake looks at Naruto. "Lead the way to the Hokage tower, you're the one that wants do mission the most." Naruto smiles and nods his head before leading them to the Hokage Tower.

When they finally get inside the office Naruto stares at the Hokage. "Give us a mission old man." Hokage lets out a light laugh before looking at what rank d missions he has for them. "You can paint a house owned by Tsume Inuzuka." Drake nods his head before dragging his yelling team out; they were yelling that this wasn't missions for shinobis.

Once they out of the tower Drake stares at his team before shaking his head softly. "You have to do rank d missions to build up teamwork before you can do real missions, so faster you three train and become stronger in teammate the faster you get real missions." He sees them understanding before leading them to Inuzuka clan house.

Naruto knows who Tsume is from the fact that he was in the same class as her son Kiba. He seen both Tsume and Hana visiting him all the time, either to give lunch that he forget or to check up on him.

They get to the house to see Tsume waiting with a smirk on her face. "I just got told that you're the team that's going to paint the house in the back."

"That would be us yes." Tsume a smirk comes across her lips because she can't believe Drake was finally is back in the village again. "Everything set up in the back so get going already." She ordered them but they just walked causing to her smirk.

Half way through the painting Naruto sits and sees Hana walking to what looks to be a pool just in a two piece bikini that would turn anyone on for the fact that it barely covered her areas. She lies down on a towel before closing her eyes.

Naruto turns around and goes back to working before anyone notices him drooling over her, lucky for him no one did notice. Once the team finally gets done painting they really hate rank d missions.

"You finally got done; I guess you will be heading to the Hokage to get paid now?" Tsume sees them nod before walking back inside but she did notice how Naruto was staring at her daughter but she didn't want say anything right now about it.

After they got paid and everyone left but Naruto, the Hokage just stares at him he didn't know why the young boy is still here. "Old man is there any way I can just do rank d missions on my own?"

"Are you having money problems Naruto-kun?" Naruto looks away but nods his head causing Hokage to look sad, he always wanted to help Naruto but this village forces him not to. "Sure I can give you few rank d missions today." Naruto smiles before he giving the missions and heads to do each one of them.

Five hours later which it's getting dark when Naruto finally gets done but once he turns in the last mission the Hokage pulls him aside. "Why don't I go with you to buy things so no one can cause any problems with you? Naruto nods his head to the old man with a smile on his face because now he can get things at right cost not overpaying for everything.

Once they got done buying things Naruto told him thank you and goodbye to the Hokage before heading home, it was fun seeing them be shocked Hokage was with him. It true that payback can truly be a bitch like that.

When he gets inside he puts bags down on the table before putting things away, he slowly starts to make dinner for everyone. Once he gets done he hear a knock on the door, he opens it to show Anko standing there by herself.

She looks in to see both kitsune girl and gives Naruto a deadly look. 'Who are these two women in your house?" Naruto signs because this going to be one long night, he lets Anko in but it was more like she walked in without asking and heads to the kitsune girls.

"Who are you and why are you in Naruto-kun house?" Blaze and Suki look up at her but they just eat causing Anko to get mad. "Tell me now!" Anko was mad and Naruto just wishes that things would end peaceful.