"Tell me about yourselves." Suki looks at him but Blaze just looks away again; she didn't want him to know more about her. She can see Suki looking happy causing her to sign because she would do anything for her little sister.

"I and Blaze are sisters! Also we both miss mommy but at we have a big brother!" Naruto just lets a little laugh come out when he listens to her talk, Blaze also lets out a giggle but she begins to stare at Naruto.

"You're one hyper little girl." He rubs her head but he looks over to see Blaze but once he does she just looks away. He hopes that she doesn't hate him but he guesses that she's still not used to being in a human place like this.

"Blaze-chan how was your life before coming here?" She looks at him but then just looks away again but she can feel Saki pulling on her arm, she looks back at her younger sister and lets out a sign.

"It was ok, only hard part was trying to hide from humans." She told him a tone that shows she didn't give a damn about her past. Naruto just rubs her head before getting up but he looks back at them. "Once I get home I'll make you two some dinner."

Naruto walks out of his place to wait for his team at their training grounds, once he get there he sits with his eyes closed. He becomes to rest but he slowly loses track of time when he feels a hand on his back.

When he opens his eyes he sees long black hair covering his head but he looks back to see Kurenai smiling at him before sitting down next to him. "You trying sleep out here or were you just waiting for us?"

"Just waiting, so is it time to go to this party?" She nods and points behind them to show him that both Drake and Anko are there looking at him. "About time you three get done buying a gift."

"Shut up and let's go already." He smiles to his girlfriend before doing what she told him to, getting up from the ground but he helps Kurenai up before walking over to them. "Lead the way Drake-sensei."

They fallow their sensei to the Inuzuka clan main house but once they get inside they can see everyone by the pool. He notices Hana is in a bikini that covers more than the last one he seen her in, but the color is a deep crimson color.

"It's good that you guys/girls made it." They hear Tsume say before moving over to them but Naruto just nods his head only to get slapped upside head playful by Anko. "It looks like you two are getting closer to each other." Feral smirk comes on her lips.

Both of them blush before looking at each other but Tsume leads them closer to the party but he sees that they is good number people but not a big party size. He also knows half of the people that are at this party for Hana.

"Hi Naruto, how your training going?" He looks to see who's asking him but he knows that voice anyway. "Hello Kakashi-onii, I'm doing great in training, when are you going give him that one jutsu?" Kakashi just laughs but shakes his head before patting Naruto's back when he leaves to talk to one of his jounin friends.

"You seem to know a lot of people little Naruto-kun." He blushes but nods his head to Tsume but when they get to the pool and Hana walks over to them. "Hello ka-chan and these must be the team you have been talking about."

"Yes this is the team I have been talking about but I wonder what did they get you for your birthday?" Hana just stares at her kaa. "They didn't have to get me anything because they don't even know me yet."

"We still got you something so be happy Hana-chan." Drake teases her causing her to just say fine. First gift was from Drake and that is a dog stuffed animal toy causing her just stare at him. "Every year you get me one of these, I'm not a kid anymore." He just laughs alongside her kaa.

Kurenai and Anko got her same thing causing her to look at Drake but he just shrugs his head but Naruto takes the scroll out of his pocket and gives it to her. When she reads what it is before she pulled him into a hug with his head against her chest. Thanks to fact she wearing a bikini he can even feel more of it.

Once she gets done hugging him she notices Anko staring pissed at her causing her to let out a feral grin. "Thanks again Naru-kun, I'll put this way right now." She puts the scroll in middle of her chest which her bikini lets it from falling but Naruto couldn't help but stare at her as she's doing that.

Anko hits him causing Hana to laugh before heading to her room but Tsume on the other hand just keeps smirking. She had no idea that her daughter could tease like that but she guesses that she got it from her.

"Anko-chan what's with the face?" She looks at him and pulls him away from everyone but once she does she kisses him than slaps him. "Don't look at women like that, only me you can look at like this do you understand fool?" He nods his head before kissing her hard and moves her against the wall.

"Now that's better, let's get back to the others now." He takes her hand and the two of them meet up with their team. "Where did the two of you go to?" They both just shrug their shoulders to Drake causing Tsume to giggle.

"What was the scroll you gave my daughter to make her that happy?" Naruto looks at Tsume because he knows he can't hide it forever now can he. "It's just a jutsu that will help her with her job." Tsume smiles before kissing his forehead and moving to her daughter causing him to blush with all three of his teammate laughing.

The birthday party went off great but Anko almost killed him two times through the party. First time was when Hana came out of the pool wet and smirking to him and the other time was when she gave him a kiss goodbye.

He didn't know why Hana seem to love making Anko jealous so badly but he knows he has to make dinner for his two guests then sleep for tomorrow missions. When he gets inside his home he begins to cook dinner.

When dinner gets done he called them over but once they get over to him he puts their plates down on the table. Saki is the first to start eating but Blaze glares at him before taking a bite of her food.

"What with the glare?" He looks at Blaze but she just forces on eating not at all on him. "Big sister just mad you took long time to make dinner." He lets out a laugh causing Blaze to blush but Kyuubi giggles inside his head.

"It seems my daughters have taken a like you in their own ways." Naruto doesn't know what she means causing her to laugh now before telling him in good time you'll find out. Naruto just eats his food but still tries figure out what she meant by that.

Once they get done eating Naruto washes the dishes but he does look over to how the two sisters are getting along with each other. Saki just keeps bugging her big sister to play with her over and over again.

A few hours later Saki falls asleep which Blaze puts her in the bed but she sits on the couch after whiles. "Why are you doing all this for us?" Naruto can tell she isn't going to let this go but he just shakes his head to her.

"I'm doing this because it's the right thing to do, why don't you just understand that?" She just stares harder at her before walking over to him with her eyes locked on his. She moves her hand to his cheek before moving her face closer to his.

"Why should I even trust a word you say human? I know my sister maybe too young to truly know what humans are like. How you humans can't be trust because all you about is power or something you want to have that you don't." Naruto just stares at her before taking her hand and holding it hard.

'You may not like humans and maybe you have good reasons but don't act like all humans are evil like that. You don't know every single human in this world and you don't know me at all. If you don't trust me fine but I'm still going to help the two of you no matter what do you understand that?" Blaze didn't say anything even when he lets go of her hand she slowly moves to the couch to sit down.

No one had ever had the guts to stand up to her like that causing to be scared inside by this human in front of her. It wasn't that his power or anger that made her scared it is that his kindness is the main reason why she's scared of him.

Later that night Naruto feel something on his chest but when he opens his eyes he sees Blaze sleeping on him causing him to panic because he didn't know what is going on. "You had stand up to her and that show her you maybe good mate for her to have, I told you they like you in their own ways."

Naruto didn't know what to do once he heard that because he already dating someone. "One thing I should tell you demons really don't have anything against sharing." Blood comes out of Naruto nose but he just shakes his head because he didn't know what Anko will do to him once she finds out.

He can image that it's going be painful and maybe his own death once she finds out but he also knows he can't lie to her or hide that Blaze is trying to be his mate. He also just realizes that she naked and beautiful.

He runs a hand down her chest causing her eyes to open but when she sees him touch her she kisses his lips. "You seem so scared I bet it's because you worried your girlfriend will do something to you?" He nods his head because he doesn't want be an asshole to the person he's dating.

"Don't worry I'll talk to her about this tomorrow when you bring her over, you don't have nothing to worry about. You truly are to kind for your own good to you know that Naru-kun?" He gives another nod of his head but she moves his head against her breasts.

"You are the first human that I can trust but only that I can believe in you because you're a kind hearted man who couldn't hurt anyone that shouldn't be hurt. I know you will become strong Naruto so don't worry so much." He slowly closes his eyes before letting sleep take him but Blaze just holds him.

She didn't know how this happen but she is glad that it did, she slowly goes to sleep after him but her arms still wrapped around him holding the two of them close together but her dreams weren't so nice.