Some differences are tolerable. Like Hikaru's dislike of spinach to the point of death. Kaoru didn't really like it but would eat it. Not an exact difference but. . . ther were no real differences between the twins. Their unique yet identical personalities thrived on each other for life.

Our story brings us to a truly peculiar and life-changing point in time where their differences become more pronounced and have a larger gap. Kaoru was lounging in a chair next to a pool large enough for quite a crowd yet only contained a single person swimming laps. Hikaru, Kaoru sighed. He pondered the fact at how he felt secure adn safe at hearing his twin splashing in the pool. The sun glared onto his eyes. Silently he closed them and began to simply watch the colors the sun made dance on the back of his eyelids.

Water splattered on to his nose. The water wasn't cold, due to the fact that summer was in full swing, yet delivered quite a shock. "Hikaru," he sputtered indignantly. "I was. . . asleep!"

"Sorry," Hikaru responded smugly. "I just want you to come play with me."

Kaoru sighed in quite a theatrical way. "If you must know, I don't want to swim today!"

Hikaru bristled. "Well then how what DO you want to do today? Because everything is obviously about you!"

Kaoru's temper didn't flare like Hikaru's does, which allowed him a clearer mind. He thought quietly a moment as if pondering the proposed question very hard. When, in fact, he had already decided. "I want to go to town," he answered before he turned and left a stunned Hikaru. His twin had never simply walked out on him.

For once, Kaoru admitted, he had no real clue what might've gotten into Hikaru. This scenario had happened before, but Hikaru had never said such harsh a statement before. There was only one excuse. Sonething very difficult was bothering him. Something he felt he couldn't disclose to his other half.

Kaoru then produced the sigh that seemed to be becoming his trademark. He took his bike out of the garage and clipped his iPod onto his belt. As he rode down the drive towards the somewhat poorer part of town (well, poorer than him), he lost himself in the concentration which is required in riding a bike.

An Italian composer's Ave Maria whispered into his ears. Classical music had recently became one of his favorite things to listen to, though Hikaru still hung onto his earlier tastes of rock and pop. Just another small difference between them that they tolerated. The violin solo was coming up. He swung around to turn the volume up. When he turned back, two large eyes were opened wide in fear.

The crash resounded all down the street. People stopped and stared at the twitching bodies entangled on the small street. Kaoru groaned and struggled up on his arms and opened his eyes. Haruhi stared up at him in an oddly stirring way. Kaoru felt his face get hot and rolled into a sitting position to begin assessing the damage done to both persons.

"Ow," Haruhi groaned and glanced at Kaoru. "Why are you here? Is Tamaki following you?" She glanced around nervously. It's one thing to have him exclaiming over her at school, but quite another for him to do it in the public market. Many of the storeholders knew her and if she was seen withe him she wouldn't ever hear the end of it. It was really quite tiring to be teased constantly about having a boyfriend when one doesn't. Her fathere already did that by asking constantly about Kyouya.

Kaoru offered his hand out to Haruhi. "Sorry," he said whil pulling her up. He watched as she rose toward him so gracefully. Just one yank and. . . He shook his head to clear his thoughts. "I'm really sorry," he continued lamely.

Haruhi held his gaze a moment before saying, "I'm sure you are." She meant it as simply as she said it as she was not one to sugarcoat things. It was obvious from his flushed face that something clearly had shaken him. She only assumed it was the crash.

"What brings you out her," she asked curiously. "You're usually with Hikaru."

"Oh," smiled Kaoru, "I'm just observing the lifestyle of a commoner."

"Liar," said Haruhi as she began walking away.

Kaoru hesitated before following her. How had she seen through his smile so thoroughly? "Wait up," he called as he hurried to catch up to her. He found her gazing thoughtfully into an ice cream shop's window. He ran his eyes over her as he silently thought of the time Hikaru and her had went on a date with each other. Kaoru had followed them and so would have known what had occurred even if his twin hadn't told him.

"Haruhi," he asked thoughtfully, "do you want some ice cream?" He saw her large brown eyes look at him almost like a deer in the headlights. "I mean. . . um. . . as an apology for. . .," he trailed off.

"For running over me with a bike," Haruhi finished.

"Yeah," he grinned sheepishly as he ran a hand through his hair.

"Sure," Haruhi smiled as a faint blush spread over her cheeks. This caused Kaoru to do a quite similar thing. "But you're paying," added Haruhi seriously.

"Yeah," he replied again while holding the door to the parlour open for her. He glanced at the sky adn let the breeze ruffle his open shirt to clear his head. His head cleared, but he somehow felt something within his chest beat on. I've never felt this, he thought. Not even with Hikaru. Hikaru. . .

"Kaoru," called Haruhi from inside the shop. He hurried up to the register and pulled out his wallet to pay for it. Haruhi selected a table in the corner abit away from the hustle and bustle. When seated, an upbeat tune announced itself very loudly. She glanced from her hands to her pocket but finally decided keeping her ice cream out of the reach of the black and white floor tiles was more important than finding our who was on the othere line.

Kaoru slid into the red vinyl seat opposite her and propped his hean on his hand. Haruhi's gaze turned from the window and noticed Kaoru's distant stare. "This is for you," she said thrusting the heaped cone toward him. "I don't know your favorite, so I got what Hikaru got when I went with him."

Kaoru took the cone almost irritably. He wasn't sure why it bothered him so to be compared with Hikaru. After all, people had done it his whole life. His gaze shifted to take in the parlor. It was patterned with a traditional set of colors: red, white, and black. Few people seemed to think of it as a good place to hang out. In the whole place there was only about seven people.

"There's something bothering you," observed Haruhi.

"What on earth coluld be bothering me," laughed Kaoru while feigning innocense. Haruhi didn't say anything but, for some reason, at that time her ice cream suddenly seemed to be in dire need of attention. Kaoru sighed. "It's Hikaru. He blew up on me for no obvious reason. I just want him to know that I'm there for him."

Haruhi pondered this for a moment. "Why don't you get him something."

"Funny," said Kaoru. "I thought you would just suggest that I tell him."

"No," replied Haruhi. "That would feel to be a bit too much like prying. I'm sure we could find something for him."

Kaoru didn't know why, but that 'we' sent shivers up his spine. Haruhi had thought of the perfect thing. This would definitely bring a smile to his twin's face. And he was excited about being able to spend the day with Haruhi. All alone. . .

At that moment, Haruhi's phone began ringing again. She studiously ignored it. "Aren't you gonna answer it," asked Kaoru after awhile.

"No," replied Haruhi matter-of-factly. "My hands are full."

"No worries," grinned Kaoru as he reached around to get the cell phone. "I happen to have mastered the art of Eating While Talking on the Cell Phone!"

He flipped open the phone and held it to his ear. "H-"

"Hey. Haruhi?" Hikaru's voice was easily distinguished on the other line. "Meet me at 6 o'clock near the clock tower. I need to ask you something. Bye." Kaoru felt a deep emotion similiar to anger stir in the pit of his stomach. He didn't remember ever having felt it before, but was somehow sure it was jealousy.

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