Haruhi is a rather strange girl, thought Kyouya with a smile as he watched Tamaki twirl and attempt to charm her into a dance. Haruhi was dutifully resisting his attempts with a non-enthused face. Tamaki looked unbelievably saddened and dejected at the thought of not dancing with his "daughter." Kyouya laughed behind a discreet hand. It was wierd how this girl amused him to no end.


The voice startled him out of his laughter. He looked up to see his butler looking at him questioningly. "What is it," he asked in a rather inquiring way.

"Well," fidgeted the butler, "I was just wondering if you were alright." At Kyouya's blank stare, he held up his hands in a nervous way. "I know it's none of business! I just-! Ah. . . Well. . . You're usually interacting with guests constantly and entertaining them. And, well, you're not now."

Kyouya could tell the poor man was sweating bullets in fear of losing his job. Kyouya had hired him himself. The man had no previous job experience and a criminal record as a thief which kept him from getting a job. When asked why he chose this man over the other applicants who were much more qualified, he said that he needed a chance to test his new security system anyway, but in truth, Kyouya felt sorry for the man who had a young son to support and wished that he would not be judged for a past mistake as Kyouya had often been by his own father. Nah. It was the security system, thought Kyouya quickly looking over at Haruhi again.

"Tonight," he said, "I'm enjoying my guests company."

The man followed his gaze. "Ah. The young lady," he said knowingly.

Kyouya chuckled as Haruhi turned away from Tamaki and crossed her arms. "Perhaps."

The man merely nodded and smiled before going on with his duties.

Kyouya thought of his (now rejected) plan. He would have led Haruhi to the balcony which he had specially prepared for this night and. . . He didn't know what would happen after that, but he was sure part of it would include Haruhi in his arms. He smiled a small sad smile. Sadly, this plan was doomed from the start.

His cell phone vibrated in his pocket. He had nearly forgotten about it. He reached in and withdrew it looking at the name. Hikaru. . .

"What is it, Hikaru," asked Kyouya a little irritably. He thought Hikaru would have the decency not to interrupt his party as such.

"Hey, Kyouya." The voice came across a little fuzzy, and Kyouya could make out noises in the background. "I just needed someone to talk to, and I figured I would talk to you, since we needed to discuss business anyway."

"Business?" Kyouya was suddenly all ears. Hikaru had always hated business.

"Yeah," Hikaru said. "I'm leaving the Host Club." Kyouya's shock was not evident on the phone, but it was clearly written on his face. "I know this is sudden. I was gonna talk to you tomorrow, but I just got switched to this flight an hour ago, because my other plane was delayed back in the States." Silence reigned for a moment, and Kyouya identified the background noise as airplanes. "Kyouya?"

"I'm here."

"Oh. Good. I know you're having that party tonight, so I was thinking you could tell Tamaki and them for me. You know? Since I won't be able to do it."

"What about Kaoru?"

There was a pause. "He'll be fine. He's got Haruhi."

Kyouya couldn't help but note the bitterness in his voice. "What do you think of that?"

"Look, Kyouya! If I wanted to talk about this, I would've called him! I don't need any crap from you about it!"

The line clicked, and Kyouya held the phone away from him with a grim expression as he read the words Line Disconnected across the screen. It was predictable that Hikaru would behave this way and hang up on him. He looked up to see Haruhi striding toward him purposefully with Tamaki in tow.

"Kyouya," she demanded with that adorable frown on her face. "Please order him away from me."

"But your my daughter! I love you!" protested Tamaki indignantly.

"Tamaki," said Kyouya taking Haruhi's elbow. "Why don't you go find Haruhi something delectable to drink? I'm sure she needs refreshment."

Tamaki's eyes lit up. "So that's what's wrong! You're the best mother to notice these things, Kyouya! I shall be right back, my sweet," he said whilst already in the process of turning toward the dining room.

Haruhi watched him go for awhile before turning toward Kyouya with a smile. "Thank you," she said. After a moment's pause, she continued. "And I am having fun. Thank you for inviting me."

Her grin matched with those words nearly broke his heart as he realized what he needed to do. "Haruhi," he struggled to keep his voice from faltering, "I need to talk to you."

Haruhi's face turned curious. "What about?"

Kyouya took his hand and placed it on her elbow. Her eyes turned concerned. He gently led her to his specially prepared balcony. He would not be using it as planned though, and that hurt his heart. They came outside and the cool night air greeted them. Kyouya leaned on the banister and breathed in the night air with closed eyes delaying the inevitable.

"What is it," asked Haruhi seriously.

He smiled sadly. He couldn't get off that easily. "Hikaru is at the airport and leaving tonight."

Haruhi sucked in her breath with wide eyes. "No," she whispered.

Kyouya was startled by her violent reaction.

"No! He can't leave yet! He was supposed to leave later! Not tonight! Does Kaoru know?!"

Kyouya shook his head. "I do not believe so."

"We've got to stop him!"

"I'm afraid that's not possible."

Kyouya felt a sharp pain on his cheek when she slapped him and was, frankly, quite shocked.

"Don't say that! We can stop him!"

Haruhi's eyes were tear filled with determination and fear.

"We would have to get you to the airport-"

"Do it! And Kaoru needs to be told!"

Kyouya was taken aback at her determination. "I can do that," he replied.

"Then do it!"

Kyouya looked at the girl before him. The girl that he wanted. The girl that he loved. The girl he could not have. But he could do this for her. "Follow me," he instructed taking her hand and leading her through the partygoers to the garage. "James," he said to his chaffuer who was lounging and smoking a cigarette. He was pleased to see the man jump to attention.

"Yes, Master!"

"Take her to the airport and anywhere else she instructs."

"Yes, Master."

James opened the door for Haruhi, and Kyouya lowered her in keeping her hand in his. They locked eyes for a mere moment, and then he let go of her hand for the last time. Without regard to his emotional state, the car backed out of the garage and sped away. Kyouya wiped his face with a hand and removed a small wet drop. A tear. Despite the situation, Kyouya laughed bitterly. And they say demons can't cry!

"Kyouya," called Tamaki's voice.

Kyouya quickly closed his hand over the offending droplet forever erasing any evidence toward his one weakness. "Over here," he responded.

Tamaki came panting up holding three very full glasses of soda. "I was going to get Haruhi champagne, but I thought this commoner drink-" He looked around. "Where is Haruhi? Wasn't she with you? Haru-!"

Kyouya shushed him with a hand. "She had to go somewhere," he said.

"Where," asked Tamaki as he was intrigued by his daughter's sudden disappearance.

Kyouya smiled fondly and rubbed a rather red spot on his cheek as he looked at where the limo had disappeared. "I'm sure she'll tell you soon."


Haruhi was anxious. She didn't want to lose anyone, and a part of her feared that if she lost Hikaru, Kaoru might never forgiver her. Tears sprang to her eyes at the thought. Of course, she wanted to keep Hikaru close, too, but she thought that Kaoru needed him more. He was part of Kaoru's life much more than her own. She angrily wiped the tears from her eyes. If anything, she was strong enough to do this one thing.

James stopped the car at the airport entrance and proceeded to open Haruhi's own. But she was in too much of a hurry for niceties. She burst out of the car door and set off at a dead run to the terminals. She had never been to an airport before, so the smells, sights, and sounds beseiged her as she ran through the doors.

She swung her head around looking for some indication that Hikaru was somewhere in this place of milling people that didn't stand out in the least. Her eyes traced faces looking for familiar eyes and familiar hair. The same hair that was so dear to her and all of the Host Club. Tears of desperation sprang to her eyes as she began to scan more frantically. People bustled her this way and that confusing her.

A binging sound began to be broadcast over the intercom. Her head swung to see that the board recording the leaving flights had one flight blinking red. "Five minutes till boarding," said an automated female voice. "Please board at Terminal 3."

Haruhi's gaze followed the arrows, and no sooner had she done this than her feet were flying down the hall lined with windows on one side and various souvenier shops on the other. She wasn't thinking just running determined. Her eyes scanned for the signs indicating the wherabouts of Terminal 3. Other than that, she was not aware of her surroundings at all.

Suddenly, she was falling and landed flat on her face. She kicked off her heels and continued to race to the Terminal. When she found it, all the seats were empty ,and the attendants were locking the gate. She gritted her teeth and leapt over the gate racing toward the steps that would lead her to the plane. She slid into a turn banging against the wall to a stop.

She caught her breath at the pain and lifted her head to see an open hole. There weren't any steps or a plane. She had been too late. Haruhi hung her head in defeat as she heard footsteps rushing toward her down the hall. If I had come sooner. . . If I hadn't waited. . . If only. . .

Her thoughts came faster and sharper as she felt the hands of the female gate attendent lifting her off the floor.

"What's wrong with you?!" she asked as she brushed Haruhi's suit off in an attempt to dislodge the dust she had collected on it while lying on the floor. "What if you hadn't stopped?! You could've fallen to your death?!" The attendent took a moment to look at Haruhi's face which Haruhi could imagine was quite red and blotchy from her battle with tears. The attendent's eyes softened.

"Hey, sweetie, let's get you out of here," she said wrapping an arm around Haruhi's shoulder.

Haruhi struck a brave face as the attendent led and directed her to a chair in the Terminal 3 waiting area before disappearing. Haruhi silently stared out at the planes taking off in an orderly fashion wondering which one it was that carried Hikaru on it. Would he enjoy the flight? Would he eat peanuts (She had heard that they were served on flights.)? What did he think of leaving? Was he sad?

She sniffed and wiped at her nose. Some tissues fell into her lap. She looked up to see the attendent standing over her holding a steaming cup emblazoned with the Starbuck's label. The attendent looked at her a moment before sitting the cup in Haruhi's cup holder which was connected to the seat through some odd fashion. Haruhi took the tissues and blew her nose hard and wiped her eyes then looked over at the attendent who was in the process of chewing on a cigarette.

The attendent noticed Haruhi's gaze. "What," she said in an irritated voice. "Never seen anyone try to quit smoking?"

Haruhi shook her head, because truly, she hadn't.

The attendent sighed. "It's my third time trying," she explained in a gruff voice. "I was just gonna give up, but I figured what the hell! Third time's the charm, eh?" Haruhi stared at her blankly while the attendent took an imaginary drag on her unlit cigarette. "You don't talk much for such a determined little sprite. What's your deal?"

Haruhi hung her head.

"Drink it," instructed the attendent. "Don't be ungrateful. That's my cash I spent on that."

Haruhi cupped the warm drink between her hands and sipped. It was hot chocolate, and it brought back some recent memories of a certain boy and a long night. Tears sprang to her eyes, and her shoulders began to shake.

"Hey, now," said the attendent patting her on the back. "It can't be all that bad. You don't seem like too big of a screw up."

The absurbity of being told this by a complete strange made Haruhi started half laughing as she cried. She looked up at the attendent. "You have no idea."

The attendent leaned back and shrugged. "Enlighten me."

"I was suppose to stop someone from leaving on that plane," replied Haruhi gazing out toward the sky where Hikaru was at the moment flying away from her and the Host Club. "But I failed. His brother is going to hate me."

The attendent laughed. "You couldn't have helped it! You know how many times I've seen a girl jump over my desk to get someone off a plane? Twice."

"Who was the other one," asked Haruhi for want of a different topic.

"Me," replied the attendent with a nostalgic smile. She flicked the cigarette into the bin on the far side of the wall. "It was two years ago, and I had just started high school. He was beautiful and sweet like sugared candy ten times over. When I learned that he was leaving to study in America, I ran like hell all the way here and leaped over that gate. I made it out onto the stairs as the plane pulled away." She turned to Haruhi with a grin and laughed. "He waved at me."

Haruhi looked at this girl in a new light. "Then what?"

"The security guards got me," she laughed. "Then the administrator hired me for the summer. It's where I work every summer now."

"And the guy?"

"We weren't meant to be. If we were, then we could've stayed together."

Haruhi sat thoughtfully for a moment. "I'm not in love with him," she said. "I love his brother."

The attendent raised an eyebrow. "Then don't you have what you need?"

"I do, but Kaoru needs his brother. . ."

The attendent smiled warmly. "God, you're sweet! What's your name lover girl?"


"Haruhi? Really?" The attendent looked rather amused as she said this.

"Yes," answered Haruhi with a question in her voice.

"Does the guy you're looking for happen to have red hair, kinda greenish eyes, and looks really really hot?"

"Yes," answered Haruhi her heart quickening.

"Sweetie," said the attendent. "You've got the wrong flight."

Haruhi followed the attendent's gesture to see Hikaru sitting two terminals down with his head in his hands. She didn't ask questions. She just got up and walked over to him and stood silently until he looked up.

"Haruhi," he whispered almost disbelievingly.

"Don't you ever leave without telling me, Hikaru," she reprimanded.

Hikaru turned his head to the side. "You shouldn't have come, Haruhi. Did Kyouya tell you? That damned demon king. . . "

"Hikaru! Why are you doing this," she asked desperately.

"Why not," he responded in a deadpan.

"Kaoru is going insane without you. I want you back. The Host Club wants you back. Everyone loves you! We don't want you to leave us! Ever!"

"I'm in Kaoru's way," responded Hikaru gritting his teeth. "He's always wanted you, but he knew that I wanted you too, so he restrained himself. I don't want to keep him from being happy, but most importantly, I don't want to prevent your happiness." He dared to look at Haruhi's face.

"Hikaru," she reasoned kneeling down in front of him so as to be at eye level. "We can't be happy without you."

Hikaru looked up at Haruhi with a bit of shock. He always knew that Kaoru and him had been inseparable, but it had never occurred to him that perhaps Kaoru was just as dependent on his own happiness as well as Hikaru's own. But when Kaoru had won over Haruhi's love, he figured that Kaoru had found a replacement for him, and that left him merely in the way of their relationship. A place that was hard to be for both parties.

Haruhi looked at Hikaru for a long while before whispering, "Please come back to all of us."

Hikaru said nothing. He just reached out and pulled Haruhi into a hug. "Thank you," he whispered into her hair. "Thank you for needing me."


Kyouya stopped under the no longer flashing Terminal 3 sign with a slight smile on his face. Tamaki and the other hosts rushed forward to join in on Hikaru's hug leaving him standing with Kaoru himself.

"What do you think," asked Kyouya.

"I think it will be alright," smiled Kaoru warmly as he watched the scene.

Haruhi and Hikaru stood up and exchanged a look with Kaoru who immediately went over to join them and wrap his brother in a hug.

Kyouya felt a presence at his side and turned his head to see a brown haired attendent taking a drag on an unlit cigarette.

"I think the little sprite will be okay," she said almost to herself. Seeing Kyouya's questioning look, she added, "She does remind you of a fairy, doesn't she? I mean, she's so slender and breakable. A beauty for sure but not one blessed in a womanly way."

Kyouya couldn't help but note that the speaker was "blessed" in the womanly way. And very nicely. "Ootori Kyouya," he said extending a hand toward her. She looked at it as if it was an unpleasant body part in itself.

"Torashi Ryu," she replied taking another imaginary drag on her cigarette.

Kyouya smiled a little inwardly. What an interesting specimen. . .


"God, you're amazing, Haruhi," said Kaoru wrapping his arms around her waist.

Haruhi beamed. "Hardly."

"Phenomenally," he reprimanded following up with a deep heartfelt kiss that made Haruhi's entire being sizzle delightedly.

"My daughter! Stop that, Kaoru," cried Tamaki in shock.

Hikaru merely looked on with a happy expression in his heart. Maybe he didn't need to be loved exclusively by Haruhi. Right now he was content with just being needed by her, but the future holds many possibilities. . .