"I didn't start it, it's not my fault that Weasel can't admit when he's wrong."

The redhead's face boiled with anger as Hermione mentioned, "Draco, don't push it, Ron's not exactly the rational type."

"I don't have to like you just cause your Harry's boyfriend." Ron sneered.

"You're just jealous."

Ron was practically shaking, Hermione chuckling at her own boyfriend's aggravation; Draco had truly gotten a hang of getting Ron worked up. The blonde stuck his tongue out with a smirk, walking backwards in the hall in front of the duo before bumping into something. He looked behind him to find the boy of his dreams,

"Ah…uhm…Harry, hello…"

"What were you doing just now?"

Ron pointed at Draco and shot in an accusatory tone, "HIM! HE STARTED IT!"

"No I didn't!" Draco glared to Ron, "You started it you overgrown Clabbert!"

Ron's jaw dropped, but Hermione silenced him and told Harry with a growing smile, "They've been at it for an hour now, I'll just go with Ron to Potions and hope you two catch up?"

Harry nodded, smirking, "Yeah."

Hermione and Ron turned the corner; the brunette giggled,

"Sheesh, they are always together these days…it's only our sixth year…I sometimes wonder what Harry would do without Draco…"

"Well, sixth year…Harry'd probably have started stalking him by now."

"No he wouldn't! Harry's not that obsessed."

"Have you seen the way he eyes him? Harry's a dirty pervert, I'd bet you anything. He's like a…a really high-end, creepy fangirl."

"Like Moaning Myrtle?"

"…yes, like Moaning Myrtle."

"Draco," Harry began darkly.

The blonde turned to him completely, painting a poorly convincing innocent mask as he started,

"I didn't do anything, I swear! Ron's always the one starting it, you know that, you know he always starts it. Just like you always did."

Harry scowled, blushing, "I never started it, you always started it."

"Nuh-unh, you started it."

Harry opened his mouth to defend himself, but foresaw the endless trap that Ron had fallen into. He shut his mouth sharply before rewinding back to his more serious tone,

"Draco, I…I saw you with Pansy yesterday at lunch…"

The prince pinched the sides of Harry's glasses, balancing the stems on his own ears before exclaiming,

"Dear Merlin, Harry, you're blind as a bat!"

"Draco," He insisted, taking the boy's hand.

Draco glanced to their entwined fingers, then back to his boyfriend before muttering,

"You're really upset about this…"

"Yes, I am, I don't want you talking to her anymore…"

"I love it when you get controlling like that."

Harry blushed, taking his glasses back and violently sliding them back on; they were slightly tilted, which elicited some condescending giggling from the blonde boy.

"Y-you listen here, Draco, I mean it, I don't want you talking to her."


Harry pouted, "She…she…well, honestly, Draco, doesn't go without saying?"

"No, Harry, I want to know why you don't like me being with her." He teased.

The ebony-haired boy looked away, "Because I start to think that you like her."

"Why would I ever be attracted to her? She controlled me, lied to me, manipulated me when I offered her everything, what does she have that you don't that would possibly ever attract me?"

"Uhm…a vagina?"

Draco's face scrunched up before he burst out laughing, "Oh, Merlin, you're insecure cause you haven't got me in the sack yet? Really? Oh, this is too good! And here I was thinking you couldn't be more of a girl!"

Harry glared again, "H-hey, shut up! I have a right to be kind of…nervous—you know, I don't really appreciate that ridiculing, I-"

Draco put a slender finger against Harry's lips, his face still flushed from Harry's answer, his lips still curled with humor,

"Alright, Harry, what do you say to this? You and me go to Potions and work up a bit of a scene, earn some detention and tonight we can show that shrinking room just what good friends we've become?"

Harry's heart pounded; maybe he wasn't ready. No he was. Maybe. Probably. Probably not. No, yes he was ready. No he wasn't. God, no, yes he was. He was nervous, just nervous. Draco had that kind of effect on Harry; so unnerving, but relaxing at the same time. He went to speak but was interrupted by Draco pushing his chest and shouting,


Harry looked bewildered at first, stepping back to catch his own fall before looking back at Draco. The blonde smirked, his charming indigo eyes twinkling with mischievous intentions as he muttered,

"You're hot, Harry, but really dumb."

"Shut up."

"That's the spirit! Get mad like you used to, come on, hit me! I dare you, Potter, come and get me!" He started laughing sinisterly as he ran off, and as always, Harry chased after.

No matter if in good humor or distress, Harry would always run after the prince. The chase would forever go on. It must, after all, because a story, a story of true love most of all, never truly ends. Because true love never ends.

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